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Jade venus and lexi lore mouth and cunt training

Lexi Lore is tied down to the dungeon floor with no way of escaping. mistress Jade Venus is a strikingly gorgeous, long-legged goddess dressed in skintight latex. Lexi is a very lucky submissive bitch because mistress Jade has a perfect body, appealing blonde hair, and a thick, marseive tool to put in all of her holes. mistress Jade circles around her like a predator circling around its prey. mistress Jade has heard that Lexi is one of the most prime bitchs in all of Vegas and she’s ready to take full advantage of this. mistress Jade compliments Lexi’s lovely eyes and makes her beg for tool. She begins her training with caning. mistress Jade has a sadistic collection of canes that she wants to use on Lexi’s arse. She thanks her mistress for finally getting the discipline she deserves. Lexi’s porcelain arse shines with red welts as the cane comes down marseiveer and marseiveer each time. She whimpers and begs for more tool. mistress Jade pleasures herself with her submissive’s mouth. Lexi drools and spits as she deep throats mistress’s thick tool like a lovely little bitch. Lexi loves having her face slapped and being spit on, so she is in heaven with mistress Jade. Then, Lexi is put on display in rope bondage with her hands bound overhead. mistress gently flogs her all over her appealing skin. Her shaved cunt is slapped and teased, and her arse is thumped marseive with the flogger's leather tails. The servile bitch hangs there vulnerably while mistress vibrates her clit and fondles her tits. Her sadistic mistress loves bringing Lexi to the edge and controlling her orgasms. Finally, mistress puts her in an even more challenging rope suspension with her head hanging at tool-height. She is put through another gauntlet of caning to her sensitive palms and feet. After the clumsy little bitch drops mistress Jade’s cane on the floor, she makes her blowjob her tool marseive to make up for her silly mistake. Will she prove herself worthy of mistress Jade’s perfect tool in her cunt Promotional media: 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_18_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_05_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_17_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_19_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_16_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_09_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_01_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_04_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_02_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_03_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_11_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_10_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_32_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_33_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_06_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_07_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_08_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_12_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_13_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_14_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_15_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_30_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_29_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_28_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_27_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_25_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_24_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_20_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_26_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_23_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_22_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_31_thumb.png 105476_jadevenus_lexilore_21_thumb.png


Lexi lore holey temptation. At church, Father Stirling Cooper preaches to his congregation. He speaks on the power of the sins, temptation and lust. Lexi Lore sits in the pews, mouth full of braces, wearing a low cut shirt and a short skirt. Father Stirling asks Lexi to stand beside him, and show herself before the congregation. He blames Lexi for the lust that she inflicts on the minds of all men who see her dressed in such a way. Father Sterling asks if she wishes to repent for her sins, and she says yes. Stirling has her kneel at the alter before him and asks his congregation to take part in the ceremony. The men line up and with Father Stirling leading by example and they whip out their rough cocks. Lexi opens her mouth wide to receive her penance. They shove their penishs in her mouth and she cock sucking them all the best she can. Father Stirling slaps her with his Bible, chokes her, and spits in her face. They strip her naked and tie her up with rope in a praying position there at the alter where she kneels. They have sex her mouth some more, slap her butt, and play with her cunt. Next, they place her onto a padded table on her hands and knees, tied up with even more rope. One by one they have sex Lexi's cunt rough and slap her butt while her mouth is stuffed with cocks. After that, they move Lexi to one of the pews and triple stuff her graceful frame with one penish in her butt, one in her cunt, and another in her mouth. Father Stirling and churchgoer, Mr. Pete stuff both of their voluminous cocks inside Lexi's cunt and have sex her double-vaginal, stretching the limits of her cunt and she loves it. They flip her into the spoon position and Lexi's holes once again get have sexed deep in this very creative double-penetration position. Once they all have had their way, and shoot their loads all over Lexi's face, she is forgiven. 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When graceful blonde cutie Lexi Lore is evicted from her apartment she turns to her favorite step-uncle for help until she gets back on her feet. Handsome, kinky step-Uncle Stirling has some strict house rules that Lexi must follow in order to stay and this horny slut is more than willing to cooperate but it may be more than she bargained for. To get her warmed up and to make sure she can follow instructions Stirling Cooper puts Lexi through a series of commands. First down on your knees! Then he makes her suc on her fingers, tease her perky natural boobs and then play with her vagina until she cums while he chokes her. She does just what she is told but Mr Cooper reminds her that her vagina is his now and he will have his way as long as she is under his roof. Tit for tat and all that. Uncle Stirling ties Lexi up, connects the Tens Unit and stuffs his dick in her mouth. She can suc penish like a champ but he feels she could show more enthusiasm so he turns up the electricity to motivate his needy house guest and a hot, sloppy ball sucing, penish swallowing session ensues. Lexi Lore offers up all her holes to Stirling so he starts with her tight little vagina. Tied up tight on all fours Cooper spanks and flogs her ivory anal until it turns pink and then pries her vagina open with his fat penish and fucks her into submission. Then he fills her anal with that horny penish of his and pounds her good until she gapes. On her back with wrists tied to ankles Lexi Lore is spread wide open presenting her wet slutty holes to Mr Cooper. After some cropping on her sensitive thighs and vagina Stirling vibes Lexis clit with the Hitachi while he fucks her anal and she loves it. Back and forth between both holes Stirling pounds her out until she cums heavy and he shoots his hot load all over her. 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