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Erin everheart and jesse pony hard toys fisting and anus stretching strap on

Dominatrix Erin Everheart has her bitch Jesse Pony bent over, tied up, and ready to be bumhole fuck. Jesse has a bum plug in to warm up her tight hole, but Erin doesn't let her warm up for long, quickly switching to larger toys to really get her analy stretched open and gaping. Erin fucks Jesse's hungry analy until she ejaculates multiple times, making her clean the toy with her mouth in between. Erin then slides her fist inside Jesse's used hole, making her ejaculate again. Next, Jessie is tied up on her side, ready to be fuck some more. Erin uses her strap on to fill up Jesse's helpless mouth, pussy, and analy with dick. Once Jesse is fully used, Erin wants a turn getting her analy stretched. The glanaly toy slides in so easily as the dominatrix tells her bitch how she wants to be fuck. Erin asks for the long wand toy and a fist inside her guts, and Jesse delivers. Both taste so nice when they come out, the women can't help but share.Promotional media: 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_03_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_01_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_05_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_06_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_04_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_08_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_02_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_13_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_07_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_10_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_12_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_20_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_15_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_11_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_09_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_23_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_16_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_18_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_14_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_17_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_25_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_21_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_19_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_22_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_24_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_28_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_26_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_30_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_32_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_27_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_29_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_31_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_33_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_34_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_35_thumb.png


Richard mann and erin everheart richard mann and erin everheart. Young, dirty talking Erin Everheart says she came from the Pacific Northwest eager for 'porn star bitch training.' Extremely hung performer/director Richard Mann provides it, stretching all her orifices. The pale blonde flaunts a beautiful smile, long braids and natural tits, plus a heart-shaped patch of fur above her slit. Seeing that Richard's big Black cock is the size of her arm, she says, 'I can't wait to get my hands and holes around it.' Erin blowjob his huge balls, drooling, and rims his bottomhole. She gives a wet blowjob, two-hand stroking and slurping. 'Fall in love with it,' orders the dominant dude. She wraps her braids around his balls as she blows him. Erin impales her pussy on Richard's rod and rides hard, howling as he pumps from below. She slowly works his hard meat up her bottom and then humps down on it, moaning and squealing, stretching her legs. Richard rails her twat and tush in multiple positions, and Erin's bunghole gapes. Manhandling anal sex comes with choking, nipple pinching and spanking. When Richard climaxes, Erin cleans his pole orally, bottom-to-mouth. She concludes, 'I can call myself a Richard Mann-certified bitch!' Andre shakti and erin everheart lovely slutty analy. Lascivious and cute Erin Everheart is patiently waiting in the dungeon on her hands and knees to be used like a cute girl. Andre Shakti enters and can’t help but notice the anushole hook tied around a pulley to Erin’s long braided hair that’s keeping her in place. Andre starts by cutely kissing Erin’s anus all over. She then turns up the sadism by spanking and flogging Erin’s anus. Erin is eager to please and takes all the pain Andre dishes out. Andre fingers Erin’s tight holes and allows her to taste her juices from her hands. Erin’s anushole hook gets removed but only so that Andre can fill the gaping hole with an inflatable anus plug. Andre tests the stretching limit of Erin’s anus with how many pumps of the anus plug she can take. In the next scene, Erin is laying on her back with her wrists tied to her ankles above her, leaving her slutty anus open and exposed. Andre enters with a thick strap on and fucks Erin’s anus. Andre wants a taste of Erin’s cute anus for herself and engages in some rimming whenever she pulls out with her strap on. Finally, Erin is made to please Andre with intense anus eating. Andre uses Erin’s long braid like a leash to pull her face in deeper. 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Erin Everheart is a tall, exciting redhead that is more than willing to put it all on the line to impress her captor. She begins in a standing position that is slowly manipulated into an extreme stress position. As the scene moves on, The Pope turns a seemingly basic tie into an example of inhuman predicament bondage, and this is all done on camera. We get to witness Erin suffer as the bondage becomes increasingly challenging. And with added molested and encouragement from The Pope, we see her find her groove! In the second scene Erin is pulled into a side suspension, but this time The Pope manipulates the rope to increase Erin’s suffering, while using her own hair to bind her. If you enjoy intense electrical play, this is going to be the scene you love the most. The bondage is extreme with more on camera tying, as well as extreme electrical stimulation with his cattle prod to push Erin into full submission. He adds some face bondage and then squeezes as many orgasms out of her as he can. In the final scene, Erin is folded in half and held there with tight ropes. The Pope administers some bastinado to push her right up the edge, then imposes multiple orgasms that push her the rest of the way over.Promotional media: 101669_erineverheart_02_thumb.png 101669_erineverheart_14_thumb.png 101669_erineverheart_03_thumb.png 101669_erineverheart_06_thumb.png 101669_erineverheart_15_thumb.png 101669_erineverheart_09_thumb.png 101669_erineverheart_12_thumb.png 101669_erineverheart_16_thumb.png 101669_erineverheart_08_thumb.png 101669_erineverheart_13_thumb.png 101669_erineverheart_11_thumb.png 101669_erineverheart_07_thumb.png 101669_erineverheart_01_thumb.png 101669_erineverheart_04_thumb.png 101669_erineverheart_05_thumb.png 101669_erineverheart_10_thumb.png Bondage bitch jesse pony gets machine make love. Jesse Pony has incredible sexual energy, so why not tie her up and make love her with our machines. Another human would just get in the way and distract us from how hot Jesse is and how well she responds to being make loveed harder than she’s ever been make loveed before. She warms up with a vibe and then we get her bound and slide the first machine into her wet kitty. Her ankles are tied to her wrists, but she is allowed to move around in her chair as the machine pounds her slutty little hole. Next we put her in a very vulnerable position with her legs spread as wide as possible, but we have to cut it short since it was a lot for her to endure. We couldn’t help ourselves when we saw how flexible she was. We move on to the next position, Jesse on her back with one leg up. Her juicy kitty is fully exposed and ready to get make loveed. The machine ramps up to top speed and Jesse cannot stop ejaculateming. She writhes in the bondage, but can’t stop her kitty from orgasming over and over again. 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Now that Chris Epic has warmed up his sweet sex doll wife, Erin Everheart, it’s time to have sex her in every way possible. First, Chris pounds her vagina while pulling on her long hair and choking her. Next, they change to doggie style as Chris’s fingers Erin’s butt while have sexing her, getting her ready for anal. Erin shows off her gape, then submits to several positions of butt have sexing, then cleans up his tool like a appealing girl. 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What seemed innocent at the beginning turns out to be a lot more that what Jesse could handle. Quinton gets her bound tightly in rope in a standing partial suspension. He goes to work on her and in very little time Jesse becomes overwhelmed with the BDSM activities. It’s all so new, and happening so fast that Jesse can barely keep up with what he is dishing out. The day keeps moving at the same pace with lots of bondage sex, and bound orgasms that have Jesse’s eyes rolling back in her head. The day is closing, and Quinton has a few more tricks up his sleeve. The sex is intense, and Jesse begins to sob as she screams I love you at him not able to understand the emotion she is going through. 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