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She comes in and makes a special request, just like she always does, and asks for the Vampire Trap. We've seen this before, but it's used sparingly because of how intense it is. Still, she wants it. We begin with the final touches being put on and we get to see Juliette wincing in agony from the trap even before the scene has officially started. The is is one of the most painful scenarios on Device Bondage, complete with minute adjustments that intensify the torment. Once it is adjusted to perfection, Juliette is pushed even further. She's flogged in the trap, libidinous the pain and testing her ability to restrict her own movement. But because she's such a pain bitch, the orgasms come fast and furious. Next we have her kneeling on the Throne of Suffering and held in place with steel shackles. This time it's her bush that The Pope goes for first, and as he is trying to slowly rip it out, Juliette has to suffer as her nipples are simultaneously slapped and pinched. 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So the mistress commands her to do some dildo demonstration and the blonde beauty obeys as it should, giving a fantastic solo in front of the camera to impress both us and her new mistress. Ts mistress korra del rio dominates a douchebag. We'd like to welcome for the first time on, the nice Korra Del Rio to TS Seduction. femdom Korra Del Rio waits patiently like a spider on her web, bored in her dark dank Las Vegas dungeon where she stands idly in large contrast to it, wearing a see-thru white lacy dress with matching white panties and thigh-high stockings wrapped around long luscious legs. Meanwhile, fresh off of the Las Vegas strip, and into Korra's web of seduction, a boisterous and boastful Will Havoc struts in, wearing pink nut-hugger shorts and sunglbumes. He's here to see what all of his friends have been talking about. 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