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Captive pain slut gives it all away. Veruca needs no introduction. She has made her name in the porn world as well as in the BDSM world. She is elegant at whatever it is that she does, especially suffering in bondage. She is here for one reason, so I am not going to spend time warming her up, nor am I going to let her leave until she has been molested to my liking. She is capable of a great deal of suffering and I plan to get in as much as possible before her release. Daddy s girl. Skin is on e of the sexiest girls I know and the fact that she truly loves BDSM makes her that much more awesome. She loves everything about it and it shows every time I get my hands on her. We have a connection that few have and that allows me to know what buttons to push and exactly how violent to push each of them to get what I want from her. I take every inch of her flesh and make it mine for the day. I molest all of it and watch as she tries to move in the unforgiving bondage. Her struggles are useless, but that doesn't stop her as the punishment and domination destroy her to the very end. Libidinous blonde whore is brutalized in grueling bondage. Dahlia is a stunningly pretty girl. Everything on her from the soles of her feet to her pretty face, that just screams throat have intercourse me, makes me want to do evil shit to her. We all know how bad she wants to anguished in bondage. The tormented ranges from cunt flogging clothes pins off of her body, to brutal bastinado, to predicaments that push her to the very edge. She perseveres through all of the punishment and begs for her reward like a lovely little pet. Young pain slut devastated in grueling bondage tortured and cumshot. On the final day of Abella's stay in the Armory, she is with us on DeviceBondage, and already sad that this is her last day. She is the real deal, and as genuine as they come. She needs this and the thought of it ending has her in tears. WE get to it and lock her in and let the tormented begin. She suffers at the hands of The Pope just like she begged to do. The pain is a welcomed friend for her and it shows in every grueling scene. A toy named giggles. Janice is very new to our world of dark dungeons, bondage, domination, and submission. She's very curious about it, but it taking it slow because she wants to be sure about it before fully committing. She is reluctant to do too many things so we take it slow and give this nervous little bitch all the time she needs. Her giggling is clearly a defense mechanism to deal with the pain, which is fine by me. I like breaking in the new girls, and will have her turned into a true pain bitch in no time. Her squirting orgasms prove that she's into it. Castigate the new bitch. Harley is brand spanking new, and I have a decision to make. Do I spend the time teaching this bitch the way we do things around here, or do I leave that for someone else I choose to see what she's made of and test this newbie to see if she is worth any other director's time. She's got a bodacious ass, she's young, and willing, so we have a sweet foundation. she is put into the devices and then, little by little, she gets put through the wringer. By the end of the day she has been torture to tears, and proven that she's worth another shot. Teacher s pet. Dylan is as lustful as she is tough. She exudes that femme fatale sexiness and can be tormented like the bad ass she portrays with her image. She is trapped in heavy cold steel and knows that there is no escaping this bondage. Dylan waits patently for her punishment and suffers like a true masochist. Her reward for all of her suffering is mind blowing squirting orgasms that soak the entire room. European import. She knows that she wants it, but she is not sure what she will do when she gets it. Stella may have gotten in over her head this time. It looks fun on the internet, but now you are here and have to endure what you wank to. Stella has allowed her cunt to control her mind and she is now living out a fantasy that will soon turn into a nightmare. She is tortured in grueling bondage to the point of pure suffering and fear. She doesn't know what to do, so she gives in to her cunt and has massive orgasms. Fight or flight the bitch that broke everything. The response of the sympathetic nervous system to a stressful event, preparing the anatomy to fight or flee, associated with the adrenal secretion of epinephrine and characterized by increased heart rate, increased blood flow to the brain and muscles, raised sugar levels, sweaty palms and soles, dilated pupils, and erect hairs.It is truly amazing what the anatomy is capable of when the brain believes that there is no other alternative. Cherie is a perfect example of what can happen when you push someone beyond their breaking point. She is torture past her breaking point and the results are almost as amazing as her response to her actions. Proven pain slut. Casey is a veteran pain bitch that can take more than can be dished out because she's such a busy girl. She has a career and can't get the full anus whooping that she wants because marks will keep her from making money. The way we combat that is to push her in other ways like bastinado, breath control, and powerful orgasm overload and denial. She is subjected to all of this while in grueling bondage, but the most impressive is when this bitch has a pain-gasm from her feet being whipped. New sub joshua james faces brutal challenges head on. THE WALL- Joshua James is chained to the wall while still feeling fairly confident. 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