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Blonde hippie gets relief

Zack Grayson is a true hippie with his long blonde hair, great thick cock, and readiness to make love anyone who's willing to put out. He's a dirty talker who likes to get his men riled up with a lovely compliment or a big breath to the ear. He's eager to please, too, and can figure out exactly what you want within seconds of meeting you and is very happy to give you what you want. After Zack takes a sip of his morning coffee, he takes care of his morning wood and starts jacking his massive pole. He doesn't stop until his cock erupts like a geyser and sprays ejaculate about 5 feet into the air!Promotional media: 20230505_225948_thumb.png 20230505_230420_thumb.png image1_thumb.png 20230505_230458_thumb.png 20230505_224605_thumb.png 20230505_230038_thumb.png 20230505_230503_thumb.png image2_thumb.png 20230505_231402_thumb.png 20230505_231404_thumb.png image8_thumb.png image5_thumb.png image6_thumb.png 20230505_231428_thumb.png image7_thumb.png image3_thumb.png image11_thumb.png image14_thumb.png image13_thumb.png image12_thumb.png image15_thumb.png image4_thumb.png image18_thumb.png image17_thumb.png image10_thumb.png image16_thumb.png image19_thumb.png image21_thumb.png image22_thumb.png image20_thumb.png image23_thumb.png image27_thumb.png image26_thumb.png image25_thumb.png image28_thumb.png image24_thumb.png


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