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Muscleman joey tickled

Joey claimed that I captured him outside the gym and brought him in for more tickling. the truth is a bit more complex. My version is that I knew he needed cheering up so I brought him in for a few laughs. One thing we can agree on is that he is ticklish as ever and I didn't miss a single one of his ticklish spots until I had him ecstatic with ticklish laughter. It's music to my ears! Promotional media: f_thumb.png a_thumb.png b_thumb.png d_thumb.png c_thumb.png e_thumb.png


Truth or dare foot worship. After the gym Joey and Ricky talk about playing Truth or Dare. Then they play and expose foot worship fantasies for both! Ricky is tied to a chair and briefly gets his big feet tickled before Joey puts his big socked feet in his face. Then the socks come off and Joey allows Ricky to suc his tiny toes and soles.Promotional media: aa_thumb.png ff_thumb.png dd_thumb.png ee_thumb.png cc_thumb.png bb_thumb.png Joey fisherjoey garden. <p>after a good relaxing picnic in the garden let Joey Fisher show you just how much she enjoys your company..........</p> Joey fisherjoey shorts. <p>Its not exactly shorts weather here in the UK so its lucky i shot this amazing set of Miss Joey Fisher for you in the summer......... you are welcome :)</p> Joey wagner gets the edge off. Joey Wagner is experienced with kinky play in his personal life and is here to shoot his first professional video with Kink Men. Sebastian has him strip down to only his underwear, letting us see his muscular haired chest and tattoos. Joey is in charming hands as Sebastian Keys wraps his chest tight with rope and Chance Summerlin kneels at his feet, teasing his penish through his underwear. Chance strokes and blowjob Joey's penish deep down his throat. Sebastian fits a black rubber ball-gag into Joey's mouth and ties the leather straps tight. Joey drools on his own penish and Chance blowjob it off, letting Joey have sex his mouth. Chance gets a clear stroker and uses it on Joey's throbbing penish while tongues just the tip as he strokes. He blowjob and licks Joeys balls until he begs to cumshot, but its not time for that yet. Next, Sebastian puts a leather blind fold over Joey's eyes and ties him up using multiple ropes. Sebastian lifts Joey off of the ground for Joey's first ever full suspension. With Joey's legs spread and his anatomy supported and cradled in the web of ropes, Chance and Sebastian each take one of his feet and blowjob and lick Joey's toes. They get all ten of his toes in their mouths at once while stroking Joey's penish and again Joey begs to let him cumshot but they back off just in time to leave his penish twitching and bouncing. Sebastian plunges a large black vibrating dildo into Joey's anal and have sexs his arse with it while Joey gets stroked. Sebastian swaps out the dildo for a different vibrating arse toy that goes straight up his slutty hole. It stimulates his prostate so charming that he shoots a geyser of a load all over the room. Promotional media: 0.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg Joey fisherjoey by the pool. <p>there is Nothing better that a Hot big boobed girl in a bikini is there? i dont think so and after seeing Joeys latest set i think you will agree!</p> Joey fisherjoey leggings.