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A workplace incident colt spence and ethan sinn

As the new office hire, all Colt Spence has to do is file the forms in alphabetical order. His boss, Ethan Sinn, says that it is crucial that he does NOT mess it up. So, after Colt makes several mistakes, Ethan confronts him about his horrible job performance. Suddenly, things take a dark turn for the boss. Colt had quickly figured out that his boss is actually running a very illegal scam from the office! Now that Colt knows Ethan’s dark secret, he threatens to tell the police unless his boss does whatever he says. Ethan is now at the whim of Colt’s sexual desires and the first thing he makes his criminal boss do is get down on his knees and take a mouth full of his sweaty feet. Colt's rock-hard dick grows in his tight office khakis as his boss sniffs his feet and dick dick suckinging on his toes. Colt demands that Ethan dick sucking his dick, but Ethan hesitates. So, Colt grabs the back of his head and makes him take a deep sniff of his crotch. Ethan’s face is smothered by Colt’s fat, meaty dick. To avoid being reported to the police, Ethan knows he must do whatever Colt says, so he takes the entire length of Colt’s dick down his throat and obediently dick dick suckinging him off. Then, Ethan is completely humiliated when he is bent over Colt’s desk and slap over and over with his own clipboard. Colt finally brings him down into his dungeon to show Ethan that HE’S the real boss now. Ethan is stripped completely naked and tightly bound in rope. A stainless-steel anus hook is inserted into his butthole and a spreader bar prevents him from closing his legs. His wrists are restrained above his head. The leather-gloved Colt is ready to dominate his pathetic boss, starting with tormenting his nipples and slapping his naked flesh. He strokes Ethan’s huge dick and edges him to the point of insanity. Colt will control exactly when his servile plaything can cum. He will make him go through a gauntlet of sadistic flogging, caning, and rough sex to earn that privilege. By the end of it, Ethan has taken so much dick in his mouth and butthole and swallowed loads of cum. Everyone knows who the boss is now! KinkMen proudly presents Christian Wilde’s directorial debut! Promotional media: 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_07_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_02_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_01_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_04_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_11_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_05_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_06_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_08_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_13_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_14_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_18_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_09_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_10_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_15_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_12_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_31_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_03_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_30_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_29_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_17_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_28_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_24_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_16_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_25_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_21_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_26_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_20_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_27_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_23_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_22_thumb.png 105491_coltspence_ethansinn_19_thumb.png


Locked thug colt spence makes hector ramirez his submissive bitch. Hector Ramirez is a heavily tattooed thug who slipped-up and fell into his opposition’s hands, the cunning Colt Spence. But there’s a kinky secret that Colt discovers; Hector’s cock is locked up in a tiny chastity device. After revealing that Hector’s tough look is all just a facade, Colt turns him into even more of a servile bitch by beating Hector with a baton and flogger, humiliating him, and have intercourse his mouth and ass. Hector is bound to a chair and struggles in a useless attempt to break free when Colt enters the room. Immediately, Hector demands to be let go but Colt has other plans in store. Colt spits in Hector’s face and starts hitting his voluminous muscles with a baton. He rips Hector’s shirt and underwear open to expose and humiliate him further. Hector hurls insults at Colt and tries to resist but to no avail. Colt threatens to never release him, which coerces Hector into groping Colt’s crotch through his leather pants. He switches to a paddle and continues to slap Hector’s anatomy and balls, but Colt realizes he needs to step up the intensity to break Hector down into his bitch. The torture continues with Hector bent over a spanking bench so Colt can flog his bare-ass. Hector tries to remain defiant through the pain and humiliation, however, Colt is determined to make him submit. Now tied on his back, Hector comes to the realization that his captor is in complete control as Colt shoves his cock down Hector’s throat. Finally, Colt stretches Hector’s hole out with a giant dildo, and then fucks him bareback until he shoots his load on Hector’s face.Promotional media: 104305_image_08_thumb.png 104305_image_03_thumb.png 104305_image_12_thumb.png 104305_image_07_thumb.png 104305_image_11_thumb.png 104305_image_05_thumb.png 104305_image_04_thumb.png 104305_image_01_thumb.png 104305_image_10_thumb.png 104305_image_02_thumb.png 104305_image_06_thumb.png 104305_image_20_thumb.png 104305_image_23_thumb.png 104305_image_18_thumb.png 104305_image_28_thumb.png 104305_image_17_thumb.png 104305_image_15_thumb.png 104305_image_30_thumb.png 104305_image_22_thumb.png 104305_image_14_thumb.png 104305_image_27_thumb.png 104305_image_29_thumb.png 104305_image_19_thumb.png 104305_image_16_thumb.png 104305_image_25_thumb.png 104305_image_24_thumb.png 104305_image_26_thumb.png 104305_image_21_thumb.png 104305_image_09_thumb.png Bound and trained ethan sinn and drew sebastian. Ethan Sinn stands naked, bound in rope, tied to a wooden cross with his arms out. A black ball-gag muffles his grunts as he struggles to free himself. Drew Sebastian enters his dungeon to look over his helpless submissive. He slaps Ethan’s chest and crops his dick. Drew puts clothespins across Ethan’s chest, then puts another row around his ball sack. In the next scene, Drew has Ethan in a full rope-suspension, hanging by the waist. His whole body arches downwards with his ankles tied together and his wrists bound behind his back. Drew gets his leather flogger and hits him hard…a lot. In the next scene, Ethan is tied up in rope-bondage, his wrists and forearms are bound to his chest with one leg tied up in the air. Drew fucks his mouth with his huge penish and then shoves a huge black toy inside Ethan’s anushole. He fucks Ethan with it until his anus is stretched out and ready for his mammoth meat. Ethan gets have sex raw, deep, and hard, then gets a face full of Drew’s hot cum.Promotional media: 104023_imagedb_003_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_004_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_005_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_006_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_007_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_008_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_009_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_010_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_011_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_012_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_013_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_014_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_015_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_016_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_017_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_018_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_019_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_020_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_021_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_022_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_023_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_024_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_025_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_026_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_027_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_028_thumb.png 104023_imagedb_029_thumb.png Sinns of the damned chris damned and ethan sinn. Leather Dom Chris Damned returns to unleash his exciting sadism on hot stud Ethan Sinn. Ethan is bound on his back to a chain link fence that is suspended in the air. Chris enters and after a kiss, the torment begins with clothespins on Ethan’s skin. Leather clad Chris then grabs a crop and goes to work with precise, heavy smacks to Ethan’s anatomy and balls. Chris loves the rush of dishing out pain on the willing servile and shoves his rock-heavy tool down Ethan’s throat. Ethan has the pleasure of getting his feet worshipped by his Dom, but Chris continues to dish out the pain with shocks from the zapper. In the next scene, Ethan is bent over the chain link fence now so Chris can have ample access to his perfect bum. Chris fingers Ethan’s hole with his leather gloves to get it pretty and warmed up. After a brutal flogging, Chris plunges his heavy tool into Ethan’s bum and fucks him heavy. In the final scene, Ethan is bent over a spanking bench with his anatomy tied up to a suspension point. Chris uses a paddle to turn his servile’s bum bright pink. He fucks Ethan’s hole deep with a dildo to get it ready for another round of his huge tool. Ethan gets pounded one last time by his Dom’s tool until Chris blasts his seed all over his sub’s bum. For being such a appealing boy, Chris milks Ethan’s aching tool and drains his balls.Promotional media: 104775_image_05_thumb.png 104775_image_07_thumb.png 104775_image_06_thumb.png 104775_image_11_thumb.png 104775_image_08_thumb.png 104775_image_04_thumb.png 104775_image_09_thumb.png 104775_image_13_thumb.png 104775_image_16_thumb.png 104775_image_28_thumb.png 104775_image_15_thumb.png 104775_image_18_thumb.png 104775_image_20_thumb.png 104775_image_19_thumb.png 104775_image_03_thumb.png 104775_image_02_thumb.png 104775_image_30_thumb.png 104775_image_10_thumb.png 104775_image_24_thumb.png 104775_image_36_thumb.png 104775_image_21_thumb.png 104775_image_12_thumb.png 104775_image_32_thumb.png 104775_image_26_thumb.png 104775_image_22_thumb.png 104775_image_25_thumb.png 104775_image_29_thumb.png 104775_image_01_thumb.png 104775_image_31_thumb.png 104775_image_27_thumb.png 104775_image_37_thumb.png 104775_image_23_thumb.png 104775_image_35_thumb.png 104775_image_17_thumb.png 104775_image_33_thumb.png 104775_image_34_thumb.png 104775_image_14_thumb.png Ethan gets a face have sexual intercourse. The petite Ethan Ross is bound to chair by chains when he is found by Ashton Bradley. Ashton begins to make this lovely boy even prettier using pegs down his chest, sides, and balls. He then begins to make love Ethan Ross’ face before wanking himself off and cumshot over his chest. Ashton then blindfolds Ethan before moving down his body, blow and wanking him until he shoots his load.Promotional media: boynapped_004_thumb.png boynapped_005_thumb.png boynapped_001_thumb.png boynapped_007_thumb.png boynapped_026_thumb.png boynapped_021_thumb.png boynapped_018_thumb.png boynapped_028_thumb.png boynapped_012_thumb.png boynapped_003_thumb.png boynapped_020_thumb.png boynapped_010_thumb.png boynapped_016_thumb.png boynapped_008_thumb.png boynapped_009_thumb.png boynapped_029_thumb.png boynapped_023_thumb.png boynapped_002_thumb.png boynapped_019_thumb.png boynapped_013_thumb.png boynapped_027_thumb.png boynapped_014_thumb.png boynapped_017_thumb.png boynapped_015_thumb.png boynapped_025_thumb.png boynapped_011_thumb.png boynapped_006_thumb.png boynapped_024_thumb.png boynapped_022_thumb.png Servicing sinn liv revamped sinn sage. Liv Revamped, an eager little slut, is gagged and tied to a pole in Sinn Sage’s dungeon. In a sensuous back and forth between delight and pain, Sinn cuts her dress and panties off, spanks, flogs, and fingers Liv until she cums. After a nice analy flogging, Liv enthusiastically returns the favor by servicing Sinn with some vagina licking before Sinn takes it over with face-sitting and a hot sixty-nine! Finally, Sinn straps it on and fucks Liv in both of her holes. She makes Liv cum over and over again and then locks her inside a cage to bask in the afterglow of the session!Promotional media: 103058_gallery_002_thumb.png 103058_gallery_003_thumb.png 103058_gallery_004_thumb.png 103058_gallery_005_thumb.png 103058_gallery_006_thumb.png 103058_gallery_007_thumb.png 103058_gallery_008_thumb.png 103058_gallery_009_thumb.png 103058_gallery_010_thumb.png 103058_gallery_011_thumb.png 103058_gallery_013_thumb.png 103058_gallery_014_thumb.png 103058_gallery_015_thumb.png 103058_gallery_016_thumb.png 103058_gallery_017_thumb.png 103058_gallery_018_thumb.png 103058_gallery_019_thumb.png 103058_gallery_020_thumb.png 103058_gallery_021_thumb.png 103058_gallery_022_thumb.png 103058_gallery_023_thumb.png 103058_gallery_024_thumb.png 103058_gallery_025_thumb.png 103058_gallery_026_thumb.png 103058_gallery_027_thumb.png 103058_gallery_028_thumb.png Avn award winning stars fuck in sinn sage s first penis experience. Both Sinn Sage and Venus Lux are AVN Award winning Stars and after you see this performance, you will see why. Sinn Sage is a nervous lesbian who's fantasies have taken her over. She dreams of being with a lascivious lady with a huge throbbing penish. She goes to a club and finds, the one and only, the amazing TS Venus Lux. Sinn divulges her fantasy to be with a lascivious T-girl. She verbally describes, in considerable detail, how she wants to look into a nice woman's eyes while she suc all the pre ejaculate out of her throbbing penish and then takes a big load into her face. Sinn is aroused and pleasures herself while she describes what she wants from Venus. Venus is so turned on, she whips her penish out. Sinn shows us her amazing penish gulp skills. Her blow job will make any penish cry because she suc it so good. We will dream to see her take penish all the time now but today, only Venus' penish get's to go in Sinn's mouth and pussy. Sinn rides Venus elegant and fast. This is a passionate scene that only 2 of the world's finest performers could have pulled off.