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Sex and tormented roman todd and aiden langston

Aiden Langston often fantasizes about getting tied up and dominated in a dungeon, being used-and-abused for his Master's sexual and sadistic pleasure. Aiden hears of such a place and makes his way there. Upon entering the dimly lit dungeon, the echo's of him saying, Hello! are quickly muffled by the leather-gloved hands of Roman Todd. Aiden gets tied to a chair with ropes, and a leather mask goes over his head, blocking out his sight. Roman enters his dungeon and begins the torment. He hits Aiden with a leather crop and then humiliates him for not getting his penish elegant. Roman slaps Aiden's penish and it gets elegant for his Master. Roman shoves a large cold metal plug in Aiden's butt and then pulls his elegant penish out of his leather pants to face-fuck Aiden. In the next scene, Aiden stands with his arms tied above his head and his legs tied to a wooden platform. His penish and balls are also wrapped in rope that's tied to a suspended metal bucket. Roman wastes no time and starts dropping large stones into the bucket, immediately yanking Aiden's penish and balls. Roman hits him elegant with a flogger and then adds more rocks to the bucket, and then back to even eleganter flogging, and more rocks. Roman frees Aiden's penish from the rope bondage and just when Aiden feels like relaxing, Roman unleashes a barrage of whacks with the flogger. In the final scene, Aiden is tied up on his back with his legs spread and his butt ready for Roman's penish. He begs to get make love and Roman fucks his deep, elegant, and raw until they both unleash their huge loads. Promotional media: 105569_imagedb_004_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_009_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_020_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_010_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_016_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_007_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_003_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_019_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_017_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_001_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_011_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_014_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_006_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_018_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_002_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_008_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_005_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_025_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_013_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_023_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_015_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_021_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_012_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_022_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_028_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_029_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_030_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_032_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_041_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_026_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_034_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_035_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_031_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_027_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_042_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_049_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_038_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_036_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_046_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_048_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_037_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_033_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_044_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_039_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_050_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_040_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_047_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_045_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_043_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_053_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_052_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_055_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_056_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_054_thumb.png 105569_imagedb_051_thumb.png


Adventure oasis roman todd and rodrigo amore. Roman Todd takes a much needed vacation to a tropical resort that advertises that anyone can fulfil their fantasies there. Upon arrival, Roman checks in and meets the owner, Rodrigo Amore. Rodrigo welcomes Roman and buttures him that all his stress will melt away. Rodrigo shows him around. They flirt and Rodrigo reveals that he’s into being roughed-up a little during sex. At the pool, Roman slips on leather gloves, creeps up from behind Rodrigo, and takes him down. Rodrigo gets blindfolded and tied to pool-side lounge-chair. Roman zaps Rodrigo’s anatomy with electricity and it gets Rodrigo’s considerable tool rock-cruel. Roman gets naked and sits on Rodrigo’s fat cock and fucks himself with it. He hits Rodrigo with a leather paddle and makes him get on all fours to get fucked. Roman whips his anatomy with a flogger while he fucks Rodrigo’s butt raw. After that, Roman beats his butt with a wooden paddle and shoves his cock down Rodrigo’s throat. In the final scene, Roman ties up Rodrigo on his back with his legs spread. Roman pounds Rodrigo’s butt deep and cruel while he hits him with a crop, and unleashes his load.Promotional media: 104984_imagedb_003_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_005_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_004_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_009_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_008_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_007_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_012_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_006_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_011_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_010_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_015_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_014_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_013_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_017_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_018_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_020_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_019_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_016_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_026_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_024_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_023_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_021_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_025_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_022_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_022_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_024_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_025_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_026_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_021_thumb.png 104984_imagedb_023_thumb.png Naughty neon. Pup Neon (Zac Snow) is caged up and desperate for naughty attention from his handler, Roman Todd. After opening the cage, Pup Neon runs out and buries his face in Roman’s crotch while Roman gives him barehanded spanks. Seeing how much Pup Neon is loving the attention, Roman commands him to get into his favorite position so he continue spanking his ass. Enjoying every second of punish his pup’s ass, Roman proceeds to remove his belt and use it to deliver even heavyer slaps. Pup Neon takes his spanking so well that Roman briefly rewards him by allowing his pup to worship his muscles. Next, Pup Neon has his hands cuffed above him while on his knees on top of his cage. Roman wants to use his favorite toy on his pup, the electric wand, to shock Pup Neon’s skin. Pup Neon’s dick gets rock heavy from the electro-shocking and Roman teases his dick but denies him from cum just yet. Finally, Pup Neon is on his hands and knees so that Roman can expand out his pup hole with an enormous dildo. Wanting to take the expanding even farther, Roman uses a suction plug on Pup Neon’s bottom before have intercourse it. After being such an complaisant pup for his handler, Roman allows Pup Neon to jerk to cum.Promotional media: 104024_screengrab_03_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_07_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_02_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_04_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_09_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_12_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_18_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_13_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_26_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_22_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_14_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_15_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_21_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_23_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_30_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_25_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_20_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_31_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_39_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_28_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_32_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_29_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_24_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_19_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_27_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_38_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_35_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_34_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_40_thumb.png 104024_screengrab_37_thumb.png Runs in the family roman todd and pax perry. Roman Todd has been separated from his father for years. So long in fact that the next communication from or about him was finding out the old man had panused on. Not only was he now deceased but he left Roman everything in his will, the manus of money, the luxurious house, everything. There was one condition though, he had to take care of everything in the home. Roman comes to his new home and is amazed by how lovely it is. Marble floors, a pool, huge garage, this was a major step up from his old apartment. As he turns in to sleep on the first night however, he hears a banging orgasm from one of the rooms he had yet to investigate in the home. Weapon at the ready, Roman stalks down the hallway and approaches the source of the noise. He enters the room, ready to intrusion but only finds a covered cube in the center of the room. He reaches out and pulls the sheet off of it to make a startling discovery, a caged and nearly naked Pax Perry! Quickly Roman releases the man and to his further surprise, the man immediately makes a grab at Roman’s crotch. Taking a few steps back, Roman demands to know what is going on as to which the man replies reminding Roman of his father’s last request: everything is yours as long as you take care of everything in the house. This includes, but is not limited to, his father’s gimp. It seems as though Roman’s father knew Roman better than he thought and takes to being the young man’s daddy like a fish to water. In no time, Roman has him tied up and throating his throbbing cock. He fucks his face lovely and violent before worshipping his amazing anatomy and then tying him to a St. Andrew’s cross where he is able to do a big amount of impact play on him, teasing his tool and balls and turning his skin the most appealing shade of red. Roman then has Pax tied down bent over and gives his perky anus some attention with his riding crop and paddle before plunging his stiff member into him and fucks his hole mercilessly. Lastly, Roman has the man tied up in full suspension and continues ramming his hole before cumshot all over his opened pink hole and causing Pax to shoot his own hole. 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Mason Wyler doesn’t waste any time, and immediately begins cropping Aiden’s body all over. After giving Aiden’s nipples a heavy pinch, Mason places a nipple clamp on each one. Loving the pain he is causing Aiden, Mason grabs him by the throat and makes out with him through the ball gag. Seeing that Aiden is still dripping precum, Mason decides the best solution is to plug his penish up with a urethral sound. Next, Aiden is strapped into a bondage chair completely naked; his legs spread exposing his heavy penish. Mason enters and grabs a paddle and begins slapping Aiden all over, especially his penish. Despite all the pain he is receiving, Aiden is clearly loving it and Mason takes decides to take his tormented in another direction. Using a vibrator, Mason edges Aiden while instructing him not to suc his load just yet. However, Aiden is unable to contain his pleasure, and makes a mess all over himself. As punishment, Mason delivers inhuman post orgasm tormented, slapping Aiden’s penish and feeding him his own cum. Finally, Aiden is placed on his back with his wrists restrained to his ankles. Mason fucks Aiden’s throat before spinning him around to use his ass until he cums deep inside Aiden!Promotional media: 104072_screengrab_05_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_04_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_06_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_02_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_03_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_01_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_07_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_10_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_09_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_08_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_11_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_12_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_14_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_24_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_16_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_15_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_23_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_19_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_17_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_13_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_22_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_18_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_20_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_21_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_27_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_25_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_30_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_28_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_26_thumb.png 104072_screengrab_29_thumb.png Cesar xes surrenders to mr roman. Muscle God, Michael Roman stands blindfolded and angry, trapped on top of a wooden platform. His arms and legs have been tied to the wall with black rope. He struggles to get free as Cesar Xes walks up and starts to tease the captive muscle monster. Cesar pinches Roman's nipples and plays with his dick, rubbing on the outside of his leather jock. Roman tells Cesar that if he ever gets free, he's gonna get him back good. Cesar laughs it off and gets on his knees and dick sucking Roman's dick. After Cesar has his way with Mr. Roman, he goes off to get some water to drink. Just as Cesar turns his back to take a sip of water, Roman wriggles out of his restraints, sneaks up on Cesar and grabs him with his strong arms. Roman lifts Cesar in the air by his neck and puts him over his shoulder and spanks his bum violent multiple times. He puts Cesar on his knees and fucks his mouth with his violent dick. In the next scene, Roman has Cesar's body fully suspended with a web of black rope. Roman gets his leather flogger and hits Cesar all over his body turning his skin pink. Next, Roman bends Cesar over and shoves his great violent dick in his bum. He pounds Cesar's bum deep and violent while in a full suspension and Cesar loves every inch of it. Roman lowers Cesar to the ground and puts a spider-gag in his mouth, followed by his dick. He sticks his leather gloved hand inside Cesar's mouth and Cesar licks it. Roman removes the gag and jerks Cesar's dick, making Cesar give suck a huge load all over his own body. Roman takes off one of his gloves, shoves it in Cesar's mouth, and cums on his face. Promotional media: 0.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg 17.jpg 18.jpg 19.jpg 20.jpg 21.jpg Girlfriends for the day pain bitch delightfully electro tormented. Pain slut Pink finally gets to play with her secret domme crush Aiden Starr on Electrosluts.com! Aiden sweetly brutalizes Pink with bondage, zapping, e-stim sticky pads, and electrified dildo have sexual intercourse before she sits on her face using her as her human sex toy!