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Romi the blacklight hunterromi the blacklight hunter. Romi the black-light hunter Female slave cherry torn anguished in metal bondage and coerced orgasm. She's back. Cherry Torn, the crown jewel of Kink.com's bondage and fetish culture, returns to serve under the sadistic boot heel of The Pope. She dives in head first and is quickly inverted in a full suspension by only her ankles. The rough leather straps shackled to her shins dig into her flesh making the slightest of movements a lesson in primal misery. But a girl like Cherry relishes the pain. The sensations of discomfort shoot through her nervous system and make her tight pink cunt wet with joy. The Pope shackles her wrists together with large metal chains making her predicament inescapable. Cherry shrieks with terror as The Pope punches her great natural breasts and her firm curvy ass. She tenses her stomach muscles as The Pope torments her abdomen with clenched fists and a large flogger. She begs to ejaculate as her throat is choked and her breath is restricted by his giant hands. But The Pope isn't ready for his pain bitch to ejaculate, and grins from the joy of her orgasm denial. Cherry pouts from the humiliation of being a slave and not being allowed to do anything besides what her dom wants her to do. Next she is bent backwards resting only on her knees. The searing pain of being stretched out is punctuated by The Popes inhuman corporal punishment that he unleashes on the front of her body. The sting of a thick cane on her sensitive breasts and nipples makes her cry out and beg for mercy. The Pope only laughs and stifles her plea's by gagging her throat with a cruel dildo. Once it is wet he jams the dildo into her greedy cunt and coerces Cherry to her first of many involuntary orgasms. She begs to ejaculate as her body quivers with a rush of endorphins and adrenaline. But just before she explodes a giant orgasm The Pope denies her the enjoyment that she so greedily needs. Lastly the female slave is bent over a wooden post with her ass propped up in the air held in place by thick leather belts. The Pope ruthlessly attacks her and torments her vulnerable and exposed ass with a large leather flogger. Each thud excites Cherry until she reaches a frenzied state and her whore hole drips with desire. The Pope then reaches his giant man hands into her cunt and uses his fingers and a dildo to stimulate her into a transcendental state of bliss. Cherry begs to ejaculate and finally when The Pope has grown tired of his masochistic piece of meat he lets her ejaculate once last time before leaving her whimpering in pits of his dungeon until he wants to toy with his plaything again. Promotional media: 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg 17.jpg 18.jpg 19.jpg 20.jpg Rei narumi. Rei Narumi Asian in ropes has anus touched and Towa ichikawa. Towa Ichikawa Asian nurse with specs licks nipples of patient Jess in her black top lingerie and stockings in the lounge. Natsu ando. Asian babe Natsu in the kitchen bend over to take it doggy style