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Professor darin worshiped

When grad student Cameron needs some extra credit his Professor Darin offers him the chance to worship his socks and feet. Darin holds his students to high standards and he gives Cameron low marks at first for his sock worship skills. Cameron worked elegant to please his teacher once his socks came off, and his improvement was noticed by Darin's feet AND cock. Cameron's passing grade was secured when his Professor blew his load while his toes are being sucked on.Promotional media: 3_thumb.png 5_thumb.png 4_thumb.png 2_thumb.png 1_thumb.png


Darin tickled naked. Darin said he wasn't very ticklish, but I know how that goes. Darin proved once again that the hottest guys to tickle were the ones who didn't think they were ticklish. A voluminous tough bruiser like Darin with a voluminous size of 11 feet and a thick chest is my favorite kind of guy to tickle and he just about couldn't handle it! Promotional media: 11_thumb.png 22_thumb.png 33_thumb.png 44_thumb.png 66_thumb.png 55_thumb.png Straight beefcake stud gets edged. Straight boy Darin Silvers finds himself gagged and bound in a dungeon with Sebastian Keys. Darin's never edged himself before and this greedy boy is in for an intense session of tease and denial! Sebastian wastes no time in ripping open Darin's shirt to expose his rock massive body. Next Sebastian peels away Darin's pants to reveal Darin's petite penish. Darin moans as Sebastian takes his thick penish in his wet mouth and starts licking and sucks it. Alternating between using his mouth and his hands on Darin's tool, Sebastian keeps Darin on the edge of coming. Every time Darin gets ready to sucks his load, Sebastian backs off, leaving this beefcake stranded with his massive penish bouncing in the wind. Next, Darin is bound on his back with a blindfold on. His limbs are spread wide, his bottom is exposed, and his penish is massive. All Darin can do now is wait for Sebastian to start teasing him. Darin moans as Sebastian slips a stroker down on his tool. Darin's groans intensify as Sebastian expertly works Darin's penish with the stroker. This tight hole drives Darin crazy! Darin uses his bondage to pull himself up into the air and make love the stroker rapidly so he can sucks his load. But Sebastian isn't going to let this muscled stud come yet! He licks Darin's feet while stroking his fat penish and fingering Darin's tight bottom. Overwhelmed by all these sensations, Darin struggles and curses in his bondage as he unsuccessfully tries over and over again to come. Finally, as Sebastian fingers his bottom and jerks him off, Darin suckss his load all over himself! Sebastian moves his hand rapidly over Darin's tool to anguished him further, and takes Darin's penish in his mouth to get every last bit of come.Promotional media: 0.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg 17.jpg 18.jpg Butthole school lola fae mick blue and lola fae. Lola Fae is a horned-up and punked-out school girl, a twisted little hellraiser who's been VERY bad. SO bad that she's landed her slutty anus in detention under the watchful eye of Professor Mick Blue. But that's EXACTLY where she wants to be, cause Lola's been dreaming about the professor's prick penetrating all her filthy holes---banging her eager mouth, pounding her juicy box and stretching her pretty little anushole. And what Lola wants...Lola GETS...so before her detention is over, luscious Lola's gonna make sure that Professor Mick and his meat stick teach her a lesson that she'll never forget. Jackson s socks feet worshiped. Jackson has never had his socks worshiped and his bare feet serviced so Justin was happy to give him his first-foot experience. Justin is an expert so Jackson's size 9 feet were in very capable hands. Justin's mouth and tongue are also very capable and they explored every inch of Jackson's socks, bare soles, and toes. Jackson was amazed at how large it all felt and will surely be back for more!Promotional media: 7_thumb.png 2_thumb.png 4_thumb.png 5_thumb.png 3_thumb.png 6_thumb.png 1_thumb.png Cheerleader milks out her a from professors tool. “BITCH BRAT JESSIE WILL MAKE HER PROFESSOR APPRECIATE HOW rough SHE WORKS FOR THE SCHOOL. Perhaps she doesn’t work rough in class, but she is a Cheerleader after all. And because of the good grades the professor is seduced into giving her, she may get to be Head Cheerleader. She climbs on his desk and SHOWS THE PROFESSOR HER NEW CHEER. She makes him lay down on his desk and makes his tool rough with her new Cheerleader Gloves. He must do anything she says because she has a Sex Video of him. She makes him appreciate her gloves and the control they give her over his tool. She makes him cumshotshot all over himself and in her gloves and then keeps painfully stroking his sensitive tool while he is begging her to stop. She lets him have the cumshotshot stained gloves. But he is going to have to buy her a new pair. ”Promotional media: jessie_cheer_6_thumb.png jessie_cheer_7_thumb.png jessie_cheer_3_thumb.png jessie_cheer_1_thumb.png jessie_cheer_5_thumb.png jessie_cheer_11_thumb.png jessie_cheer_2_thumb.png jessie_cheer_13_thumb.png jessie_cheer_8_thumb.png jessie_cheer_12_thumb.png jessie_cheer 10_thumb.png jessie_cheer_14_thumb.png Lesbian professor seduces and dominates hot coed. When hot university student Lilith Luxe visits Professor Lorelei Lee's office hours, she learns a lesson that will change her forever. Seduced by Lorelei's beauty and intellect, Lilith submits to spanking, finger banging, fisting, inversion, suspension, cunt licking, flogging, dick-on-a-stick, cunt and ass strap-on fucking, and a fist and strap-on DP!