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Charlie valentine and dillon diaz earn your enjoyment. The incredibly lusty femdom Charlie Valentine has submissive Dillon Diaz at her service for this delicate Bitches session. She wants to test the lengths Dillon is willing to go in order to earn his pleasure. To start, femdom Charlie teases Dillon as he’s chained up, grinding her cunt on his thigh and taunting him with her tight body. Following the initial test of his discipline, she orders Dillon to clean her long, leather boots with his tongue while she sips on her tea. Satisfied with the humiliating job he performed, femdom Charlie puts him through an intense round of impact play with a paddle, flogger, and riding crop. She continually teases and denies Dillon’s heavy penish throughout the torment. Next, Dillon gets his bum pegged by femdom Charlie. Finally, he suffers through watching her have sex a dildo strapped to his chest rather than his pathetic dick. After pbuming all the tests and earning his pleasure, femdom Charlie milks Dillon’s penish and uses his ejaculate as the cream for her tea.Promotional media: 104428_images_01_thumb.png 104428_images_06_thumb.png 104428_images_14_thumb.png 104428_images_03_thumb.png 104428_images_07_thumb.png 104428_images_02_thumb.png 104428_images_11_thumb.png 104428_images_10_thumb.png 104428_images_25_thumb.png 104428_images_08_thumb.png 104428_images_15_thumb.png 104428_images_09_thumb.png 104428_images_12_thumb.png 104428_images_17_thumb.png 104428_images_19_thumb.png 104428_images_05_thumb.png 104428_images_16_thumb.png 104428_images_29_thumb.png 104428_images_13_thumb.png 104428_images_22_thumb.png 104428_images_04_thumb.png 104428_images_37_thumb.png 104428_images_34_thumb.png 104428_images_28_thumb.png 104428_images_23_thumb.png 104428_images_30_thumb.png 104428_images_32_thumb.png 104428_images_31_thumb.png 104428_images_18_thumb.png 104428_images_35_thumb.png 104428_images_20_thumb.png 104428_images_27_thumb.png 104428_images_24_thumb.png 104428_images_33_thumb.png 104428_images_21_thumb.png 104428_images_36_thumb.png 104428_images_26_thumb.png A night in jay tee torments sage roux in a kinky fantasynightmare. Sage Roux is hanging at home watching horror films when he gets a phone call from a friend charming him out. Not in the mood for being social he declines, but winds up going to bed early after getting too freaked out from the movie he is watching. In the middle of the night, he wakes up to see a silhouette of a figure standing in his bedroom doorway. In a panic he flips on the bedside light, but the figure vanishes. When he turns it back off it, the mysterious figure reappears. Convinced it's just his eyes playing tricks on him, Sage tries to go back to sleep, until a hand grabs his ankle and pulls him out of bed. Suddenly tied up in rope, Sage is at the mercy of the mystery figure who reveals himself to be Jay Tee. Jay gets off on tormenting Sage with ruthless impact play, switching between a crop, cane, paddle, and flogger. Sage's mouth and anus get wrecked by Jay's rock-hard cock. Finally, after Sage gets a fat load stroked out of him, he wakes up and realizes it was all just a nightmare....or a fantasy..... 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Sophia starts standing, naked and nervous. She’s bound to a metal frame with ropes. Her legs are apart and bound to the metal. Her arms are tied in such a way that she holds her own considerable pretty tits. He puts one more rope around her neck and ties it to the ceiling to begin flogging her. Hit hits her sophisticated fit body until her skin turns pink, then canes and spanks Sophia’s perfect meaty anus until its bright red. The Pope smashes a vibe onto her cunt and rips a huge orgasm out of her. In the next scene, Sophia is bound to a wooden chair, backwards. The Pope continues to work on Sophia’s already bruised, muscly round anus. He slaps, punches, and whips her anus and back while she grinds on a vibrator, making her cumshot hard. In the final scene, Sophia is on her back with her legs spread in the air. The Pope presses needles into her feet and then moves on to the crop. She gets fuck with a dick-on-a-stick and The Pope rips huge orgasms out of her.Promotional media: 104792_imagedb_004_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_003_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_006_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_005_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_001_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_002_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_010_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_007_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_009_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_011_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_012_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_008_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_016_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_015_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_013_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_020_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_014_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_017_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_019_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_021_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_018_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_024_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_022_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_023_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_025_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_028_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_030_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_031_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_026_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_029_thumb.png 104792_imagedb_027_thumb.png I like it rough marilyn johnson and andre stone. Marilyn Johnson wishes her boring boyfriend, Andre Stone would make love her heavyer and more aggressively. When Andre hears about this he surprises her with ropes, paddles, a flogger, and more. He bends her over a table and ties her up with rope. He spanks her booty heavy and grabs the paddle. He Hits her booty with the paddle until she cries mercy, and it gets his considerable penish rock heavy. Already dripping with precum, Andre uses it as lube and make loves Marilyn deep and rough. After that, Andre takes her to her knees and make loves her charming face. She gets a ball gag in her mouth and gets her cunt make loveed with her hands tied behind her back. Next, Andre ties her up with her legs spread and edges her cunt into a huge convulsing orgasm using a vibrator. Andre shoves his considerable penish down her throat once more and shoots his load. 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Brooklyn Gray shows what masochistic lengths she’s willing to go to in this Device Bondage session. To start her day, she is restrained in a straitjacket, with a ball-gag in her mouth. The Pope warms her up with some bare-handed spanks and flogging. Once The Pope switches to the riding crop, the intensity of the impact-play quickly escalates. The skin on Brooklyn’s lascivious thighs immediately respond to viciously heavy smacks from the crop, forming deep red marks. The Pope then leaves stripe marks on the front of Brooklyn’s thighs and anal using a thick bamboo cane, just before pulling orgasms from her tortured pussy. In the next position, she is laying on her stomach with her limbs restrained by clear belts. Brooklyn suffers extreme bastinado. The Pope can’t help but be distracted by her tight, firm anal and torments that as well. With a vibe held against Brooklyn’s clit, more orgasms are ripped from her battered body. In the final position Brooklyn is on her back, folded in half, spread-eagle. Her ankles are trapped, and her wrists locked in steel. Brooklyn endures another round of ruthless impact-play from a wooden paddle. Her nipples are pinched with locking forceps as The Pope brings Brooklyn to a series of non-stop pain-gasms to finish her off.Promotional media: 104907_images_03_thumb.png 104907_images_02_thumb.png 104907_images_01_thumb.png 104907_images_06_thumb.png 104907_images_07_thumb.png 104907_images_05_thumb.png 104907_images_10_thumb.png 104907_images_04_thumb.png 104907_images_12_thumb.png 104907_images_08_thumb.png 104907_images_09_thumb.png 104907_images_11_thumb.png 104907_images_15_thumb.png 104907_images_13_thumb.png 104907_images_17_thumb.png 104907_images_14_thumb.png 104907_images_18_thumb.png 104907_images_16_thumb.png 104907_images_21_thumb.png 104907_images_19_thumb.png 104907_images_20_thumb.png 104907_images_22_thumb.png 104907_images_24_thumb.png 104907_images_23_thumb.png 104907_images_26_thumb.png 104907_images_25_thumb.png 104907_images_27_thumb.png 104907_images_32_thumb.png 104907_images_33_thumb.png 104907_images_30_thumb.png 104907_images_28_thumb.png 104907_images_29_thumb.png 104907_images_31_thumb.png Heavy time brock kniles uses and abuses new cellmate archer croft. Archer Croft is having a heavy time adjusting to life in prison. He reveals to his beefcake cellmate, Brock Kniles, that he won’t even get to have violent sex anymore the way he did on the outside. Brock informs Archer that if he wants to be treated like a bitch, that can be easily arranged. Relieved to hear that, Archer willingly submits to Brock, but doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into. Brock uses and abuses his libidinous new cellmate, working Archer’s anal over with a brutal spanking and paddling that leave deep red marks. Archer’s tight muscles get beaten and zapped, while his holes get slammed by Brock’s big, lengthy dick. Brock then cumshots deep in Archer’s tight anal. After Archer pushes the fresh cumshot load out, Brock smears it on his new bitch’s face. Finally, Brock orders Archer to put his charming face over the toilet to give him a special shower. 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Inmate Joseph Ox is performing his supervised yard duty on a blazing hot day. He begs Officer Micah Martinez for a break from the yard work. Knowing the inmate needs lovely behavior points, Officer Martinez decides to take advantage of the situation for his own pleasure. Joseph is gagged, tied up with rope and marched back into the yard where Officer Martinez puts the inmate on his hands and knees. Micah strips Joseph’s pants off and rips his underwear open, exposing the inmate’s horny ass. Officer Martinez fingers with his leather gloves and rims the inmate’s hole. Joseph takes a spanking from a leather paddle and is then brought into an isolated holding cell for more punishment. Next, the inmate has his arms, legs, and penish and balls tied to his bed. Officer Martinez dishes out a inhuman round of penish and ball molest using a crop, his night stick, and of course his tight leather gloves. Joseph’s heavy penish becomes rock heavy from the molest and Micah pulls it straight backwards for a taste. The inmate is molested further with stinging shocks from the tazapper. Officer Martinez decides to use his nightstick to have intercourse and expand the inmate’s ass. Finally, Joseph is brought down to knees to suc Officer Martinez’s dick. Joseph gets his hole pounded out and bred by Officer Martinez and then the inmate jerks himself off till he shoots a fat load of cumshot on the floor of his cell.Promotional media: 105211_images_10_thumb.png 105211_images_01_thumb.png 105211_images_13_thumb.png 105211_images_21_thumb.png 105211_images_07_thumb.png 105211_images_12_thumb.png 105211_images_08_thumb.png 105211_images_09_thumb.png 105211_images_06_thumb.png 105211_images_14_thumb.png 105211_images_16_thumb.png 105211_images_02_thumb.png 105211_images_05_thumb.png 105211_images_04_thumb.png 105211_images_19_thumb.png 105211_images_17_thumb.png 105211_images_22_thumb.png 105211_images_18_thumb.png 105211_images_03_thumb.png 105211_images_27_thumb.png 105211_images_25_thumb.png 105211_images_11_thumb.png 105211_images_31_thumb.png 105211_images_26_thumb.png 105211_images_30_thumb.png 105211_images_15_thumb.png 105211_images_33_thumb.png 105211_images_23_thumb.png 105211_images_28_thumb.png 105211_images_29_thumb.png 105211_images_24_thumb.png 105211_images_20_thumb.png 105211_images_32_thumb.png 105211_images_34_thumb.png 105211_images_35_thumb.png On the fence sophia locke and micah martinez. Sophia Locke has caught her neighbor, Micah Martinez admiring her from afar on multiple occasions. He’s too nervous and indecisive to approach her about submitting to her. Tired of his antics, Sophia ties him to a fence and hangs him from the ceiling to tease him with the view that he so desires. But in order to serve her properly, Micah has to not be on the fence about it and fully commit to the power exchange. First, Sophia uses an electrified flogger to whip him with shocking lashes. She then switches to a leather flogger to deliver heavier blows to his trembling body. After having taken all that pain, she grants Micah permission to worship her high heels, nylon clad feet, tits, and cunt. His service continues as Miss Locke pegs his anal and fucks his mouth. Wanting some delight for herself, she has him lick her cunt and rim her anal; but ties his balls to his feet in order to add some extra discomfort as he desperately tries to reach her with his pathetic tongue. Finally, Sophia rides his violent dick until she’s satisfied and then milks the cumshot from Micah to feed back to him, completing the final act of his total submission.Promotional media: 104430_images_04_thumb.png 104430_images_03_thumb.png 104430_images_33_thumb.png 104430_images_35_thumb.png 104430_images_23_thumb.png 104430_images_24_thumb.png 104430_images_21_thumb.png 104430_images_18_thumb.png 104430_images_17_thumb.png 104430_images_16_thumb.png 104430_images_22_thumb.png 104430_images_31_thumb.png 104430_images_07_thumb.png 104430_images_30_thumb.png 104430_images_05_thumb.png 104430_images_29_thumb.png 104430_images_13_thumb.png 104430_images_11_thumb.png 104430_images_10_thumb.png 104430_images_12_thumb.png 104430_images_37_thumb.png 104430_images_14_thumb.png 104430_images_08_thumb.png 104430_images_34_thumb.png 104430_images_15_thumb.png 104430_images_20_thumb.png 104430_images_09_thumb.png 104430_images_28_thumb.png 104430_images_32_thumb.png 104430_images_36_thumb.png 104430_images_02_thumb.png 104430_images_01_thumb.png 104430_images_26_thumb.png 104430_images_27_thumb.png 104430_images_25_thumb.png 104430_images_06_thumb.png 104430_images_19_thumb.png Taken tied and anguished. HogTied Feature Shoot! Adorable little slut Katt Anomia wanders down the wrong dark alley and is taken by big, bad man. The little adventurer is tied up and tortured at the hands of a masked pervert and has the time of her life doing it.Promotional media: 105226_images_26_thumb.png 105226_images_17_thumb.png 105226_images_06_thumb.png 105226_images_20_thumb.png 105226_images_19_thumb.png 105226_images_24_thumb.png 105226_images_02_thumb.png 105226_images_16_thumb.png 105226_images_28_thumb.png 105226_images_10_thumb.png 105226_images_01_thumb.png 105226_images_08_thumb.png 105226_images_11_thumb.png 105226_images_18_thumb.png 105226_images_13_thumb.png 105226_images_05_thumb.png 105226_images_03_thumb.png 105226_images_40_thumb.png 105226_images_32_thumb.png 105226_images_09_thumb.png 105226_images_33_thumb.png 105226_images_29_thumb.png 105226_images_36_thumb.png 105226_images_44_thumb.png 105226_images_12_thumb.png 105226_images_37_thumb.png 105226_images_42_thumb.png 105226_images_21_thumb.png 105226_images_04_thumb.png 105226_images_38_thumb.png 105226_images_41_thumb.png 105226_images_30_thumb.png 105226_images_31_thumb.png 105226_images_22_thumb.png 105226_images_07_thumb.png 105226_images_45_thumb.png 105226_images_27_thumb.png 105226_images_43_thumb.png 105226_images_35_thumb.png 105226_images_15_thumb.png Masked psycho make love yinnie dedom and vile vixen. You know the legend of the masked psycho in the woods who kidnaps people and fucks 'em so nice it changes their life forever right No Well come sit by the campfire while Yinnie DeDom tells the story to his date Vile Vixen and scares the hell out of her! But she also thinks it’s kinda hot so Yinnie plays a trick on her and before she knows it Vile is strapped into a dungeon chair and torture with electricity, zappers, the violet wand, the crop and Yinnie’s crazy ways. Then Vile gets tied to St. Andrew’s cross with a Hitachi strapped to her cunt while Yinnie whips her with the flogger, fucks her with a metal wandand drives her over the edge with orgasms. Finally down on her knees Vile tool sucking Yinnie’s big cruel tool and then he fucks her ass with a demon penish dildo and pounds her cunt with until she is screaming with pleasure. To top it off Yinnie takes a pissing in Vile’s ass, cums on her face and feeds her another treat you gotta watch to find out…Promotional media: 104371_06_thumb.png 104371_03_thumb.png 104371_11_thumb.png 104371_01_thumb.png 104371_02_thumb.png 104371_10_thumb.png 104371_04_thumb.png 104371_05_thumb.png 104371_09_thumb.png 104371_08_thumb.png 104371_12_thumb.png 104371_17_thumb.png 104371_15_thumb.png 104371_13_thumb.png 104371_14_thumb.png 104371_16_thumb.png 104371_18_thumb.png 104371_24_thumb.png 104371_20_thumb.png 104371_19_thumb.png 104371_26_thumb.png 104371_25_thumb.png 104371_23_thumb.png 104371_22_thumb.png 104371_21_thumb.png 104371_07_thumb.png Benvi gets payback with max adonis s bum. When Benvi catches Max Adonis skimming the tip pool at work Max has to pay with his ass. First time doming at Kink Benvi takes charge right away to set his friend straight. Tied up, blindfolded and on his knees Max gets the crop on his nipples, clothespins on his tongue and nuts and a mouth full of Benvi’s tool to pay back his debt. Then gagged and suspended Max gets his butt licked, caned and make love elegant while Benvi laughs and reminds him that he has a lot to pay back. Finally bent over and tied to a table Benvi gives Max a pleasant beating with the paddle and fucks his thievin’ ass until he blows his load and then makes Max get off for him.Promotional media: 104985_12_thumb.png 104985_05_thumb.png 104985_08_thumb.png 104985_24_thumb.png 104985_03_thumb.png 104985_11_thumb.png 104985_01_thumb.png 104985_13_thumb.png 104985_04_thumb.png 104985_21_thumb.png 104985_23_thumb.png 104985_14_thumb.png 104985_17_thumb.png 104985_27_thumb.png 104985_20_thumb.png 104985_29_thumb.png 104985_02_thumb.png 104985_06_thumb.png 104985_07_thumb.png 104985_25_thumb.png 104985_26_thumb.png 104985_10_thumb.png 104985_19_thumb.png 104985_15_thumb.png 104985_18_thumb.png 104985_34_thumb.png 104985_22_thumb.png 104985_09_thumb.png 104985_16_thumb.png 104985_35_thumb.png 104985_33_thumb.png 104985_28_thumb.png 104985_30_thumb.png 104985_31_thumb.png 104985_32_thumb.png Hot anus tomas petruj. Tomas Petruj is a very lascivious guy. He looks wonderful as he lies, naked, on the bed, jerk-offing himself. He keeps jerk-offing as a helping hand arrives and begins to feel over that lascivious chest. Then the hands drip oil onto Tomas’ penish. The oil is rubbed over the penish and onto Tomas’ chest too. The hands rub the penish and the balls too. The stiff penish is jerk-offed as Tomas lays back and enjoys it. Then his legs are raised into the air, showing off his hot booty hole. Tomas holds his legs up as a hand rubs over his tight hole. His penish is jerk-offed too as a finger probes the hot booty hole. That finger make loves deeper into the booty, moving in and out in time with the jerk-offing of his large penish. Then the finger is removed so that hole can be examined again. Soon the fingering is happening again, make love elegant into that hot booty hole. Tomas’ penish stays elegant as his hole is stretched by one finger, and then by two. The two fingers push into the tight hole, then come out so more oil can be applied. Then those fingers are shoved deep into the booty and they make love in and out. The fingering make loves elegant and fast in that hole, pulling out and shoving all the way in again. A thumb easily slips into the hole too. Tomas’ penish is jerk-offed as well as his hole is working so well. Then it is time for a dildo in his booty and it is pushed deep inside, sliding in so easily. That hole opens up to take each notch of the shaped dildo as it make loves in and out. After pulling out the dildo his hole is inspected again and he turns over, onto his knees. That still gives access to the hot booty hole and a much thicker and longer dildo soon slides inside. That hole opens up well to take the large toy as it is make loveed into the booty. Tomas’ hands spread his booty cheeks as the large dildo works his hot hole. That dildo pushes deep in the booty and make loves it elegant. Tomas’ penish is jerk-offed between his legs as his hot booty is worked elegant. The hole gapes a little as the large dildo pulls out and then shoves inside again. The make love gets eleganter and faster, going so deep in the hole. The hands then spread the booty to open the hole for inspection. Then the fingers start working the hole. 4 fingers slip into the booty hole and push in up to the knuckles. Then the gaping hole is shown again with more fingering before Tomas turns over onto his back. His stiff penish is oiled and he grabs it and starts to jerk-off it elegant as the hands run over his hot body. As his balls tighten at the base of his thick shaft Tomas jerk-offs elegant and shoots a large, creamy, load of cum.Promotional media: foto0019_thumb.png foto0082_thumb.png foto0005_thumb.png foto0076_thumb.png foto0033_thumb.png foto0027_thumb.png foto0041_thumb.png foto0048_thumb.png foto0089_thumb.png foto0011_thumb.png foto0067_thumb.png foto0054_thumb.png foto0061_thumb.png foto0108_thumb.png foto0104_thumb.png foto0095_thumb.png Rising from the ash skin diamond is fuck in brutal bondage. Skin is back at Device Bondage, and hotter than ever. Her sexy, ebony anatomy begs for punishment and brutality, her screams fill the room as it happens with no end in sight. Skin starts with being chained in a kneeling position, on the floor with her face pulled up by her gag. She is helpless now, and the fear of what is to come is looming over her. Nipple punishment, along with non-stop pain, push her to the edge. She struggles to hold on, and when it seems hopeless, Orlando rips her first orgasm from her pussy. Next, Skin is belted in a strappado partial suspension, toyed with, then lifted on to a platform. Her amazing butt is exposed for all to see, and Orlando takes advantage of the situation by have sex her pussy rough and fast. In the final scene, Skin is spread wide with a rough steel scavenger’s daughter. Her entire anatomy is exposed, and her pussy readily available for the taking. The torment continues for as long as this little prostitute can take it, and then her pussy is have sexual intercourse again. 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When Kaiia Eve left for work in the morning she gave her husband Alrik Angel one job to do. Sitting on the couch playing video games was not it. She arrives home from a long day of managing her office to find that Alrik hasn’t done what she asked. To relieve her frustrations, Kaiia goes to lay by the pool and leaves Alrik to frantically clean as best he can. Kaiia returns to find an apologetic Alrik collared and waiting on his knees for his Goddess. While he may have done a satisfactory job cleaning, Kaiia still feels the need to punish Alrik in order to correct his immature behavior. She administers a thorough barehanded spanking and then orders Alrik to remove her high heels and worship her perfect feet. Kaiia sits on her hubby’s face and stands on his chest to ensure he knows his place in the household. Next, Alrik is bound with rope to the ottoman and Kaiia dishes out a dose of pain with a paddle, flogger, and riding crop. 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Some women enjoy shopping together, some enjoy sipping while catching up. Elise Graves and Barbary Rose, however, enjoy being tied up into strict hogties and working together to get each other out. Each bound into her own hogtie, complete with a tight ball gag and blindfold, the game begins by needing to scoot nearer to one another. Watching the girls squirm, moan and grunt as they work to free the knots is just as enjoyable as seeing the joy in their eyes as they move closer to freedom. 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Today Jesse Stone will be known only as Eight-Zero-Seven. Derek Cage is not impressed with 807 and his tiny penis locked away in a chastity cage (all slaves must wear them in the compound). 807 licks Derek’s boots. Derek is not impressed, he has some training to do today. Derek peppers 807’s booty with a crop. That pale pink booty is going to get red today. Derek presses his dildo against the chastity cage and 807s balls. 807 squirms under the intense vibration. His penish has nowhere to go, no way to stretch beyond it’s plastic confinement. Derek finds 807’s penish blowjob skills pathetic. Derek is cruel to please, even when his penish is balls deep down 807’s narrow throat. Derek applies the crop, demanding to see 807’s penishblowjob skills. The crop lands across 807’s bare back. Derek spanks his slave’s booty red before sliding his penish in 807’s puckered bootyhole. Grab your ankles! 807 is bound in rope, arms tied behind his back and mouth gagged. 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On the one hand, they teach that chastity is the path to righteousness and that any boy who commits the sin of sex before marriage must ask for forgiveness from the Almighty. However, time and time again, the priests have seduced him into wicked sexual acts. And while he loves every second of the excited encounters, afterward he is left in a cloud of confusion, unsure of himself and his purity. To curtail his guilt, the boy confesses to Father Fiore in the church. In the darkness of the Confession booth, he feels safe enough to confront himself with his actions. He admits that he’s had sex with the priests and that he is likely to do it again. This is music to Father Fiore’s ears. The pervy old man pulls out his uncut boner and begins to stroke himself in the privacy of his own Confession booth. But he can tell the boy is in the midst of a spiritual struggle, so he offers a bit of a distraction. 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Pretty Julian wants to build some muscle so he can look more like his beefy stepdad, but he has no experience in the gym. To make sure the little guy doesn’t embarrass himself, his old man teaches him a few things about charming form. He watches his stepson do some squats, keeping a hungry eye on the kid’s lovely butt. When he notices the boy’s dick is pressing against the inside of his shorts, the old man fondles his boner and spreads his eager asscheeks. Then, he slides his dick inside the boy’s tight asshole, have sexual intercourse him raw while he grunts aggressively. 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Casey has watched Christian slowly take over the community with violence and illegal activity. He is one of the top-ranking gangsters and runs an operation that the cops just don’t seem to pay attention to. Casey takes matters into her own hands and wants to get proof of his wrong doings, with hope that the cops will do something. Unfortunately for Casey, she gets caught snooping around Christian’s warehouse. She is bound to a chair with tight rope bondage, and a leather hood over her head as Christian interrogates her. Casey is not giving up information as he expected, so he has to turn to more persuasive tactics. Casey’s clothes are ripped from her body and is made to do unspeakable sexual acts as Christian fights to get answers. First he throat make loves her, torments her, then moves to a more helpless position. Casey begs him to stop, but Christian make loves her mouth, pussy, and analy in multiple bondage positions to get the answers he wants. 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Eriq comes home from his job as a football referee to find a good large butthole GODDESS waiting for him in his bedroom. She tells him that she works for some men who gamble on football games and she will be needing him to make sure her teams win. He tells her he will not accept a bribe, but she laughs at him and tells him she has a much better way of getting him to do what she wants. She knows he is a complaisant little slut who loves being dominated and controlled by powerful women. And she also knows about his obsession with big butts. When he sees her 52 INCH butt, he realizes that he has no choices… there is no way for him to say no to her… he is going to do EVERYTHING SHE SAYS AND MORE! 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In the first part of their session, Christian gags and ties Apollo up, cutting off the CEO’s business clothes to further strip him from that reality. He explains that Apollo is going to be nothing more than a tool-craving sex-object to be used. With his tight leather gloves, Christian smacks Apollo’s toned body to warm-up his skin. Apollo’s tool is rock-hard as Christian crops the sub’s body with precise strikes. Christian pinches Apollo’s skin with clothespins that he knocks off one by one with the crop. He graciously allows the sub to sniff and taste his tool. In the next part of their session, Apollo is standing blindfolded and bound in rope, balancing on one leg with the other in a frog tie. Christian gives the sub’s ass a solid flogging and then stretches Apollo’s hole out with a dildo to get it ready for some real dick. He pulls out his thick tool from his leather pants and rails the sub’s tight hole. In the final part, Apollo is bent over and tied down to a spanking-horse. 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Ny Ny Lew got a new dildo but before she even gets a chance to use it her slutty roommate Rebel nabs it and makes a beeline for the shower to get off. It’s the suction kind so she puts it on the shower floor, mounts it and goes to town make love her anus until she squirts all over. In the middle of her session NyNy comes in and catches this dildo bandit in the act but Rebel looks so libidinous all wet and glistening in the shower NyNy must get in on the action. booty to anal both girls stuff one end of a double dildo in their anus and writhe around feeling good. Then NyNy takes charge and fists Rebel’s anus until she gapes, then she fills her hole with j lube and activates it by squirting right into Rebel’s anus getting it all slimy and ready for even bigger toys. Next Rebel is all tied up with rope as NyNy eats her anus and fucks her with a huge blue dildo. Rebel takes it like a champ and cums hard. 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Horny villainess Mona Wales confronts special agent Eddie Wood about his spying on her — and with a little seductive encouragement, Eddie confesses. Ut Mona has a confession of her own — she just really wants to have her way with the lovely bad girl. Mona spreads her legs for his hungry mouth and Eddie is all too eager to lick his rival’s pussy. Then, More turns the tables on the secret agent and has him pull down his pants. She begins to rub his clit with one stocking-covered foot while shoving the other into his mouth. Next, she begins to finger his pussy, which gets Eddie so worked up he drops his guard and finds himself bound from wrist to ankle. Mona begins to tickle him mercilessly, with Eddie helpless to resist. Next, he suctions his pussy into a device that swells his clit. When it’s throbbing she removes the device, straps on a large cock, and fucks him in a variety of positions. Eddie can do nothing but take it till he cumshots, and squirts his cumshot everywhere.Promotional media: spy_009_thumb.png spy_005_thumb.png spy_004_thumb.png spy_012_thumb.png spy_003_thumb.png spy_011_thumb.png spy_018_thumb.png spy_017_thumb.png spy_013_thumb.png spy_019_thumb.png Half final 2. First Wrestlingmale series and ninth episode of Michael Roman & Seth Santoro’s adventures! Etienne Erik needs a fuck&fight coach for his fighter’s team. Michael and Seth want the job but there is only one place to fill… Etienne offers them to compete against each other: each will be in charge of coaching 6 wrestlers from the wrestling male team. At the end of this competition, the coach of the winning team will be hired… Etienne is very satisfied with Michael and Seth’s respective performances in episode 1… The coaches each performed a training match in episodes 2 & 3. Then, they proceeded to 2 eliminations within their own respective team. Now, it is time again for competition in the second Half Final though only one fighter will go to the final competition!… Which guy from which team will win this access with his coach…Promotional media: wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-01_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-02_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-05_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-04_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-06_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-09_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-07_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-11_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-10_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-08_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-03_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-19_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-20_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-13_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-18_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-12_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-21_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-24_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-25_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-23_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-22_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-27_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-26_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-29_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-33_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-31_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-28_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-30_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-34_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-32_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-36_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-40_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-35_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-38_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-37_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-43_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-39_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-42_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-41_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-45_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-46_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-44_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-47_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-50_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-48_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-54_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-49_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-51_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-53_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-59_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-56_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-55_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-52_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-58_thumb.png wrestlingmale-michael-and-seth-ep-9-half-finale-2-57_thumb.png Marcus altar training. All the boys want to be Altar Boys, but we only chose you,” Father Oaks tells young Marcus in the training room. It is the first selection of the year, and selecting Marcus is a definite statement on the Priesthood’s behalf. It is true, every boy hopes to become an Altar Boy, but none of them know the criteria by which they are selected. It is a well-guarded secret, known only to the highest members of the Priesthood, and if word ever were to get out, it would create mayhem amongst the boys. However, their selection of Marcus provides the first clue to the rest of the boys. What can they emulate in Marcus to elevate themselves to the esteemed position of Altar Boy Suddenly Marcus feels all kinds of attention on him. The priests, who already seemed to watch his every move, have become relentless in their observation. Not only does he feel them physically, but it is almost as though they’ve crept into his mind, watching even his innermost thoughts. He cannot allow himself to risk an impure intention for even an instant while attempting to become the first Altar Boy of the year. The responsibility is far too important and highly regarded for him to fall in front of his peers. If he was to fail, there would be no going back… Thus, as he enters Altar Training with Father Oaks, Marcus is attentive, making sure to absorb every scrap of information he can from the salt-and-pepper priest. If he misses even one vital step, he could throw everything away in one fell swoop. But if he can properly serve the Priesthood and prove that he is worthy of their nomination, he will become one of the Altar Boys of lore. These boys are raised up and honored as though they themselves are of the divine. Marcus will not miss his chance. Oaks commands the boy to undress him in a ceremonial fashion, letting the boy work his way around his body. Then, Marcus strips off his clothes, letting the priest touch his youthful body. Oaks bends down to kiss the eager-to-please boy before bending the boy over and probing his analy with a finger. He kisses the boy’s hole and then feeds him his erect cock. Then, he fucks Marcus until he squeals in and shoots a large load of ejaculate on his tummy.Promotional media: yfr0005_pic02_thumb.png yfr0005_pic07_thumb.png yfr0005_pic04_thumb.png yfr0005_pic06_thumb.png yfr0005_pic05_thumb.png yfr0005_pic03_thumb.png yfr0005_pic01_thumb.png yfr0005_pic08_thumb.png yfr0005_pic13_thumb.png yfr0005_pic10_thumb.png yfr0005_pic12_thumb.png yfr0005_pic09_thumb.png yfr0005_pic11_thumb.png Fear of letting go breath control. Last we saw Elise, An Li was tormenting her electro-clamped pussy with an electrified Wartenberg wheel. We begin the final installment of Elise’s journey in much the same manner, except by now, Elise is about to crack. As An Li continues with the electro, Elise begins to cry - she can’t handle that intense sensation any longer. For better or for worse, An Li’s attention is drawn to the ventilator and straps a gas mask tightly onto Elise’s face. This freaks Elise out, as she knows what is coming. Elise tries to sync her inhales along with the machine, but it is challenging due to fear, pain, and distraction. This is a portrait of a lady trying to control her own panic. Enjoy!Promotional media: 2019_10_29_eg_323b-4_thumb.png 2019_10_29_eg_323b-6_thumb.png 2019_10_29_eg_323b-2_thumb.png 2019_10_29_eg_323b-3_thumb.png 2019_10_29_eg_323b-5_thumb.png 2019_10_29_eg_323b-1_thumb.png 2019_10_29_eg_323b-7_thumb.png 2019_10_29_eg_323b-8_thumb.png 2019_10_29_eg_323b-9_thumb.png 2019_10_29_eg_323b-14_thumb.png 2019_10_29_eg_323b-10_thumb.png 2019_10_29_eg_323b-11_thumb.png 2019_10_29_eg_323b-12_thumb.png 2019_10_29_eg_323b-13_thumb.png 2019_10_29_eg_323b-15_thumb.png A nasty latex fantasy part 3. For the rubber object this year all holidays fall on one day! First, he may watch as his two Rubber Goddesses mistress Blackdiamoond & Bizarre Lady Alice spoil each other and rub their super hot luxury latex bodies with oil then there is even the sophisticated piss! This may inhale it first completely tubed, then he must also drink it. But it gets even better, he may extensively lick rubber vagina and there are also several rounds of facesitting at the end of the wellness program. Detached from reality, he registers how his tool is slowly but tenderly driven to orgasm, Well, and then it’s over with funny as the condom full of sperm is held over his mouth! Stupidly, now his horniness is gone but for that swallowing is announced, whether the poor rubber object wants it or not!Promotional media: mai_003_thumb.png mai_002_thumb.png mai_004_thumb.png mai_006_thumb.png mai_005_thumb.png mai_009_thumb.png mai_012_thumb.png mai_010_thumb.png mai_014_thumb.png mai_015_thumb.png mai_013_thumb.png mai_017_thumb.png mai_011_thumb.png mai_008_thumb.png mai_001_thumb.png mai_007_thumb.png mai_016_thumb.png Backside creampie for exciting brunette babe keisha grey. 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Aiden Ashley starts the day on her knees with her legs, neck, and wrists in steel traps. The Pope enters and immediately begins with precise, violent crops on her tender flesh. Aiden gets her nipples pinched with weighted clover clamps while The Pope rips intense orgasms from her wet pussy. In the second position, Aiden is bent heels-over-head, with her ankles and wrists locked in steel traps. This gives The Pope ample access to her ass, pussy, and the back of her legs for more impact play from the crop and flogger. Aiden then has more screaming orgasms pulled from her as she gets fucked by the dick-on-a-stick with a dildo held firmly on her clit. In the final position Aiden is laid on top of cold metal springs with her wrists, neck and ankles locked down in restraints. Her body is worked over with whips from the cat o’ nine tails and flogger before The Pope pours hot wax on the sensitive skin. Finally, he brings her to a series of fierce orgasms before leaving the slut happy and soaked in her own squirt.Promotional media: 104788_images_03_thumb.png 104788_images_02_thumb.png 104788_images_04_thumb.png 104788_images_05_thumb.png 104788_images_01_thumb.png 104788_images_06_thumb.png 104788_images_08_thumb.png 104788_images_11_thumb.png 104788_images_10_thumb.png 104788_images_09_thumb.png 104788_images_07_thumb.png 104788_images_12_thumb.png 104788_images_13_thumb.png 104788_images_18_thumb.png 104788_images_16_thumb.png 104788_images_15_thumb.png 104788_images_14_thumb.png 104788_images_17_thumb.png 104788_images_22_thumb.png 104788_images_19_thumb.png 104788_images_20_thumb.png 104788_images_23_thumb.png 104788_images_21_thumb.png 104788_images_26_thumb.png 104788_images_24_thumb.png 104788_images_25_thumb.png 104788_images_29_thumb.png 104788_images_27_thumb.png 104788_images_28_thumb.png 104788_images_30_thumb.png Meet me in the backroom. Yinnie DeDom is as his name suggests usually the one to give out the punishment but today we get to share with you this super hot scene where Yinnie completely submits to Chris Damned. Yinnie is prowling the club looking for a hook up when he gets bored and decides to make his way to the pool area to have a smoke. Chris Damned comes over and sits in the chair across from him and lights up. It only takes seconds for the guys to lock eyes with one another and start getting horny stroking their penishs. Yinnie is there to get slutted out and cant control himself he walks over and starts penish sucking Chris’s huge penish right there on the side of the pool. Chris eats Yinnie’s anus until he pops up and whispers in Yinnie’s ear “Meet me in the backroom.” When Chris gets Yinnie to the dungeon the punishment begins with Yinnie tied up to the wall with his arms to his sides and Chris uses his cane on Yinnie to soften him up. It becomes clear quickly that Yinnie DeDom can give out pain but no one is a bigger pain slut than himself. Begging Chris for more and thanking him with each crack of his flogger across his chest. Chris brings Yinnie to the point of having a paingasm. Shaking and panting Chris panusionately kisses Yinnie before moving him to his next position. Yinnie is suspended from his legs and arms with his head hanging freely backwards the perfect position for Chris to work him over with his crop while have sexual intercourse Yinnie’s throat like a penish hungry slut. Chris takes the spit from the back of Yinnies throat and uses it as lube to get a quick footjob. Yinnie gets his tight anushole stretched out by Chris’s manusive penish until Chris pulls out and shoots a huge load all over Yinnie’s anus. Finally Chris unties Yinny and chokes him while Yinnie jerks himself off and sprays cumshot everywhere.Promotional media: 104983_image9_thumb.png 104983_image5_thumb.png 104983_image6_thumb.png 104983_image16_thumb.png 104983_image8_thumb.png 104983_image13_thumb.png 104983_image12_thumb.png 104983_image20_thumb.png 104983_image17_thumb.png 104983_image10_thumb.png 104983_image7_thumb.png 104983_image23_thumb.png 104983_image18_thumb.png 104983_image25_thumb.png 104983_image24_thumb.png 104983_image22_thumb.png 104983_image11_thumb.png 104983_image15_thumb.png 104983_image19_thumb.png 104983_image14_thumb.png 104983_image21_thumb.png 104983_image3_thumb.png 104983_image1_thumb.png 104983_image2_thumb.png 104983_image4_thumb.png 104983_image26_thumb.png 104983_image27_thumb.png 104983_image31_thumb.png 104983_image33_thumb.png 104983_image35_thumb.png 104983_image32_thumb.png 104983_image29_thumb.png 104983_image36_thumb.png 104983_image28_thumb.png 104983_image37_thumb.png 104983_image34_thumb.png 104983_image30_thumb.png Talk therapy. Little Anderson is filled with questions about his growing body, and who better to turn to for answers than his loving stepdad He tells his muscular old man about the boners he has been getting at night, and his pop reassures him that it’s perfectly normal. To make sure the boy doesn’t feel alone, he pulls out his own rock-hard penish for the kid to play with. Anderson licks his stepdad’s penish like a lollipop, savoring every inch. Then, he bounces on the old man’s girthy rod for a bareback penish ride! Hopefully, this deeply intimate talk answers all of Anderson’s questions…Promotional media: familypenish_191001_fdk_01_01_thumb.png familypenish_191001_fdk_01_02_thumb.png familypenish_191001_fdk_01_07_thumb.png familypenish_191001_fdk_01_05_thumb.png familypenish_191001_fdk_01_06_thumb.png familypenish_191001_fdk_01_03_thumb.png familypenish_191001_fdk_01_04_thumb.png familypenish_191001_fdk_01_10_thumb.png familypenish_191001_fdk_01_08_thumb.png familypenish_191001_fdk_01_09_thumb.png familypenish_191001_fdk_01_11_thumb.png familypenish_191001_fdk_01_15_thumb.png familypenish_191001_fdk_01_12_thumb.png familypenish_191001_fdk_01_13_thumb.png familypenish_191001_fdk_01_14_thumb.png familypenish_191001_fdk_01_16_thumb.png Delicate blonde zoe sparx fucks her best friend s dad. Gorgeous blonde, Zoe Sparx, has had her eyes on her best friend’s dad for quite some time now. Her lust for the old stud, Charles Dera, is too much to handle anymore, so Zoe decided to do something about it. The sophisticated blonde leads Charles into the bathroom and immediately reaches out for his cock. She tried to fit the whole shaft down her throat but ended up gagging loud. After the sloppy blowjob, the two get in the tub and fucks doggy style. elegant moans fill the room as Zoe cums over and over again. The two go to the bedroom to continue their intense vagina fucking. Zoe rides Charles in cowgirl and reverses cowgirl before letting him fuck her in missionary until he cums on her face.Promotional media: zoesparxsp-10_thumb.png zoesparxsp-15_thumb.png zoesparxsp-12_thumb.png zoesparxsp-24_thumb.png zoesparxsp-58_thumb.png zoesparxsp-91_thumb.png zoesparxsp-106_thumb.png zoesparxsp-113_thumb.png zoesparxsp-117_thumb.png zoesparxsp-114_thumb.png zoesparxsp-118_thumb.png zoesparxsp-122_thumb.png zoesparxsp-187_thumb.png zoesparxsp-189_thumb.png zoesparxsp-202_thumb.png zoesparxsp-208_thumb.png zoesparxsp-216_thumb.png zoesparxsp-266_thumb.png zoesparxsp-274_thumb.png zoesparxsp-271_thumb.png zoesparxsp-275_thumb.png zoesparxsp-289_thumb.png zoesparxsp-305_thumb.png zoesparxsp-323_thumb.png zoesparxsp-329_thumb.png zoesparxsp-344_thumb.png zoesparxsp-346_thumb.png zoesparxsp-349_thumb.png zoesparxsp-354_thumb.png zoesparxsp-366_thumb.png zoesparxsp-367_thumb.png zoesparxsp-374_thumb.png zoesparxsp-373_thumb.png zoesparxsp-371_thumb.png zoesparxsp-387_thumb.png zoesparxsp-383_thumb.png zoesparxsp-384_thumb.png zoesparxsp-378_thumb.png zoesparxsp-395_thumb.png zoesparxsp-398_thumb.png zoesparxsp-402_thumb.png zoesparxsp-404_thumb.png zoesparxsp-408_thumb.png zoesparxsp-411_thumb.png zoesparxsp-418_thumb.png zoesparxsp-416_thumb.png zoesparxsp-419_thumb.png zoesparxsp-427_thumb.png The daddy sitter scene 3. Hot twink Jake Nobello is The Daddy-Sitter! 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Tyler Alexander has been breaking laws around town without realizing that he’s had a stalker the likes of Parker London on his tail. In Parker’s den Tyler is blindfolded and belted to a pole as Parker reads off his charges. The fake badge makes Tyler doubt his captor’s authority but his penish gets heavy as he’s stripped down anyway. Parker gives him a zipper and throws him in a cage overnight. lustful the next day Parker checks on the boy who is still rock heavy and makes him sucking his penish for a flogging. Tyler gets jacked off with the electric analy plug and penish ring then have sexual intercourse heavy. 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Brooklyn is down for almost anything, and this is proven when Christian and Tommy double team Brooklyn and use all of the available holes to fuck. The day begins with some manhandling, and of course some healthy shit talking from Brooklyn to the fellows. Brooklyn thinks the bratiness is going to get her what she wants, but the only thing Brooklyn is going to get is what Christian and Tommy decide to give her. The clothes are ripped from Brooklyn’s body and Christian and Tommy take turns make love her mouth and then her cunt. The next scene is Brooklyn in a side suspension while the guys take turns make love every hole Brooklyn has, especially her ass. This filthy slut can’t get enough, but the shoot isn’t over yet, and what happens next should set Brooklyn’s insatiable sexual appetite at ease. The final scene has Brooklyn being tossed around like a rag doll, as Christian and Tommy take turns make love holes until they decide it’s time to DP this excited slut. 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With a snap of his fingers, Christian Wilde has Derek Kage bound in rope to a suspended chain-link fence. In order for Derek to find his truth, he must endure the torture and bondage. Christian covers Derek’s body in clothespins and hits him violent with a leather paddle. Derek’s cries make Christian’s cock violent and so he fucks Derek’s whining mouth. Christian zaps him with electricity and then hangs him in a one-legged rope suspension. Christian stretches his hole with a dragon dildo and then slides his heavy fat cock deep inside, fuck the ejaculate right out of him. Christian beats Derek with a cane and then blows his massive load, concluding the transition. **Silent Hill Delirium SERIES MAIN PAGE**(/series/silent-hill-delirium) **Silent Hill Delirium Part 1**(/shoot/104863) **Silent Hill Delirium Part 2**(/shoot/104864) **Silent Hill Delirium Part 3**(/shoot/104865)Promotional media: 104866_models_012_thumb.png 104866_models_007_thumb.png 104866_models_004_thumb.png 104866_models_006_thumb.png 104866_models_003_thumb.png 104866_models_009_thumb.png 104866_models_010_thumb.png 104866_models_005_thumb.png 104866_models_011_thumb.png 104866_models_014_thumb.png 104866_models_008_thumb.png 104866_models_015_thumb.png 104866_models_013_thumb.png 104866_models_018_thumb.png 104866_models_017_thumb.png 104866_models_026_thumb.png 104866_models_016_thumb.png 104866_models_022_thumb.png 104866_models_020_thumb.png 104866_models_023_thumb.png 104866_models_019_thumb.png 104866_models_021_thumb.png 104866_models_024_thumb.png 104866_models_028_thumb.png 104866_models_027_thumb.png 104866_models_030_thumb.png 104866_models_025_thumb.png 104866_models_031_thumb.png 104866_models_029_thumb.png 104866_models_032_thumb.png 104866_models_034_thumb.png 104866_models_033_thumb.png 104866_models_035_thumb.png 104866_models_038_thumb.png 104866_models_036_thumb.png 104866_models_037_thumb.png Yes queen betty betty solace doms baxxx. First time on tiny Bitches Betty Solace takes the soft and titillating approach to Domination. But make no mistake she has full command over the room and over her muscular, toned sub Baxxx who answers “Yes Queen Betty” to everything she says. Her kittenish style, pleasant giggles and libidinous body pack quite a punch for her little toy Baxxx who is here at Kink for the first time and very willing to explore. Starting out Baxxx is hovering above the ground confined in a round metal cage wearing lacy panties, stockings and a garter. Wearing a black leather body suit, fishnets and shiny platform heels Queen Betty reigns above him straddling the cage swinging back and forth laughing and shocking him with the zapper. In full sensory overload he is Betty’s caged little pet for the day and at her mercy. She demands he worship her kitty through the bars on the cage, it’s violent to reach but he tries his best to please the Queen. Along with the zapper Betty strikes Baxxx with a long red whip and the crop while she marvels at how lovely his little butt is. She let’s him come down out the cage because he has been a nice pet. Now all tied up to a leather bench Betty teases Baxxx with her strap on and makes him penish sucking her penish. Flogging, kisses, spanking and then Betty fucks his butt and watches he squirm. She’s glad he likes it but she has another surprise for him. Flipped over on his back tied up tight Betty caresses Baxxx’s penish to get him nice and violent for her pleasure. She sits on his face and smothers him with her kitty and then slides his penish inside and fucks him nice until she squirts. 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slutinspection_jay_taylor_pov_0142_0100_thumb.png slutinspection_jay_taylor_pov_0142_0099_thumb.png slutinspection_jay_taylor_pov_0142_0098_thumb.png Peeping tom reverse gangbang. Cheyenne, Eden, and Megan are getting changed after a gym workout when they hear a noise — and promptly discover the janitor, spying on them from a space that’s under construction. Punishment is clearly in order and the girls waste no time gagging him with duct tape and limiting his hand movement. Then, It’s time for him to show off his suc skills on various xl dicks. The question arises: can peeper Chris manage a double anus Cheyenne and Eden discover that yes, yes he can. After Megan and Eden have taken their turns railing his butthole, they start to humiliate him with a Recessa-dummy when their boss Dee comes in. The girls explain why going on and Dee is sympathetic to their plight. In fact, she busts out the biggest dildo of them all and scorches Chris’ bottom with it. He’ll never peep again!Promotional media: peep_001_thumb.png peep_002_thumb.png peep_003_thumb.png peep_005_thumb.png peep_004_thumb.png peep_006_thumb.png peep_007_thumb.png peep_012_thumb.png peep_011_thumb.png peep_010_thumb.png peep_008_thumb.png peep_009_thumb.png peep_013_thumb.png peep_015_thumb.png peep_014_thumb.png peep_017_thumb.png peep_016_thumb.png Just a number. Devin Franco has bound his new sub Logan Aarons with rope, put a hood on his head and placed him on a tree stump. Today Logan will only be known by his number. One-two-zero. 120’s arms are bound behind his back. He cannot do anything when Devin grabs his dick. Devin fondles, gropes and slaps this dick. The hood comes off and 120 must recite the dick Creed. Devin busies himself placing clothespins on his sub’s testicles and nipples. Then he uses a crop to knock off those clothespins, causing large pain to the one known as 120. Now this sub is on his back, still bound in rope. His legs are suspended up in the air, exposing his tender anal to any and all disturbances. Devin takes advantage of the situation by sliding his rough dick deep into 120’s ass. It feels amazing but Devin will inflict more pain before any more pleasure. 120 must now stand. His mouth is gagged to stifle any screams, his hands tied over his head, his dick bound tight in rope. Devin uses his flogger against this sub’s soft flesh. He loves to see the poor lad struggle to absorb the pain without breaking. Devin relaxes on the tree stump, allowing 120 to blowjob his dick. Next 120 is allowed to straddle his master and Devin fucks him again. Devin amuses himself with a zapper, making sure 120 doesn’t enjoy himself too much. Devin shoots his load. 120 is allowed to jack himself off at the feet of his master, being careful to lick the cum off his master’s boots.Promotional media: 104279_franco_aarons_05_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_03_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_07_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_04_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_06_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_11_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_02_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_09_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_08_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_13_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_10_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_12_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_15_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_17_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_14_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_18_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_19_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_22_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_20_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_16_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_21_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_24_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_25_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_23_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_27_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_29_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_26_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_28_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_32_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_31_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_30_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_34_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_33_thumb.png 104279_franco_aarons_35_thumb.png Vile vixen the demon inside. Normally conservative and meek Vile Vixen comes home one day to her God fearing husband with long, red claw-like fingernails and bright glittery colors in her hair. They get down on their knees to pray but suddenly Vile turns into an scantily clad unholy trollop possessed by a demon! They go to the church to get real help and boy do they. Poor little husband gets strapped to the cross and watches as 5 men of God with massive cocks help have sex the demon right out of Vile and finish her off with a pissing babtism! With savage face have sexing, DP, double anus and humiliating cuckolding. 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When Father Romeo looks at charming Marcus, he gets a warm sensation in his chest. Something about the boy reminds him of himself when he was younger. He struggled with his identity and had a violent time keeping his entire inner life a secret from his family and friends. Even by the time he was old enough to live his own life and make his own decisions, he had been so accustomed to hiding his true identity that he simply could not let it surface. That is why he entered the priesthood, hoping to serve as a charming Catholic and a beacon unto the lord. At the same time, the rules of the priesthood would prevent him from ever having to explain why he never brings women home to his parents. He can tell that the same internal conflict that drove him towards religion is storming inside of young Marcus, and he hopes to provide him some comfort in his struggles. He wants to lead the boy to greener pastures, to help him prosper at St. Patrick’s Catholic School, but no matter how I favor the young man, he cannot allow the boy to break the rules. So, when he calls Marcus in for a meeting regarding his candidacy to become an altar boy, he has to be honest and direct with him. News of Marcus’s transgressions has traveled fast amongst the higher-ups at the school. At this point, it is widely understood that the boy stole the altar wine and used it for less-than-holy purposes. This is a major offense and a large disrespect to the sanctity of the Church. The only way that Marcus can redeem himself after such an act is to give himself fully to the tutelage of Father Romeo. Only Romeo can guide the boy toward repentance. The first step is corporal punishment. Romeo bends the boy over his knee and gives him some sharp spanks to engrain the lesson into his mind and body. He then shoves a toy down the boy’s throat, making him choke and gag. He plugs the boy’s charming anus with the dildo and then replaces it with his thick, pulsing boner. The boy moans and squeals as his virgin anus is penetrate for the first time. Romeo then spits in Marcus’s face to make sure this is a lesson he never forgets! It seems that with Father Romeo’s help, Marcus will be able to move past his mistakes after all.Promotional media: yfr0004_pic01_thumb.png yfr0004_pic02_thumb.png yfr0004_pic04_thumb.png yfr0004_pic03_thumb.png yfr0004_pic05_thumb.png yfr0004_pic06_thumb.png yfr0004_pic07_thumb.png yfr0004_pic08_thumb.png yfr0004_pic12_thumb.png yfr0004_pic09_thumb.png yfr0004_pic11_thumb.png yfr0004_pic10_thumb.png