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Chanel Preston and Keira Kelly making love in the bed!. Chanel Preston,Keira Kelly. Lesbian,Big Breast,Teens,Brunette,Mature/MILF,Fingering Keira in a servile flow. Keira Flow is a dirty babe who loves to be dominated by her master. She gets tied up, whipped and vibed until she cums.Promotional media: jk105577_thumb.png jk105569_thumb.png jk105670_thumb.png jk105686_thumb.png jk105676_thumb.png jk105688_thumb.png jk105692_thumb.png jk105568_thumb.png jk105671_thumb.png jk105678_thumb.png jk105674_thumb.png jk105677_thumb.png jk105691_thumb.png jk105683_thumb.png jk105699_thumb.png Annihilated keira flow. Keira Flow is the kind of girl who loves it all. She loves being spanked, dominated, tied up, and being make love hard. 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Keira is standing with her wrists and neck in steel traps and she is gagged. The Pope is very aware of what type of slut he has at his disposal, and he plans to use her to her full potential. He begins with testing her with inhuman nipple tortured, and we see her wince from the pain, then her eyes roll back and she smiles from the sensations. Her butthole is spank and her cunt starts to drip, then the flogger is introduced and she is beaten in a devastating manner. There is more tortured before she is made to cum, and when she does, she squirts all over the floor. Next, Keira is in a doggy type position with her elbows on the floor and her butthole high up in the air. Now it's time for some caning, and The Pope makes sure that she knows how sadistic this little device is. He uses it on her legs, tits, rib cage, and her feet. Then he cracks out the knitting needle and shows her pain that she was unaware even existed. 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