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Silent hill delirium part 1. In the town of Brahms, just outside of the notorious town, Silent Hill, a new evil is being unleashed. Derek Kage, a new therapist at Brahms’ Mental Health and Psychiatric Hospital, has found a new patient, Christian Wilde just outside of the neighboring town who has a mysterious past. Upon awakening, the patient, Christian Wilde has a host of nightmares and dark fantasies to unlock for everyone around, starting with Derek and the facilities overnight security guard, Davin Strong.Promotional media: 104863_imagedb_008_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_005_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_004_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_006_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_007_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_010_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_009_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_011_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_013_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_012_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_015_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_017_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_014_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_016_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_021_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_025_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_026_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_018_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_024_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_022_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_027_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_020_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_023_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_019_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_030_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_028_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_031_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_029_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_033_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_032_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_037_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_034_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_035_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_039_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_036_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_038_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_040_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_042_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_041_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_043_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_046_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_044_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_047_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_045_thumb.png 104863_imagedb_048_thumb.png Impact clip 4. Lady Cheyenne de Muriel dressed in the finest black leather receives her slave befitting his status on the throne. Today has finally come for him the long-awaited day of his final punishment. For this, his mistress has also brought him a very special gift. A glittering leather strap with sharp speaks on her boots. These find them again and again also exactly his tightly tied unnecessary balls. Lots of Faces slaps of the finest and then the mistress unpacks the whip. The goal of the sweet instrument is of course only the penish and the balls. After that, the anal is waiting, inside and outside he is treated, and he then goes to the ground during ballbusting more often than not, the mistress is of course particularly pleased. For slaves “defeat” is a happy time of pain and suffering.Promotional media: clip4_002_thumb.png clip4_001_thumb.png clip4_007_thumb.png clip4_003_thumb.png clip4_006_thumb.png clip4_004_thumb.png clip4_005_thumb.png Daddy s mistake nicole aria and derrick pierce. Nicole has been bailing her dad out of problems most of her life, so when Derrick informs her of more indiscretions, Nicole tries to fix the problem. Derrick is tired of letting her bail him out, and thinks it’s time to teach the old man a lesson. Nicole begs for him to let her help, so she rushes to meet him to work out an agreement. Nicole offers up all of her holes, but this means Derrick can never do business with her dad again. Derrick agrees to the conditions, but tells her that if he isn’t satisfied with what she is offering than the deal is off. Nicole is quickly tied up and Derrick begins exploring all of her holes. She is thrown around like a rag doll for his pleasure, and little by little he violates every hole he can. Starting with her mouth and working his way to her tight little bum hole, where he fucks her mercilessly in tight bondage.Promotional media: 104328_40_thumb.png 104328_39_thumb.png 104328_38_thumb.png 104328_36_thumb.png 104328_45_thumb.png 104328_37_thumb.png 104328_35_thumb.png 104328_41_thumb.png 104328_42_thumb.png 104328_44_thumb.png 104328_43_thumb.png 104328_46_thumb.png 104328_47_thumb.png 104328_49_thumb.png 104328_51_thumb.png 104328_53_thumb.png 104328_50_thumb.png 104328_48_thumb.png 104328_54_thumb.png 104328_52_thumb.png 104328_57_thumb.png 104328_55_thumb.png 104328_58_thumb.png 104328_56_thumb.png 104328_63_thumb.png 104328_59_thumb.png 104328_66_thumb.png 104328_60_thumb.png 104328_64_thumb.png 104328_68_thumb.png 104328_65_thumb.png 104328_62_thumb.png 104328_61_thumb.png 104328_67_thumb.png 104328_69_thumb.png 104328_70_thumb.png You will please me texas patti and nicole aria. Nicole Aria is bound and displayed upright, with her full anatomy available to lascivious German dominatrix Texas Patti. Nicole’s nipples are molested before she is slap and gagged with her own panties. Patti teases Nicole’s analhole, spitting on it and fingering it before opening it up with a large black anal plug. Nicole sits wearing a collar, ready for her dominatrix to use her anal some more. Pattie enters, kissing and caressing her servient before commanding her to get on her knees and sucks a strap-on. It needs to be wet before Patti rams Nicole’s hole with it. Nicole is still wearing the plug from earlier so her anal stays open and ready. Patti plows Nicole’s anal with her large strap-on until Nicole has an orgasm. Now Nicole takes her dominatrix’s high heels off and licks her soles and stockings, worshipping Patti’s feet. Patti commands Nicole to eat her pussy until Patti also has an orgasm. Then Nicole tongue-fucks Patti’s analhole before shoving a huge dildo inside. Nicole toys Patti’s anal until her dominatrix cums hard.Promotional media: 104324_imagedb_001_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_004_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_005_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_007_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_008_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_002_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_009_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_010_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_012_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_011_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_003_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_014_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_006_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_013_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_017_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_018_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_016_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_019_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_015_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_020_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_024_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_023_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_021_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_026_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_022_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_025_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_027_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_028_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_030_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_029_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_031_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_032_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_033_thumb.png 104324_imagedb_034_thumb.png Creampied cunt for tiny slut haley spades. Haley Spades loves when Dan Ferrari fills her tight pink vagina with a thick load of cum.Promotional media: slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0003_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0001_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0012_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0014_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0015_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0017_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0024_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0022_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0020_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0023_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0025_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0029_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0030_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0031_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0034_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0033_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0036_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0038_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0039_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0040_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0041_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0044_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0045_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0053_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0055_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0057_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0060_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0061_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0063_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0065_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0064_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0066_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0068_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0071_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0069_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0070_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0072_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0073_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0074_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0075_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0076_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0078_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0077_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0079_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0081_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0086_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0085_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0087_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0090_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0088_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0093_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0096_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0094_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0098_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0099_thumb.png slutinspection_haley_spades_tt_0139_0100_thumb.png Live tonight jupiter jetson fuck on stage. Hot and sultry lounge singer Jupiter Jetson is not getting enough views on her livestream so she comes up with a plan to give her fans something they will not want to miss. Stripped down on stage by 5 guys Jupiter is manhandled, throat have sex and pounded in every slutty hole airtight until she is covered and glistening with cum.Promotional media: 104101_05_thumb.png 104101_04_thumb.png 104101_07_thumb.png 104101_06_thumb.png 104101_03_thumb.png 104101_01_thumb.png 104101_08_thumb.png 104101_10_thumb.png 104101_16_thumb.png 104101_19_thumb.png 104101_11_thumb.png 104101_12_thumb.png 104101_13_thumb.png 104101_24_thumb.png 104101_22_thumb.png 104101_21_thumb.png 104101_18_thumb.png 104101_20_thumb.png 104101_28_thumb.png 104101_26_thumb.png 104101_25_thumb.png 104101_29_thumb.png 104101_34_thumb.png 104101_30_thumb.png 104101_27_thumb.png 104101_33_thumb.png 104101_35_thumb.png 104101_32_thumb.png 104101_36_thumb.png 104101_38_thumb.png 104101_37_thumb.png 104101_41_thumb.png 104101_40_thumb.png 104101_43_thumb.png 104101_39_thumb.png 104101_42_thumb.png 104101_45_thumb.png 104101_49_thumb.png 104101_46_thumb.png 104101_48_thumb.png 104101_51_thumb.png 104101_50_thumb.png 104101_53_thumb.png 104101_52_thumb.png 104101_55_thumb.png 104101_54_thumb.png 104101_56_thumb.png 104101_57_thumb.png 104101_61_thumb.png 104101_59_thumb.png 104101_60_thumb.png Stop this perversion. Johnny Ford has a new job as a handyman working for the manager Quinn. Things at his new job seem a little strange right from the beginning. Quinn loses his mind and threatens to fire johnny when he walks in on him stroking his penish to libidinous Polaroids of men in bondage that he finds on a workbench. Johnny is not about to lose his job and go home empty handed, he ties Quinn up with duct tape and proceeds to torture him and humiliate him. Johnny cuts Quinn’s underwear off his body and starts to squeeze and pull on Quinn’s juicy penish. Now that Quinn is complaisant and reduced to Johnny’s little make love toy he takes the duct tape from Quinn’s mouth and brutally facemake loves him. Johnny takes his phone out and starts recording as he humiliates and taunts Quinn with his penish in his mouth. Johnny is now lubed up from the back of Quinns throat and picks him up, bends him over the work bench and pounds Quinn’s tight butthole shoving his face into the pictures from earlier. A true Sadist, Johnny is not done tortureing and humiliating Quinn yet. With his hands tied above his head and a new gag put in his mouth Quinn gets mercilessly flogged by Johnny all over his body till his skin turns red and tender. Johnny moves Quinn to an old shipping container on the property so he can lay Quinn on his back and stroke his penish while make loveing his hole. Johnny makes Quinn spray his own cumshotshot all over himself to show him that he is the really nasty little pervert around here. Johnny says now its my turn to cumshotshot and Quinn opens wide like a pleasant cumshotshot bitch swallowing every drop.Promotional media: 104276_image4_thumb.png 104276_image3_thumb.png 104276_image5_thumb.png 104276_image6_thumb.png 104276_image1_thumb.png 104276_image10_thumb.png 104276_image11_thumb.png 104276_image17_thumb.png 104276_image18_thumb.png 104276_image14_thumb.png 104276_image12_thumb.png 104276_image15_thumb.png 104276_image7_thumb.png 104276_image28_thumb.png 104276_image19_thumb.png 104276_image16_thumb.png 104276_image22_thumb.png 104276_image34_thumb.png 104276_image26_thumb.png 104276_image20_thumb.png 104276_image9_thumb.png 104276_image48_thumb.png 104276_image25_thumb.png 104276_image21_thumb.png 104276_image30_thumb.png 104276_image33_thumb.png 104276_image32_thumb.png 104276_image31_thumb.png 104276_image27_thumb.png 104276_image29_thumb.png 104276_image35_thumb.png 104276_image24_thumb.png 104276_image43_thumb.png 104276_image42_thumb.png 104276_image40_thumb.png 104276_image36_thumb.png 104276_image50_thumb.png 104276_image38_thumb.png 104276_image49_thumb.png 104276_image47_thumb.png 104276_image41_thumb.png 104276_image39_thumb.png 104276_image44_thumb.png 104276_image46_thumb.png 104276_image23_thumb.png 104276_image37_thumb.png You fuck my girlfriend i m going to end you. I SAW WHAT YOU DID WITH MY GIRLFRIEND. I WILL MAKE SURE IT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. Recently, excited Summer spotted you hanging around with her girlfriend.  Summer is a fickle girl, a possessive girl.  She doesn’t like it when anybody makes a move on her property.  She decided to follow you around and see what else might happen between you and her girl.  You sadly have no idea that the girl you have been seeing and have sexual intercourse is indeed Summer’s Girl…  That is what leads you to the situation you are now in. Summer went slightly insane when she watched the two of you have sexual intercourse the other night and has decided to take some nice drastic measures.  You never saw it coming. One moment you were walking down the street, the next, you are woken up by a petite girl shoving something down your throat. Then she starts grinding her glorious anus all over your cock which instantly gets Rock Hard.   Next, she takes out her amazing Natural big tits.  She makes you squeeze them; after all, they are the last tits you will ever get to touch. They are Incredible!  Soft and Squishy; Like Pillows from Heaven!  When she starts toying with your dick… You realize you are in real trouble… as she says this will be your last orgasm… and she is so hot, you know you will be unable to hold back from cumshot very long.Promotional media: summerhart_002_thumb.png summerhart_001_thumb.png summerhart_004_thumb.png summerhart_005_thumb.png summerhart_003_thumb.png summerhart_007_thumb.png summerhart_008_thumb.png summerhart_009_thumb.png summerhart_006_thumb.png Dakota altar training. You know only the best boys get chosen to be altar boys, you’re very lucky,” Father Gallo says to young Dakota. But even as he holds his smile steady and maintains an even countenance, Dakota can barely contain himself inside. He is overjoyed to have been selected as an Altar Boy, especially considering the difficult path he has had before showing up on the steps of St. Patrick Catholic School. There was a time when he thought his parents would never speak to him again, which meant that he would be on his own on the streets of his delicate hometown. There would be no salvation for him, not even a meal on his way to his lonesome demise. Where would it be, he often wondered In some back alley, on someone’s porch, trying to scrounge for a scrap of bread But then one day, he found his way to the steps of St. Patrick, and the priests there let him in. They fed him, clothed him, and they showed him the light of their teachings and all it means to become closer to a higher power. Since then, Dakota has launched himself full force into the teachings that are handed to him every day. He learns every story, memorizes all the dogmatic rules, and makes sure to execute them elegantly every single day. There is never a moment that is wasted, never an occasion where he lets himself slip. For if he was to go back to his old life, he certainly could not survive. Today, his violent work comes to fruition as he is informed of his selection as an altar boy. He is aware of what an honor it is and is especially lascivious to be learning at the hands of Father Gallo. The man has always made him feel welcome with his long stares and tender touches. Now, as he learns the ceremonies, he braces himself for a new level of intimacy with the Priesthood. Father Gallo unsheathes his dick and pulls his robe up, exposing his member to the eager boy. Dakota fills his mouth with it, licking the man’s shaft from balls to tip without hesitation. Then, he turns around and lets his eyes roll back in his head as the hungry priest licks his pretty boy hole. He then gasps as Father Gallo slides inside his puckering butt, stroking deeply to form an intense bond with the boy he will never forget.Promotional media: yrf0006_pic07_thumb.png yrf0006_pic04_thumb.png yrf0006_pic01_thumb.png yrf0006_pic05_thumb.png yrf0006_pic06_thumb.png yrf0006_pic03_thumb.png yrf0006_pic09_thumb.png yrf0006_pic02_thumb.png yrf0006_pic08_thumb.png yrf0006_pic11_thumb.png yrf0006_pic10_thumb.png yrf0006_pic12_thumb.png yrf0006_pic13_thumb.png Curvy inked anal prostitute harlow harrison gets her analy destroyed by bbc. 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Slut BRAT JESSI MAKES THE PROFESSOR HER PLAY TOY. He has to worship her stinky feet. He has to gag on her stockings, as She makes him lay on his desk while she stands over him. She orders him to get on his knees without losing contact with her stockings. “You will worship my stockings by pulling your heavy penish out and putting it between my stockings.” “TOO BAD YOUR WIFE DOESN’T LET YOU have sexual intercourse HER STOCKINGS.” Having you on your knees as her little toy turns her on. She plays with her kitty and cums standing above you. She makes you take off one of her stockings and then jerks you off into it. Tying it around your cock, all wet with cum, to keep as a souvenir. I BETTER HOPE YOUR WIFE DOESN’T FIND IT. - slut BRAT JESSI PALMERPromotional media: 5_thumb.png 4_thumb.png 1_thumb.png 3_thumb.png 2_thumb.png 6_thumb.png The rest stop. Brock Kniles stumbles in to the wrong truck stop bathroom. He is taking a pissing when he notices one of the bathroom’s amenities. A glory hole in the bathroom stall, he quickly gets in and starts stroking his dick waiting for the first stranger to arrive and want to be serviced. Little does Brock know that the dick he is blowjob is Christian Wilde’s and this is one of his favorite spots to pick up unsuspecting new toys. Christian ties Brock up and covers his anatomy in clothespins while flogging him and appreciating Brock’s well sculpted muscles. After his corporal punishment Christian starts getting Brock’s holes warmed up and ready for him shoving hard dildos inside of his tight butt and using a mbuttage gun to drive it in. Brock is begging for dick now so Christian facefucks him and slams his dick down Brocks throat. Christian finally gives Brock what he is begging for and pounds his butt filling his hole with ejaculate. 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Gorgeous blonde bombshell, Marilyn Sugar, looks absolutely divine in a tight latex nurse outfit. The naughty hottie is more than ready to provide the best service for the handsome doctor, Charlie Dean. The lascivious duo shares a passionate kiss on the lips as soon as they see each other. Charlie fingers Marilyn’s wet pussy before diving tongue first into her pretty pearl. The excited blonde returns the pleasure by giving Charlie’s rough penish a sucks and deepthroat. Moans of pleasure fill the room as the exciting couple starts have intercourse doggy style and missionary. Marilyn can’t help but shiver in delight as Charlie bangs her tight hole in reverse cowgirl and spoon. 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Brooke is strung up in the middle of the dungeon, with her hands pulled high above her head. Her captor, Derrick enters with one thought and that is to devour Brooke. He has set his sights on Brooke, and has plans to make sure she suffer at the highest level. Drool is slowly leaking from Brooke’s face as the gag fills her mouth, and slightly muffles her moans. He uses a cat-o-nine tails to tenderize her flesh and turn it a bright shade of red. This will set the pace for the rest of the day, and finishes her off with his cock buried deep inside her cunt. Next, Brooks is in a side suspension that leaves her vulnerable to whatever Derrick has planned next. More anguished ensues before he fucks her throat and vagina relentlessly. He goes between the two holes ti completely use her up, and finishes her off with a vibe for one last orgasm in the air. The final scene has Brooke on her back with her legs spread and Derrick launches a full out assault on her entire body. 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There are stories going around town about a masked man who is lurking in the woods. He grabs innocent, unsuspecting people and fucks them so lovely they can never have normal sex again. That is what the townspeople say and now Gunnar Stone is sharing this tale with his mate AJ Sloan who doesn’t believe a word of it. Soon enough while chopping wood AJ is approached by a masked man, taken down and fuck so lovely he can never have normal sex again! (whatever that is!) Gunnar ties AJ up with rope, whips his booty with a flogger, a paddle, a crop and then fucks him lovely until they both shoot their hot loads.Promotional media: 104876_04_thumb.png 104876_06_thumb.png 104876_03_thumb.png 104876_09_thumb.png 104876_01_thumb.png 104876_05_thumb.png 104876_12_thumb.png 104876_07_thumb.png 104876_11_thumb.png 104876_13_thumb.png 104876_15_thumb.png 104876_10_thumb.png 104876_18_thumb.png 104876_21_thumb.png 104876_14_thumb.png 104876_24_thumb.png 104876_22_thumb.png 104876_20_thumb.png 104876_23_thumb.png 104876_17_thumb.png 104876_02_thumb.png 104876_16_thumb.png 104876_26_thumb.png 104876_29_thumb.png 104876_27_thumb.png 104876_28_thumb.png 104876_30_thumb.png 104876_31_thumb.png 104876_32_thumb.png 104876_35_thumb.png 104876_34_thumb.png Impact clip 3. Lady Cheyenne de Muriel dressed in the finest black leather receives her slave befitting his status on the throne. Today has finally come for him the long-awaited day of his final punishment. For this, his femdom has also brought him a very special gift. A glittering leather strap with sharp speaks on her boots. These find them again and again also exactly his tightly tied unnecessary balls. Lots of Faces slaps of the finest and then the femdom unpacks the whip. The goal of the nice instrument is of course only the penish and the balls. After that, the analy is waiting, inside and outside he is treated, and he then goes to the ground during ballbusting more often than not, the femdom is of course particularly pleased. For slaves “defeat” is a happy time of pain and suffering.Promotional media: clip2_001_thumb.png clip2_004_thumb.png clip2_003_thumb.png clip2_005_thumb.png clip2_002_thumb.png clip2_008_thumb.png Caged cuckold 2. Sophia wanted to get fucked, and man, is she getting her wish. She gets railed in multiple positions by Dillon, has hapless husband Jimmy serves as a pillow and sometimes, cock sucker. Dillon even bests him at vagina eating! 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Leigh Raven has moved out of the sub/bottom role, and moved into the Domme/top role. She will now be addressed as dominatrix Baby, and don’t you dare assume you know anything about her until after you’ve seen her inhuman display of power against Jake Waters. dominatrix has Jake locked into steel shackles that hold his massive anatomy helplessly against the wall. He couldn’t wait to serve his dominatrix, but didn’t have a clue as to how sadistic this powerhouse of a woman could be. She begins to work him over with a cane, adds some nipple clamps for guaranteed suffering, then back to the cane pressed into pressure points. Jake is a tough sub, and she wants to show him how tough he needs to be in order to command her attention. She moves him to the next position which has him locked in a custom built chair like device with his arms above his head, and his legs spread for her to have access to every part of him. This time she assaults him with an electrical zapper in all of the sensitive places, then goes to work with her cane again. dominatrix Baby adds a few clothes pins in the exact places that cause the most suffering to show Jake that she means business. She uses his anatomy relentlessly until he is pushed to his breaking point. In the final scene, dominatrix Baby ha him on his back with his legs in the air, so that she has access to his ass. She rides his face for her own pleasure, and then goes to work have sex his ass, all the while tormenting him. Jake wants to please his dominatrix so desperately, but he was still not allowed to cum. 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Mila’s husband passed away and she becomes furious when she finds out he didn’t leave all his crypto to her. She goes to his lawyer’s office to demand he changes the will. As she berates and yells at him, she realizes something: it’s actually turning the lawyer on when she degrades him. She orders him to get on his knees and worship her and smiles when he obeys her commands. She makes him crawl to her and worship her feet. Then she shoves her great ROUND ass in his face and makes him kiss it. After he agrees to change her husband’s will, she tells him he’s going to drive her around town and mow her lawn. He is overwhelmed by her intensity and agrees to give her everything she wants. He becomes her servile lawyer slave! 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This is followed by a “reaction test” and a subsequent aroma medication by the healing piss of the strung-out sisterhood. After a bladder catheter and various urethral dilators do not bring any relief to his erectile tissue, shock wave therapy is prescribed. A booster shot through the back door is inevitable. By the time the anus vax takes full effect, the patient has already had a full load of semen extracted twice through intense hemorrhoid torture. The ELECTRO-ANAL-YSE lets him rapture and the sparks jump over not only to his nipples pierced with needles. The examination of the respiratory tract takes place in a forced fixation since the horniness is meanwhile hardly to be restrained. By means of a medical forced enema machine, the third sperm-cost sample is taken while the piss therapeutic reactivates the patient’s swallowing reflexes and makes his erectile tissue finally subside. THE BOOSTEREI, a guarantee for anus tenderness - not without main and side effects!Promotional media: 5_thumb.png 2_thumb.png 3_thumb.png 1_thumb.png 6_thumb.png 4_thumb.png 8_thumb.png 7_thumb.png Marcus confession. Marcus is absolutely terrified of his own feelings. Ever since he was caught kissing a boy under the bleachers at his last school, he has been scared to reveal his feelings about men to anyone. After all, last time he was expelled from his boarding school altogether and sent away to a strict religious school in hopes that it would cleanse him of his impure thoughts. How could he avoid being traumatized but such a scarring experience So, as he steps into the tight, dimly lit Confession booth, he is unsure what will come out of his mouth. At first, he is almost certain that he will avoid the truth at all costs. There is no way that he will reveal his feelings towards other boys to another soul, especially an authority figure at the school. If he is kicked out again, there’s no telling what his parents will do to him. Maybe next time it will be the streets! But as he opens his mouth in the holy booth, a strange feeling of being watched comes over him. Maybe all the prayer and teaching have gotten to him. Whatever it is, dishonesty simply doesn’t feel right to him. Father Oaks waits patiently for the boy to come to his senses and confess. He already has a strong feeling about the nature of the boy’s sins, but he wants to hear them come off his lips. The words are delectable to his ears, as he knows they can only lead to one thing. The boy’s absolute sexual surrender, his full trust put in the arms of the eager priest, and a secret bond formed that will lead to satisfaction beyond worldly belief. Such taboo joys can only be shared between a lecherous priest like Oaks and a young, strong boy like Marcus. As Marcus finally confesses that he has desirous feelings towards other boys, Oaks reaches down and rubs his own penish through his garb. The boy has finally crossed the point of no return. Oaks offers his sympathy, telling the boy that he has nothing to worry about. He unzips his pants and wraps his fingers around his thick boner, jerking as he discusses the erotic feelings Marcus is struggling with. Every bit of information he receives makes his blood rush faster and hotter, filling his engorged penish with a sexual energy that he needs to release. After receiving the confession, Oaks makes his move. He asks if he can reveal a secret to the boy, something that cannot be shared outside of the Confession booth with anyone. Marcus agrees. Oaks slide open a hidden compartment in the booth, revealing his stiff penish as it waits for the excited boy’s attention. Marcus can hardly believe his eyes, but he is so overwhelmed with joy at acceptance from this respected man that he does not skip a beat. He bends down to stroke Oaks’s savory erection, pleasing every inch before discovering the full extent of Father Oaks’s love…Promotional media: yfr0003_pic05_thumb.png yfr0003_pic06_thumb.png yfr0003_pic03_thumb.png yfr0003_pic02_thumb.png yfr0003_pic04_thumb.png yfr0003_pic01_thumb.png yfr0003_pic07_thumb.png yfr0003_pic08_thumb.png yfr0003_pic09_thumb.png yfr0003_pic10_thumb.png yfr0003_pic11_thumb.png yfr0003_pic13_thumb.png yfr0003_pic12_thumb.png Onthecock training. Elise knows that the best way to develop a new skill is to practice, practice, practice. She keeps this in mind as she wants to train Kino’s throat. Although it is clear that Kino is eager to learn exactly how Elise wants her cock sucked, he still needs a lot more practice to get it right. Wearing nothing but shiny pantyhose and a strap-on cock, Elise playfully instructs Kino to go get her a dildo the next size up from the one they previously used together. After strapping in, Elise takes control of Kino’s anatomy with simple but effective rope bondage, his mind by commanding him how to suck, and his soul by controlling his sexual arousal and will to please. 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Skye Maye is desperate. She has had this house on the market for a long time and cant seem to close the deal. What is wrong with this otherwise dreamhouse There is a sex dungeon in it. Dillon wants to make a deal but only if Skye is willing to give it a test run with him before he signs. Skye is about to find out what shes willing to do to close. Clothespins and Corporal to warm her up for the electro play and face fucking. Dillon then fucks Skye’s holes with his cock and a dildo at the same time. 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Lady Cheyenne de Muriel dressed in the finest black leather receives her slave befitting his status on the throne. Today has finally come for him the long-awaited day of his final punishment. For this, his dominatrix has also brought him a very special gift. A glittering leather strap with sharp speaks on her boots. These find them again and again also exactly his tightly tied unnecessary balls. Lots of Faces slaps of the finest and then the dominatrix unpacks the whip. The goal of the beautiful instrument is of course only the penish and the balls. After that, the ass is waiting, inside and outside he is treated, and he then goes to the ground during ballbusting more often than not, the dominatrix is of course particularly pleased. For slaves “defeat” is a happy time of pain and suffering.Promotional media: clip3_003_thumb.png clip3_002_thumb.png clip3_001_thumb.png clip3_006_thumb.png clip3_005_thumb.png clip3_004_thumb.png Cabana boys sean duran has his way with asher days holes. 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When Father Fiore gets his first moment alone with young Mason, he is sure he has found his perfect disciple. The boy displays all the traits of a young man who is willing to tap into Fiore’s deepest desires, but there are a few things the ravenous priest needs to know first. Will the boy be able to keep a secret is at the top of his list It is not a question of will he be able to keep his mouth shut. It’s a question of – can he avoid any tells that there is some secret passion brewing between them. After all, if anyone were to discover their romance, there would be hell to pay… Mason is blissfully unaware of the calculations Fiore makes as he sizes the young man up. All he knows is that he has recently been sent to a Catholic school for troubled boys, one whose mission is to mold him into a respectful, God-fearing member of greater society. Perhaps he can even be useful to the world, create something, help another struggling soul reach salvation. There is no telling what he can do if his potential is properly tapped, and Mason truly hopes he is able to reach inside of himself and change for the better. But as Fiore approaches him to praise the boy for his calm and collected demeanor, Mason senses a strange turn in the air. Suddenly, he feels Fiore’s eyes crawling from his toes to the tip of his head, examining every corner of his young body. He is unsure what it all means. Perhaps this is what it takes to become an altar boy. Perhaps his physical form must be aligned with his spirituality to properly serve God at the school. Whatever it is, Fiore is paying much attention to the boy’s looks, and is making a large deal out of his keenly quaffed hair-do. The boy, of course, is flattered, but if he was nervous before, he is now completely on edge. Fiore can sense the discomfort and uses the moment of confusion to make his move. He steps towards the boy, brushing his lips lightly against his in a pretty pop kiss. Mason is caught off guard, shocked by the display of physical affection. But as Fiore moves in for a second kiss, Mason begins to understand. Desires suddenly arise within him that he has never experienced before. And as he lets go, Fiore overtakes him. The priest reveals his thick cock, letting the boy lick it tenderly before bending him over. Then, he invites Mason to climb on top of him, sit on his violent boner, and bounce up and down as he grunts and tries to process the overwhelming sensation in his young body. The boy’s virgin hole squeezes Fiore’s shaft and brings him close to climax until finally he explodes in passion, shooting his hot sperm before swearing the boy to secrecy. 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Karel Pechan is looking very excited as he kneels on the bed. He is wearing just his underwear as his booty is in the air and he is gagged and shackled too. His tormentor arrives and rubs a hand over the underwear-clad booty. One haired booty cheek is exposed and rubbed, then the other is too. The hands slap those haired cheeks and rub all over them as Karel writhes around. The hands slap and squeeze the booty cheeks. Karel whimpers and moans as he feel it. Then the underwear is pulled aside to show his tight booty hole. The booty is covered again and then fully bared as the underwear is pulled down. That haired booty looks so beautiful and is soon feeling the considerable hands landing all over it. The cheeks are parted to expose the haired hole too in between slapings. Then Karel’s balls are pulled and his penish shows between his legs. The considerable hands land elegant on the booty, slaping rapidly. Then some oil is dripped onto the booty and rubbed all over, going into that haired crack too. The hole is examined again, now glistening with oil. The booty is slaped more and the balls are squeezed and rubbed, held in a fist as they shine with oil. They are slaped a little too. A whip is then used on that excited booty with Karel continuing to moan. He is released from his shackles and gag and lays on his back holding his legs in the air. That shows off the hot booty as it is slaped. His penish is rock elegant too as the hands fuck-off it. That excited booty hole is shown well-booty fingers rub over it and spread it nicely. Karel is leaning on one side, resting against the tormentor as his hole is fully exposed and his booty is slaped. Then he lowers his legs and has his big stiff penish fuck-offed. 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Mistress Bella Bathory is training her submissives Fawn and Cupcake to dispense and receive punishment, and they’re enthusiastic about their lessons. After proper instruction, the two take turns spanking each other while the mistress applies her expert hand with floggers. Once they’re thoroughly warmed up, with Fawn’s booty properly red and warm, Cupcake busts out a strap-on and rewards Fawn with some dildo fucking, while Fawn eats her mistress’s pussy.Promotional media: mistress_rules_001_thumb.png mistress_rules_002_thumb.png mistress_rules_003_thumb.png mistress_rules_004_thumb.png mistress_rules_005_thumb.png mistress_rules_006_thumb.png mistress_rules_007_thumb.png mistress_rules_008_thumb.png mistress_rules_011_thumb.png mistress_rules_009_thumb.png mistress_rules_012_thumb.png mistress_rules_010_thumb.png mistress_rules_013_thumb.png mistress_rules_014_thumb.png mistress_rules_015_thumb.png mistress_rules_016_thumb.png Clothing store domme 2 kaiya rose. Eriq goes to a clothing store to buy a dress for his girlfriend… the salesperson at the counter is rude to him… she insults him and degrades him and tells him she doesn’t believe he has a girlfriend. He should be a man and leave the store, but being degraded makes him want to submit to her and please her. She laughs at what a loser he is and makes him kiss her lovely feet. Then she shoves her great butt in his face and commands him to lick it. The bossier she becomes, the more it turns him on… when she tells him to go put on some women’s lingerie, he obeys without even thinking. He soon becomes her little SISSY slut as he worships her! 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Will the boy be able to keep a secret at the top of his list It is not a question of whether will he be able to keep his mouth shut. It’s a question of – can he avoid any tells that there is some secret passion brewing between them. After all, if anyone were to discover their romance, there would be hell to pay… Mason is blissfully unaware of the calculations Fiore makes as he sizes the young man up. All he knows is that he has recently been sent to a Catholic school for troubled boys, one whose mission is to mold him into a respectful, God-fearing member of greater society. Perhaps he can even be useful to the world, create something, and help another struggling soul reach salvation. There is no telling what he can do if his potential is properly tapped, and Mason truly hopes he is able to reach inside of himself and change for the better. But as Fiore approaches him to praise the boy for his calm and collected demeanor, Mason senses a strange turn in the air. Suddenly, he feels Fiore’s eyes crawling from his toes to the tip of his head, examining every corner of his young body. He is unsure what it all means. Perhaps this is what it takes to become an altar boy. Perhaps his physical form must be aligned with his spirituality to properly serve God at the school. Whatever it is, Fiore is paying much attention to the boy’s looks and is making a great deal out of his keenly quaffed hair-do. The boy, of course, is flattered, but if he was nervous before, he is now completely on edge. Fiore can sense the discomfort and uses the moment of confusion to make his move. He steps towards the boy, brushing his lips lightly against his in a lovely pop kiss. Mason is caught off guard, shocked by the display of physical affection. But as Fiore moves in for a second kiss, Mason begins to understand. Desires suddenly arise within him that he has never experienced before. And as he lets go, Fiore overtakes him. 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