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The naughty list brooklyn gray and tommy pistol

Brooklyn is enjoying a nice time sitting around the fire on Christmas Eve, when the story of Krampus is brought up again. Brooklyn's not having it, laughs it off and nestles into the couch to get cozy. Brooklyn slowly dozes off, and as she does, there is an evil spirit lurking around and looking for a way in. We've all heard about the naughty list, but people only want to believe in the spirit of Christmas, and not Krampus. Brooklyn is in for a rude awakening, literally, when Krampus arrives and dishes out the punishment saved for only the naughtiest of them all. He has his bag of birch rods, so the first step is getting Brooklyn restrained and ready for the punishment that is coming. Hands above the head, helpless, and terrified, Brooklyn begs for help, but the only thing she is getting is a birching. brutal swings from the rods hit Brooklyn's analy and legs, leaving deep dark marks as Krampus punishes her. This is usually enough, but Brooklyn has been exceptionally naughty this year, so Krampus decides to use all of Brooklyn's holes to teach this slut some manners. Krampus fucks Brooklyn's analy into submission while tormenting her flesh with his rods. It seems that the only thing cumshot down Brooklyn's chimney is Krampus!Promotional media: 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_02_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_01_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_04_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_03_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_05_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_07_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_06_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_09_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_10_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_08_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_13_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_12_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_16_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_15_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_11_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_17_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_14_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_20_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_18_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_19_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_22_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_23_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_21_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_24_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_25_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_28_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_27_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_29_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_26_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_32_index_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_30_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_35_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_31_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_33_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_34_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_36_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_37_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_39_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_40_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_38_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_41_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_42_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_43_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_45_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_44_thumb.png


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