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Fresh meat haley spades

Haley Spades is brand new to BDSM, and we treated her that way. Every model is different, so each one is treated as such. Some are tough as nails, and some not so much. None the less, we strive to constantly bring you new faces, and today we present you with Haley. Haley begins in the scavenger's daughter, gagged, and completely helpless. The Pope enters and sees that she is overly nervous, so he gives her an orgasm to loosen her up a bit. He then adds clothes pins to her inner thighs to test her pain tolerance, and ability to process pain. Nipple clamps are added to increase her suffering, and so far, Haley is handling everything he throws at her. Next, she is bent over with her bottom in the air and restrained with steel shackles around her wrists and ankles. He introduces her to the baton, and then the cane for a brief bastinado. Her limit has been found, so Haley is kept there until he fucks her cunt for more orgasms. In the final scene, Haley is spread eagle on the floor with leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles that are chained to the floor. The Pope walks over to her and covers her entire torso with his boot as he tramples her. Haley responds with a smile, and it seems that we have found something else that this slut enjoys. Next Haley is subjected to breath play and imposed orgasms for the remainder of the day.Promotional media: 105438_haleyspadethepope_03_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_01_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_11_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_04_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_10_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_12_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_05_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_21_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_08_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_07_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_02_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_28_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_17_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_25_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_06_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_27_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_18_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_23_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_15_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_09_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_22_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_13_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_24_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_16_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_19_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_14_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_26_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_20_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_29_thumb.png


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