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Looking for trouble april olsen and tommy pistol

April lives a beautiful life, with all of the things to make her happy all around her. She has a nice house, car, and so on, but the when something isn't as it should be she will throw a tantrum quick. She calls her repair man to come repair her fridge, but he sends her to someone else. Against her better judgment, April goes to meet this other handy man and realizes she has stumbled upon a not so savory person. April gets mouthy with him and this is the only mistake she needed to make to set him off. April attempts to run, but cannot escape his compound, or him. April is taken to his trailer and for the next several hours Tommy has his way with her. Every hole is violated and abused while she is restrained and kept helpless. He fucks her mouth, pussy, and ass. April begs and pleads with him, but Tommy has other plans and is going to teach this slut a lesson. You don't get to go around acting like this and not expect some kind of consequence.Promotional media: 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_04_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_05_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_06_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_09_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_01_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_07_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_02_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_03_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_11_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_08_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_12_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_13_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_10_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_14_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_17_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_15_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_21_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_19_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_16_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_20_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_28_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_30_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_23_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_24_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_27_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_22_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_34_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_25_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_32_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_29_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_35_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_26_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_31_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_33_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsentommypistol_36_thumb.png 105012_aprilolsen_tommypistol_37_thumb.png


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April Olsen is still very new to the BDSM scene, but she is very curious about all of it, and wants to explore more. Today she will get a crash course in domination with the meanest mother fucker on the internet, The Pope himself. April starts in a standing spread eagle between to wooden columns that her hands are shackled to. Her feet are held in place with steel straps, and The Pope quickly blindfolds her to play a game of mind fuckery. She is flogged, spanked, finger fucked, and made to ejaculate before she even knows what hit her. After multiple powerful orgasms, we shift gears and put April in a kneeling position with her hands pulled back into a strappado. A big read ball gag is added to make this bitch drool like crazy all over herself. Nipple clamps are added and then weights tied to them and hung over a pole at the end of the table. April is having trouble easing into the pain this time, so The Pope helps her out with an orgasm with the vibe. She tries a little more, but eventually needs them removed. The Pope introduces her to the zapper, and suddenly April is back in the game, and ready to suffer again! She is rewarded with a few more orgasms before being put in a grueling final position. April is on her back with her hips elevated in a back bending position that pushes her almost to the edge. The Pope engages in a brutal impact session with floggers, a crop , and his hands to inflict maximum suffering. Now that she is at the edge of breaking, he adds one final piece to the puzzle, and places a sybian between her legs. We all know what this means, and as it is ramped up, April begins to ejaculate uncontrollably. 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Looking insanely exciting in her pink latex outfit, April Olsen feels right at home in her dark dungeon. Her submissive, JJ Graves is on his back with his legs spread. His ankles are bound to steel bars, and his hands are trapped in a black latex straight jacket. From the waist down, JJ only wears an enormous butt-plug shoved up his ass. mistress April plays with the plug while she strokes his rock-hard dick. She replaces the toy with her strap-on and fucks his stretched-out hole. In the next scene, JJ sits naked in a chair, in the middle of the room. A latex hood fits tightly over his head with only one hole for breathing. April places a balloon on the hole and blowjob his dick while he blowjob his own air. In the final scene, April places JJ on the floor and rubs his dick with her latex covered feet. She sits on his chest and rubs one out with a dildo and then shoves his head into her pussy. 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