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Leather and steel hazel paige

Hazel Paige is a tough cookie, and The Pope is going to try and crumble her. She begins upside down in an ankle suspension with her wrists bound and chained to the floor, stretching her out. The flogger instantly changes her flesh to a bright red as it strikes her all over creating sadistic art. She is slap before breaking out the magic wand and vibrating her cunt into multiple orgasms. Next, Hazel is locked into a anatomy cage like device that holds her anatomy in a doggy position, displaying her bum for a elegant beating. The leather from the flogger and crop litter her anatomy with bright red welts from the punishment dished out by The Pope. Now that Hazel has been pushed to her breaking point, her cunt is filled with a dildo as he fucks her into more orgasms. In the final scene, Hazel is on her back with her limbs all secured with leather cuffs locked in place. The flogger swings through the air and hits its mark over and over as Hazel screams from the pain. The finale is when there is big breath play during the final orgasms of the day, pushing her over the edge.Promotional media: 105436_hazelpaigethepope_01_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_04_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_03_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_05_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_06_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_12_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_08_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_11_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_02_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_09_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_07_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_10_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_17_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_13_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_15_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_14_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_18_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_20_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_19_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_16_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_24_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_23_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_22_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_25_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_21_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_27_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_26_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_28_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_29_thumb.png


Paige owens anus gaping and orgasm mick blue and paige owens. Wearing leather lingerie, Paige Owens spreads her plump cheeks and winks her pink asshole. She gives veteran stud Mick Blue a blowjob, drooling as she shoves his dick as far down her throat as she can. Paige jerks his shaft and tongues his bunghole in a slobbering rim job. Mick plugs her ass with a clear dildo and then replaces it with his considerable dick. Paige moans as Mick fucks her pulsing sphincter hard. She masturbates to an intense butt orgasm! See expansive rectal gaping and an ass-to-mouth blowjob. For the climax, Paige swallows cum. Torrential episode 2 secret takedown fantasy. Part 2 of Torrential finds two roommates, Hazel Paige and Dresden, talking about their compliant sexual fantasies, when Hazel arranges for her sadistic boyfriend Lucas Ayres to fulfill Dresden’s takedown fantasy! Once the electricity goes out, Dresden heads down to the basement to check the breaker, only to be startled by Lucas who grabs her, wrestles her to the floor, takes off her panties, rubs her kitty, and spanks her all while she is trying to escape his grip. He then ties her up and Hazel joins the fun! There’s kitty eating and flogging before it’s finally Hazel’s turn to get dominated. Dresden straps it on and fucks her kitty while Lucas face fucks her. Lucas applies a clothespin zipper to Hazel and just as Dresden is pounding her to a pretty orgasm, Lucas yanks it off. Then, Hazel pleases Dresden with fingering and kitty licking while Lucas fucks her pink kitty. Finally Hazel sits on Dresden’s face while giving Lucas a blowjob job before she begs for and receives his huge load on her face. All three are clearly put away wet! **“Torrential” SERIES MAIN PAGE**(/series/torrential) **All 4 episodes in this series:** Episode 1: The Neighborly Thing to Do(/shoot/102834) Episode 2: Secret Takedown Fantasy(/shoot/102835) Episode 3: Team Building **COMING 1/25** Episode 4: The mistress Submits **COMING 2/8**Promotional media: 102835_torrential-part2_01_thumb.png 102835_torrential-part2_02_thumb.png 102835_torrential-part2_13_thumb.png 102835_torrential-part2_03_thumb.png 102835_torrential-part2_09_thumb.png 102835_torrential-part2_05_thumb.png 102835_torrential-part2_11_thumb.png 102835_torrential-part2_07_thumb.png 102835_torrential-part2_12_thumb.png 102835_torrential-part2_06_thumb.png 102835_torrential-part2_08_thumb.png 102835_torrential-part2_18_thumb.png 102835_torrential-part2_17_thumb.png 102835_torrential-part2_16_thumb.png 102835_torrential-part2_04_thumb.png 102835_torrential-part2_10_thumb.png 102835_torrential-part2_14_thumb.png 102835_torrential-part2_15_thumb.png 102835_torrential-part2_19_thumb.png Introducing hazel. Guys, look what I found for you! Hazel is a dirty little honey, and today she'll please us with some nice blowjobs and pee-in-the-mouth action. Wow! Hazel again. Remember this cutie, Hazel We did see her in really lovely sucks action. This time I figured out I'll call her again and do some more extreme stuff with her, like fisting and speculum as well... Hardcore bondage and torture. Hazel Paige begins in a brutal kneeling position with her feet pulled up high, leaving her no choice but to balance on her knees for the duration of the scene. The Pope begins his meticulous deed of tormenting her with clothes pins on her tits. Then the pins get added to all of the sensitive areas he can get to, before giving her her first of many orgasms of the day. Hazel prepares for them to be hit off of her flesh, but quickly realizes that this is more than she can bare, but more orgasms convince her that they can come off however The Pope sees fit. Next, Hazel is subjected to a grueling scorpion suspension. All of her weight is supported by her chest, which inhibits her breathing, so the suspension is short lived. She was able to have a few orgasms before needing to be released. In the third scene, Hazel is on her back with her feet up in the air and her arms tied to her legs. The Pope dishes out some bastinado before moving on to imposed orgasms with a dildo and a dildo buried deep in her cunt. Hazel is at her tipping point, so The Pope does one final scene with her and mounts her atop a Sybian. She is in an upright spread eagle position, and all of her weight resting on the Sybian between her legs. The orgasms pour out of this bitch as we wrap the day up.Promotional media: 104718_imagedb_005_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_001_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_002_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_006_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_003_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_009_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_007_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_012_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_008_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_011_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_010_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_015_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_004_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_016_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_017_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_020_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_018_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_019_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_013_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_014_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_021_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_028_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_023_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_024_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_026_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_027_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_022_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_025_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_032_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_034_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_030_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_033_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_029_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_035_thumb.png 104718_imagedb_031_thumb.png Hazel moore and johnny castle innocence lost. Hazel is one of the most innocent looking girls we shoot, but don’t be fooled by her looks. Hazel is slutty as hell, and loves to do really dirty things like get tied up and used like the little slut that she is. She has never experience anything like this before, so we pair her up with Johnny Castle, and sit back and watch as he takes her on this new journey. Hazel begins on all fours as Johnny explores her anatomy and begins testing her abilities. It’s not long before he has his cock buried deep inside of her mouth and cunt and she begins to moan with pleasure. next, we have Hazel tied with her legs together and in the air atop a wooden box. Johnny gets right back to the torture and fucked, and Hazel is more turned on now than ever. orgasm after orgasm pour out of her as Johnny power fucks this slut. The final position has Hazel’s arms box tied, and the rest of her anatomy is free for Johnny to manipulate however he sees fit. He rotates between her mouth and cunt for fucked as well as incorporating more corporal punishment along the way.Promotional media: 104786_04_thumb.png 104786_03_thumb.png 104786_06_thumb.png 104786_02_thumb.png 104786_01_thumb.png 104786_05_thumb.png 104786_07_thumb.png 104786_08_thumb.png 104786_11_thumb.png 104786_10_thumb.png 104786_09_thumb.png 104786_12_thumb.png 104786_18_thumb.png 104786_16_thumb.png 104786_17_thumb.png 104786_14_thumb.png 104786_20_thumb.png 104786_19_thumb.png 104786_21_thumb.png 104786_15_thumb.png 104786_13_thumb.png 104786_22_thumb.png 104786_24_thumb.png 104786_23_thumb.png 104786_25_thumb.png 104786_27_thumb.png 104786_29_thumb.png 104786_28_thumb.png 104786_26_thumb.png 104786_30_thumb.png