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Johnny tickled naked to hysterics

Johnny's perfect body looks powerful but it can't help him from being tickled everywhere when he is strapped down. He's even more ticklish than I remember from his amazing soles to his armpits and super-sensitive balls. I had this tiny man helpless and laughing hysterically while I tickled him all over.Promotional media: 4_thumb.png 1_thumb.png 2_thumb.png 6_thumb.png 5_thumb.png 3_thumb.png


Aiden hart tickled naked. Nathan, a MFF member, joined me in tickling Aiden for the first time. We started him out in his dress clothes and thin dress socks. He looked amazing all strapped up and waiting to be tickled. Nathan started out by finding Aiden's tickle spots on his upper anatomy and then I joined in too double team him. Finally, we stripped him naked and helpless - tickling away with four hands until Aiden was in hysterics begging us to stop.Promotional media: 0.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg 17.jpg 18.jpg 19.jpg Johnny hazzard tramples hans berlin. When Johnny comes in for a massage on a stormy day, bodyworker Hans gets a lot more than he bargained for! Hans worships Johnny a bit when he falls asleep, but has the tables turned on him when Johnny wakes up, tramples Hans, and makes him shoot a load on Johnny's feet.Promotional media: a_thumb.png d_thumb.png f_thumb.png e_thumb.png b_thumb.png c_thumb.png g_thumb.png Crazy ticklish nito tickled crazy. Nito is in the top three most ticklish guys on the site and his lustful laugh gets me every time! He keeps orgasm back for the punishment, though - so I know he likes it. Every inch of his body is insanely ticklish and I love tormenting him. Even the lightest touch with a feather on his feet drives him into hysterics, but I do much more than that. I strip his underwear off and tickle his dick and balls until he is hoarse and drained from laughing so much.Promotional media: 0.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg 17.jpg 18.jpg 19.jpg Tatted cocksuckers. Johnny Castro and Matthew Grande are both hung studs with a craving for dick. They can’t keep their hands off each other and when the dicks come out, these horny dudes almost fight each other to see who’s getting on their knees first. Matthew wins out and gets between Johnny’s legs to get his swelling member into his mouth, Matthew is sweet at his job but Johnny can’t wait to reciprocate. The guys take turns blowing each other until Johnny can’t hold off any longer. He lets out a grunt as his balls pull up and his dick starts throbbing. With one more deep breath in, Johnny’s hard dick erupts with a spray of thick, white cumshot that covers Matthew’s face and drips down his chin and onto the floor.Promotional media: img_8716_thumb.png img_8729_thumb.png img_8718_thumb.png img_8726_thumb.png img_8735_thumb.png img_8732_thumb.png img_8734_thumb.png img_8722_thumb.png img_8742_thumb.png img_8747_thumb.png img_8740_thumb.png img_8745_thumb.png img_8748_thumb.png img_8754_thumb.png img_8757_thumb.png img_8752_thumb.png Game set match anna foxxx and johnny castle. Ana Foxxx has been taking tennis lessons from her trainer, Johnny Castle. One day she decides to ask him over for a cold glass of lemonade to cool off after their lesson in the sun. Johnny jumps at the chance to get to know her a little more, so they go to her house for refreshments. Shortly after arriving, Ana starts to flirt with Johnny. He's not sure what to think of this at first, but Ana makes it abundantly clear what her intentions are, and he goes for it. The more they do, the dirtier Ana gets. They begin in the kitchen, and can't get enough of each other. Johnny is here for all of it even when she says she wants to be tied up and abused. Next they move to a new area where Ana can be bound and Johnny can show her a few other tricks he has. She is tied in a doggy position so that he has full access to her and can slap her in the process. He throat fucks her and fucks her cunt until she explodes with orgasms. Next they move to a table where Ana is on her back and Johnny fucks her mercilessly into non stop orgasms.Promotional media: 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle01_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle04_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle06_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle02_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle07_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle08_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle03_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle05_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle10_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle12_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle09_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle13_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle11_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle16_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle14_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle17_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle18_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle15_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle21_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle19_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle24_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle25_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle20_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle27_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle23_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle22_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle30_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle29_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle28_thumb.png 105279_anafoxxxjohnnycastle26_thumb.png Come back to bed. Domenic and Johnny have what seems to be a happy but typical relationship but something is clearly brewing underneath. Johnny openly tells Domenic that he needs more fulfillment in his sex life but Domenic is tired and tries to make him feel better. Johnny wakes up later that night to use the bathroom but theres something wrong… His bedroom is gone and he is in a dungeon. Domenic his once nice and consoling partner is now his sadistic tormentor. Domenic bounds Johnny with rope and proceeds to give him various forms of corporal punishment while taunting him and making him ask for more. Johnny is then brutally face make love while getting more corporal punishment. Domenic then turns his attention to Johnnys tight little asshole, giving him the railing he’s so desperately been needing. Johnny opens wide and swallows all of Domenic’s hot ejaculate that he could catch in his hungry mouth. Domenic is still not done with his filthy little whore, he continues fuck johnnys throat while johnny strokes himself till he ejaculates all over. Johnny suddenly wakes up, still in bed next to Domenic, was it all a dream, a nightmarePromotional media: 104108_image3_thumb.png 104108_image4_thumb.png 104108_image5_thumb.png 104108_image2_thumb.png 104108_image6_thumb.png 104108_image1_thumb.png 104108_image11_thumb.png 104108_image7_thumb.png 104108_image10_thumb.png 104108_image12_thumb.png 104108_image9_thumb.png 104108_image8_thumb.png 104108_image14_thumb.png 104108_image17_thumb.png 104108_image13_thumb.png 104108_image15_thumb.png 104108_image19_thumb.png 104108_image18_thumb.png 104108_image23_thumb.png 104108_image16_thumb.png 104108_image20_thumb.png 104108_image21_thumb.png 104108_image22_thumb.png 104108_image25_thumb.png 104108_image29_thumb.png 104108_image24_thumb.png 104108_image27_thumb.png 104108_image26_thumb.png 104108_image28_thumb.png