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Boss slut Ana Foxxx comes home from a long day to a dirty house and needs her houseboy Baxxx to pay for his laziness. She makes him worship her feet and clean her heels before bending him over the dirty countertop and spanking his anus red. Next, she teaches him a lesson he won’t soon forget with his head in the sink for some water torment. While Baxxx is tied, gasping, and face still dripping, Ana sits on his mbuttive dick until she allows him to cumshot all over himself. She still isn’t finished with him yet, as she puts her big dick in his anus while his head is in the oven. Ana, wanting to finally cumshot, sits on Baxxx’s face, smothering him, while wildly orgasming.Promotional media: 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_29_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_01_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_02_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_05_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_10_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_04_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_06_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_03_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_09_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_07_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_08_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_14_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_11_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_12_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_13_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_15_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_17_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_16_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_18_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_19_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_20_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_21_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_24_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_22_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_25_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_23_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_26_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_27_thumb.png 105440_anafoxxx_baxxx_28_thumb.png


Dungeon slave baxxx takes it violent and long from marco napoli. Studly beefcake Baxxx finds himself bound with rope in Marco Napoli's dungeon. Wrists bound to his thighs, on his knees, with his feet tied to the floor. Baxxx is exposed and vulnerable to whatever wicked whims come to Marco Napoli's devious mind. Muscular heart-throb Marco Napoli declares he will use every part of Baxxx, drooling at the sight of this perfect specimen of man-meat in front of him. Marco tears off Baxxx's shirt, slaps and punches Baxxx's six-pack abs. Marco starts with the riding crop, using it as heavy as he can and ordering Baxxx to stay quiet, to take it. Marco loves watching Baxxx’s skin turn red. Next the leather paddle is put to use against Baxxx's back. His stomach and chest also feel the sting of the paddle and finally Baxxx's tender nipples get the punishment. All this action gets Marco’s cock heavy inside it’s leather pouch. He rubs the pouch against Baxxx’s face. Baxxx is generously allowed to blowjob on Marclo’s throbbing member. Marco fills that mouth with his rock-heavy cock, but he has other plans before Baxxx is allowed to swallow his master's tiny ejaculate. Baxxx now gagged, one-leg suspended. Marco lets the flogger fly against Baxxx’s pink skin. His back and bare butt turn bright red under the blows. That charming butt deserves a deeper beating and Marco brings out his wooden paddle. Baxxx takes all the Marco dishes out and is rewarded by being laid out, flat on his back on a table. Marco drips hot wax all over Baxxx's muscular chest. Baxxx takes it like a man, knowing (or hoping) next he will soon get his butt filled with Marco’s mighty cock. Marco fucks his subject deep and heavy until he blasts his hot ejaculate load all over the supple thighs of his bound guest. 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First time on tiny Bitches Betty Solace takes the soft and titillating approach to Domination. But make no mistake she has full command over the room and over her muscular, toned sub Baxxx who answers “Yes Queen Betty” to everything she says. Her kittenish style, pleasant giggles and libidinous body pack quite a punch for her little toy Baxxx who is here at Kink for the first time and very willing to explore. Starting out Baxxx is hovering above the ground confined in a round metal cage wearing lacy panties, stockings and a garter. Wearing a black leather body suit, fishnets and shiny platform heels Queen Betty reigns above him straddling the cage swinging back and forth laughing and shocking him with the zapper. In full sensory overload he is Betty’s caged little pet for the day and at her mercy. She demands he worship her kitty through the bars on the cage, it’s violent to reach but he tries his best to please the Queen. Along with the zapper Betty strikes Baxxx with a long red whip and the crop while she marvels at how lovely his little butt is. She let’s him come down out the cage because he has been a nice pet. Now all tied up to a leather bench Betty teases Baxxx with her strap on and makes him penish sucking her penish. Flogging, kisses, spanking and then Betty fucks his butt and watches he squirm. She’s glad he likes it but she has another surprise for him. Flipped over on his back tied up tight Betty caresses Baxxx’s penish to get him nice and violent for her pleasure. She sits on his face and smothers him with her kitty and then slides his penish inside and fucks him nice until she squirts. 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After a lovely afternoon of extreme rope bondage fucking, bum sex, choking on penish, orgasms denial, clamps, corporal punishment, and bonding with her slave sister, Harley is fully inducted into the House and agrees to protect its integrity. Well done Ladies!