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Naughty and pretty lauren phillips makes davin strong her lovely boy this xmas

This festive, holiday-themed graceful Bitches shoot stars Lauren Phillips and Davin Strong. Lauren is a curvy redhead who is known for being a switch, but today, she’s leaning into her dominant side. You can tell she loves being a sadistic top from all the giggles she emits when she torments her submissives. Her male sub, Davin, will do any amount of groveling for this drop-dead gorgeous, big-tit Femdom. Davin is strapped helplessly to a chair with a sensory deprivation hood over his head. He only has a small opening from which to breathe. He is giving his anatomy up to Lauren as her Xmas gift this year. His exciting penish is all wrapped up with a bow on top. She begins playing with her new boy toy by controlling his breath. She can’t wait until Christmas to open her present, but she’s in charge so she’ll open it whenever she pleases! She unwraps her gift and reveals Davin’s pumped-up penish. He begs pathetically to be tied up and have his penish pumped even more. She pumps up his penish to the thickness of her liking, then takes it out and gives him a blowjob. He is so sensitive from being pumped that her mouth sucks him off feels incredible! Then, Davin gets bent over and flogged, paddled, and fucked by Lauren’s strap-on penish. She loves degrading her male sub with some dirty arse-to-mouth action. Lauren continues to give Davin an arse and mouth full of penish and he takes it like a good, complaisant submissive. Now it’s time for Ms. Phillips to get her vagina and arse pleased. She smothers his face with her big, round arse. His penish gets rock elegant from all the facesitting, so she vagina fucks him while her huge boobs bounce up and down. She has her way with his face and penish for a marathon of breath-taking face riding, vagina fucking, arse licking, and handjobs. Will Lauren give her submissive the gift of cum today He’ll have to earn it by being her “good boy.” Promotional media: 104377_03_thumb.png 104377_09_thumb.png 104377_04_thumb.png 104377_05_thumb.png 104377_02_thumb.png 104377_06_thumb.png 104377_07_thumb.png 104377_08_thumb.png 104377_10_thumb.png 104377_21_thumb.png 104377_13_thumb.png 104377_16_thumb.png 104377_12_thumb.png 104377_20_thumb.png 104377_11_thumb.png 104377_14_thumb.png 104377_15_thumb.png 104377_17_thumb.png 104377_30_thumb.png 104377_18_thumb.png 104377_19_thumb.png 104377_35_thumb.png 104377_22_thumb.png 104377_33_thumb.png 104377_32_thumb.png 104377_34_thumb.png 104377_31_thumb.png 104377_24_thumb.png 104377_25_thumb.png 104377_23_thumb.png 104377_26_thumb.png 104377_28_thumb.png 104377_27_thumb.png 104377_29_thumb.png


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