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The assault dante colle punishes asher day with bondage and hardcore make love

When Asher Day sneaks into his neighbor's alluring new pool to take a swim, little does he know the price he will pay for his reckless curiosity. After stripping down and making a huge splash by doing a cannon-ball into the refreshing water Asher swims to the edge of the pool only to meet his maker and pool owner Dante Colle. Dante demands to know what this stranger is doing in his pool but Asher stammers, he is caught red-handed and must be punished. Stripped down naked, gagged and tied up tight Asher is under complete control of Dante's command. It's almost like he knew this was going to happen, like he wanted it to happen. Dante wears leather gloves and explores Asher's vulnerable body. He uses a black leather paddle to beat his tender thighs and stomach which stings and turns his skin pink. After taking several strikes from the paddle Asher deserves a reward. Tied up and on his knees, Dante attaches nipple clamps to Asher's nipples, gives him a beating with a wooden stick and then crams his rough penish down Asher's throat for a thorough face fucking. Finally with Asher bound in black rope and bent over Dante fucks his ass beautiful until Asher cums and Dante shoots his load all over his little intruder.Promotional media: smiley_thumb.png 105434_01_thumb.png 105434_03_thumb.png 105434_02_thumb.png 105434_04_thumb.png 105434_07_thumb.png 105434_05_thumb.png 105434_06_thumb.png 105434_12_thumb.png 105434_11_thumb.png 105434_14_thumb.png 105434_08_thumb.png 105434_09_thumb.png 105434_10_thumb.png 105434_13_thumb.png 105434_16_thumb.png 105434_15_thumb.png 105434_17_thumb.png 105434_18_thumb.png 105434_19_thumb.png 105434_24_thumb.png 105434_20_thumb.png 105434_31_thumb.png 105434_22_thumb.png 105434_25_thumb.png 105434_26_thumb.png 105434_21_thumb.png 105434_33_thumb.png 105434_27_thumb.png 105434_32_thumb.png 105434_28_thumb.png 105434_29_thumb.png 105434_36_thumb.png 105434_41_thumb.png 105434_35_thumb.png 105434_39_thumb.png 105434_34_thumb.png 105434_45_thumb.png 105434_38_thumb.png 105434_42_thumb.png 105434_43_thumb.png 105434_50_thumb.png 105434_53_thumb.png 105434_40_thumb.png 105434_54_thumb.png 105434_47_thumb.png 105434_52_thumb.png 105434_51_thumb.png 105434_55_thumb.png 105434_56_thumb.png 105434_49_thumb.png


Dante colleinterview dante colle. Interview with stud Dante Colle for Upside Down Cocksuckers. Over the edge handsome stud dante colle unable to resist master keys. Welcome back Dante Colle to KinkMen! This fit and handsome stud is ready for more kink torment. Master Sebastian Keys ties up Dante's perfect body in fully restrictive tight rope bondage. Unable to touch his own huge penish, Dante must submit to Tony Orlando's constant pleasure. Tony starts right on Dante's monster penish. Stroking it fully up and down until it is rock cruel and ready to explode. Tony works is mouth on Dante with a deep throat gagging blowjob. Dante from the beginning says he is ready to explode, close to ejaculate and cannot hold it back. The edging is tormenting this submissive. Sebastian brings out the nipple clamps which gets Dante even closer to the edge. Sebastian must hold Dante back and covers his moaning mouth while Tony works on worshipping Dante's naked feet. Licking his toes gets Dante squirming. They two bring out a sex toy jacking sleeve and get to work on Dante's shaking penish. This is just too much for Dante and he explodes! This handsome sub couldn't take it and went over the EDGE! Master Keys isn't done with him yet though and torments Dante with repercussion tickling. This endurance tickling is too much for Dante who can't fight back. The men then put Dante in a full body rubber sack. With Dante's penish exposed and mouth in a ball gag, Tony gets back to work. Next up is a full penish stroker. Dante's huge penish barely fits in it. Sebastian wants to turn it up again and brings out a vibrating penish ring. This again proves too much and sends Dante back over the edge with a huge ejaculate load. Promotional media: 0.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg 17.jpg 18.jpg 19.jpg New slave dante colle flogged have intercourse and eager. Welcome Dante Colle to KinkMen! Dante is new to kink and he's about to be thrown in the deep end with leather stud Sebastian Keys. Dante begins by worshiping Sebastian's leather chaps and considerable leather boots. He licks and kisses the leather, relishing the taste for the first time ever. He removes Sebastian's boot on command and worships Sebastian's foot. Sebastian moans as Dante licks his foot eagerly, wiggling his tongue in between each and every toe. After Sebastian is satisfied, he reveals Dante's tool and instructs him to present his bum. Sebastian spanks Dante's perfect bum before shaving the hair on Dante's bum cheeks so he can see that backside turn rosey red with each smack. Pleased with his handy work, Sebastian licks Dante's bumhole as he holds Dante down with his foot. Next, Dante is tied upright and fitted with an open mouth gag. Sebastian flogs Dante's front, paying extra attention to his rock heavy tool. Then he secures Dante facing the wall so he has unrestricted access to Dante's bum. He flogs Dante's back and bum, before bringing Dante down to take advantage of his wet open mouth. Sebastian fucks Dante's face relentlessly and Dante takes every inch as he drools all over himself. Finally, Dante is suspended for the first time ever, bound by rope and vulnerable to Sebastian's devious desires. Sebastian slips an electric anus plug into Dante's bum, dialing the electricity up to get Dante's bum ready for his tool. Dante moans as he feels the electricity course through his bumhole. He struggles as Sebastian jerks his tool, unable to escape the sensations. Once Dante is warmed up, Sebastian brings him down to the floor and pushes his tool into Dante's tight hole. He pounds Dante's bum while licking Dante's feet. Finally, he blows a fat load all over Dante and then jerks Dante off on his belly. Covered in cum, Dante is suspended again and left hanging for the next man to find. 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He puts her mouth and kitty to pretty use as he uses Vanna like a pretty little pain bitch.Promotional media: 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_11_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_04_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_02_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_05_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_07_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_01_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_23_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_06_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_13_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_24_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_25_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_16_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_15_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_12_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_18_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_09_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_10_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_08_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_14_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_03_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_19_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_22_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_17_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_21_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_20_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_27_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_29_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_28_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_33_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_31_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_26_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_30_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_32_thumb.png Ts lena moon gaping bum ride lena moon and dante colle. With her lush lips and fabulous, artfully tattooed body, Lena Moon is a most comely TS. She teases in stylish lingerie and jewelry, showing off ivory skin, large boobs and hot ass, plus the massive bonus lurking in her panties. She and top stud Dante Colle kiss. He suc her nipples; he strokes and then deepthroats her she-meat. Lena gives him an enthusiastic blowjob, and she laps his balls. He grips her head to have sexual intercourse her throat, spit flowing. Lena interrupts her cocksucking reverie to stroke their two shafts in one hand, and Dante returns the favor. He pries his spit-lubed boner up her hungry asshole, and he chokes her as he rams her rear to bliss. Lena gives ass-to-mouth head. She takes ass ride, she-boner waving up and down as she bounces. Dante spits in her winking sphincter and then butthave sexual intercourses her into the floor, followed by more spit-soaked A2M and Lena's sloppy, dedicated rim job service. Dante porks her into the couch, making her bunghole gape widely. Kneeling for a ejaculate facial, Dante jacks his jism into her mouth. Ts domino presley 69 have sexual intercourse ejaculate shots domino presley and dante colle. Glamorous TS Domino Presley's dramatic makeup accentuates her good face the way her lovely lingerie accentuates her fantastic body. The darkhaired beauty teases director Joey Silvera's camera, flaunting great boobs, petite bubble bootyhole and an intriguing bulge. She and muscular Dante Colle kiss passionately and unleash each other's cock. He deepthroats her, and as he rims her asshole, they stroke her boner. Dante fucks Domino's mouth and she suc his great, bouncing balls. The stud and the dirty-talking trans stunner share 69. Her great bootyhole pumps; she makes eye contact with the camera as she suc and drools. With Domino on her back, Dante delivers a well-lubricated bootyholefuck. She gasps and masturbates with manicured fingers. As he drills the moaning girl hard, clear pre-cumshot streams from her girl-prick! 'Get on your hands and knees,' Dante orders, and a deep, doggie-style arse reaming makes her tight bootyholehole gape. Domino jacks off intensely, tugging her scrotum, till dollops of jism spackle her lingerie, skin and the couch. 'I told you I cumshot a lot!' declares Domino. She strokes Dante's lube-slick cock to orgasm, his semen splashing her tits (and not her careful eye makeup!).