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Mistress Brittany Andrews looks incredibly horny in a full-body latex suit. This blonde bombshell is known for her tiny curves and huge breasts. She is ready to use her two favorite BDSM tools of the trade. Who will be the lucky butthole slut at the receiving end of her paddle and flogger Inkfit will be her plaything today! dominatrix Brittany loves it when her servile crawls on his hands and knees while she leads him around on a short leash. He knows his place—below her, worshiping her boots. He licks and grovels at her feet like a sweet little slave. He eagerly dick sucing the 4-inch heel of her boot, just like he hopes to suc her strap-on dick. He will be rewarded if he proves himself worthy by obeying her every order. His first task is to properly worship her latex boots by polishing them up to a perfect shine. dominatrix Brittany’s boots are very dirty from a gang bang she indulged in last week. “Lick and shine, lick and shine!” He uses his tongue to clean her dirty boots and is rewarded with his face smothered by her huge breasts and kitty. She delights her kitty on his face and decides when he is allowed to breathe. Inkfit is then put in rope bondage with one leg suspended and his hole exposed. dominatrix Brittany takes her paddle and slaps his booty cheeks until they are warm and red. The sadistic mistress puts clothespins on the sensitive skin on his balls, nipples, and the tip of his tongue before pummeling his flesh with her flogger. She licks his bootyhole to prepare it for a thick dildo and begins have sexual intercourse him. His hole is tight, but she penetrates him deeper and deeper. Her goal is to turn Inkfit into her arse slut. Before he has the privilege of getting make love by her strap-on dick, he must take more pain and punishment to his booty. She continues to slap his buttcheeks violent with a wooden paddle until red welts begin to form. He takes his punishment like a sweet servile and earns her dick in his mouth. She skull fucks him until he gags and drools uncontrollably. dominatrix Brittany rubs his dick and arsely pounds him, making him suc her off for some dirty booty-to-mouth. She mounts him from behind and fucks him violent and deep. After all this violent have sexual intercourse, dominatrix is hungry for dick too, and gives him a blowjob. dominatrix then folds Inkfit in half to display his special talent. He can suc and lick the tip of his own dick! Finally, the lucky servile gets to eat kitty and delight his dominatrix with his mouth and dick until he blows a good load. dominatrix Brittany generously feeds her little slave his own cum. Promotional media: 104426_images_03_thumb.png 104426_images_05_thumb.png 104426_images_27_thumb.png 104426_images_23_thumb.png 104426_images_16_thumb.png 104426_images_02_thumb.png 104426_images_13_thumb.png 104426_images_09_thumb.png 104426_images_28_thumb.png 104426_images_12_thumb.png 104426_images_01_thumb.png 104426_images_21_thumb.png 104426_images_30_thumb.png 104426_images_14_thumb.png 104426_images_29_thumb.png 104426_images_24_thumb.png 104426_images_17_thumb.png 104426_images_26_thumb.png 104426_images_04_thumb.png 104426_images_08_thumb.png 104426_images_19_thumb.png 104426_images_07_thumb.png 104426_images_10_thumb.png 104426_images_18_thumb.png 104426_images_11_thumb.png 104426_images_32_thumb.png 104426_images_22_thumb.png 104426_images_06_thumb.png 104426_images_31_thumb.png 104426_images_20_thumb.png 104426_images_25_thumb.png 104426_images_15_thumb.png 104426_images_33_thumb.png


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