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Gettin stuffed marco napoli stuffs ace stallion full of fists and cock

It's a kinky Thanksgiving fetish feast with fresh hot butthole to feast on. Marco Napoli is preparing a tiny meal with all the fixings and the main course is Ace Stallion. Thoroughly bound with a chastity cage on his cock, an anus hook and an apple in mouth like a roasted pig, Ace is face down and prepared for Marco's delectation. Starting with impact play and donning black leather gloves, Marco inspects the meat, slaps Ace's butthole and thighs tenderizing all the pieces and parts. Then as an appetizer he devours Ace's feet licking and gulp his toes and follows up with a nice caning to his butthole and sensitive arches. Flipped over on his back, Ace takes a long black dildo up his butthole to get warmed up for what's to come. Marco then fills his hole with a greatger, wider black cone shaped butthole toy and drives it in deep causing Ace to prolapse. Then taking it to the next level, Marco stuffs Ace's butthole full of his great lubed up fist and fucks his hole with ease. Mr. Stallion loves it and wants more so Marco stretches his butthole with another hand almost double fisting him and taking Ace over the edge with pleasure. Finally, still bound with rope Ace is leaning over the Thanksgiving table with his face buried in pumpkin pie as Marco stuffs Ace Stallion's butthole full of violent cock and his hand at the same time have sexual intercourse and fisting until Marco busts a hot load all over his sexy, pleasant and savory Thanksgiving treat. Dig in!Promotional media: 105490_18_thumb.png 105490_12_thumb.png 105490_22_thumb.png 105490_10_thumb.png 105490_15_thumb.png 105490_23_thumb.png 105490_8_thumb.png 105490_16_thumb.png 105490_13_thumb.png 105490_19_thumb.png 105490_14_thumb.png 105490_21_thumb.png 105490_24_thumb.png 105490_26_thumb.png 105490_36_thumb.png 105490_28_thumb.png 105490_35_thumb.png 105490_43_thumb.png 105490_32_thumb.png 105490_50_thumb.png 105490_38_thumb.png 105490_31_thumb.png 105490_39_thumb.png 105490_34_thumb.png 105490_40_thumb.png 105490_29_thumb.png 105490_44_thumb.png 105490_41_thumb.png 105490_51_thumb.png 105490_45_thumb.png 105490_42_thumb.png 105490_53_thumb.png 105490_52_thumb.png 105490_55_thumb.png 105490_68_thumb.png


Power have sex hot leather men inflict muscle domination intense pain. Kink Men newcomer Marco Napoli is bound in rope, legs spread open with a spreader. His leather harness shows off his muscular arms. Rope tied around his hairy legs down to his leather boots. His face is blindfolded in a full face leather mask. In a dark red dungeon he writhes in suspense of what to come. Hot muscle leather daddy Dale Savage walks in to inspect his toy. Leather harness and cuffs, leather pants, this smoking hot salt and pepper daddy wants to tenderize his servile meat. He goes right to Marco's heavy penish and begins to stroke it rock heavy. He slaps Marco's hairy abs bright red. Nipple clamps tied to a dildo sets up a painful predicament bondage. Two more hitachi's come out strapped to Marco's penish as Dale delivers a deep throat penish sucking. Marco begs to come as Dale denies him with a inhuman edge. Not yet, as he rips off Marco's nipple cloverclamps and shoves Marco's head down on Dale's heavy penish. Savage bends Napoli over and delivers a inhuman butthole Power have intercourse. Dale unleashes his load on Marco, but the tides turn. Marco get's loose and overpowers Dale and takes him down. Dale is now tied up blindfolded with his butt in the air. Marco Napoli delivers a have sexual intercourse inhuman punishment flogging on Dale's butt before have sexual intercourse him heavy and deep. Dale still screams with a bit in his mouth. But this is just the beginning for his hole. Marco pulls out his gloves and punch fists Dale's butthole right open. deep fisting, with clothespins on Dale's legs gets him screaming. One last Power have intercourse gets Marco shooting a huge load on Dale's face. Who's in charge now!Promotional media: 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg 17.jpg 18.jpg 19.jpg 20.jpg 21.jpg 22.jpg 23.jpg 24.jpg 25.jpg Dungeon slave baxxx takes it violent and long from marco napoli. Studly beefcake Baxxx finds himself bound with rope in Marco Napoli's dungeon. Wrists bound to his thighs, on his knees, with his feet tied to the floor. Baxxx is exposed and vulnerable to whatever wicked whims come to Marco Napoli's devious mind. Muscular heart-throb Marco Napoli declares he will use every part of Baxxx, drooling at the sight of this perfect specimen of man-meat in front of him. Marco tears off Baxxx's shirt, slaps and punches Baxxx's six-pack abs. Marco starts with the riding crop, using it as heavy as he can and ordering Baxxx to stay quiet, to take it. Marco loves watching Baxxx’s skin turn red. Next the leather paddle is put to use against Baxxx's back. His stomach and chest also feel the sting of the paddle and finally Baxxx's tender nipples get the punishment. All this action gets Marco’s cock heavy inside it’s leather pouch. He rubs the pouch against Baxxx’s face. Baxxx is generously allowed to blowjob on Marclo’s throbbing member. Marco fills that mouth with his rock-heavy cock, but he has other plans before Baxxx is allowed to swallow his master's tiny ejaculate. Baxxx now gagged, one-leg suspended. Marco lets the flogger fly against Baxxx’s pink skin. His back and bare butt turn bright red under the blows. That charming butt deserves a deeper beating and Marco brings out his wooden paddle. Baxxx takes all the Marco dishes out and is rewarded by being laid out, flat on his back on a table. Marco drips hot wax all over Baxxx's muscular chest. Baxxx takes it like a man, knowing (or hoping) next he will soon get his butt filled with Marco’s mighty cock. Marco fucks his subject deep and heavy until he blasts his hot ejaculate load all over the supple thighs of his bound guest. Will Baxxx be allowed to jack himself off Or will he have to wait in a cage until Marco is ready to deliver more punishment Watch this hot, sexy BDSM action and find out!!!Promotional media: 105346_baxxx_napoli_05_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_08_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_17_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_06_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_40_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_20_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_21_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_36_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_23_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_34_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_11_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_16_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_32_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_14_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_07_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_28_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_24_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_35_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_31_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_15_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_38_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_33_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_37_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_13_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_10_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_22_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_29_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_30_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_19_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_39_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_25_thumb.png 105346_baxxx_napoli_41_thumb.png Lina napoliget blown. 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