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Erin everheart and jesse pony hard toys fisting and anus stretching strap on. Dominatrix Erin Everheart has her bitch Jesse Pony bent over, tied up, and ready to be bumhole fuck. Jesse has a bum plug in to warm up her tight hole, but Erin doesn't let her warm up for long, quickly switching to larger toys to really get her analy stretched open and gaping. Erin fucks Jesse's hungry analy until she ejaculates multiple times, making her clean the toy with her mouth in between. Erin then slides her fist inside Jesse's used hole, making her ejaculate again. Next, Jessie is tied up on her side, ready to be fuck some more. Erin uses her strap on to fill up Jesse's helpless mouth, pussy, and analy with dick. Once Jesse is fully used, Erin wants a turn getting her analy stretched. The glanaly toy slides in so easily as the dominatrix tells her bitch how she wants to be fuck. Erin asks for the long wand toy and a fist inside her guts, and Jesse delivers. Both taste so nice when they come out, the women can't help but share.Promotional media: 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_03_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_01_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_05_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_06_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_04_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_08_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_02_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_13_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_07_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_10_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_12_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_20_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_15_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_11_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_09_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_23_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_16_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_18_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_14_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_17_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_25_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_21_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_19_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_22_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_24_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_28_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_26_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_30_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_32_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_27_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_29_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_31_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_33_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_34_thumb.png 105576_erineverheart_jessepony_35_thumb.png Nicole aria bound anus slut. Nicole Aria is becoming a Kink veteran, and today she takes it up another notch with Eli Cross at the helm. Nicole is put in a doggy type position with her bottom in the air on display for Eli to do as he pleases with her accommodating bottom. He goes to work filling her mouth and bottom with everything he can find. The starting point is higher than the usual, and Nicole takes it like a champ. There's also a voluminous dose of corporal to go along with voluminous toys he shoves in her bottom. The second scene is a side suspension with Eli working Nicole over with more punishment before putting even voluminousger things in her bottom. Nicole is getting overwhelmed with all of the molested and bottom fucking, but she can take it. In the final scene, Nicole is on her back with her legs pulled into the air and spread inviting and wide. Eli at this point is primarily focused on seeing how much he can fit inside of her bottom. Some clothespins are added to her cunt to keep it closed inviting and tight, and out of the way. Her vagina is useless to him, and all he focuses on is her bottom to ensure she is full and violated at the same time. Promotional media: 105512_nicoleariaelicross_01_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_02_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_05_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_04_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_23_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_06_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_22_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_21_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_09_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_20_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_07_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_08_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_10_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_14_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_03_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_11_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_12_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_19_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_13_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_18_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_15_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_17_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_16_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_33_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_34_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_32_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_35_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_36_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_38_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_37_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_24_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_31_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_25_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_27_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_26_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_39_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_29_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_28_thumb.png 105512_nicoleariaelicross_30_thumb.png Rubber boy arabelle raphael destroys latex freak jj graves. As Arabelle Raphael enters the room shining in latex, her hungry whore JJ Graves is chained to the ground awaiting her. Wasting no time, she starts off by going straight for his eager analhole. Slowly unzipping him, she reveals his already plugged hole and gets right to work. Seductively lubing him up, she uses an analortment of toys to get him ready for her large dick. Having his torso and arms fully restrained in a latex body bag, JJ is set on a platform helpless, while Arabelle rubs her shiny boobs all over his body, teasing and smothering him with some breath play and humiliation. She edges and denies him many times while have sex his anal with a huge double ended dildo. She continues to edge him while sitting on his face, so it’s massive to hear his muffled pleas to cumshot. In the last scene, we see them both naked with Arabelle using her throat to get him ready for her wet vagina to ride. To finish, she stands over him with a Hitachi, making herself cumshot while commanding him to stroke his own dick to completion. Promotional media: 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_05_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_02_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_04_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_03_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_01_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_06_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_08_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_07_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_10_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_09_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_13_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_11_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_14_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_16_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_15_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_12_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_17_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_21_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_18_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_19_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_20_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_24_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_25_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_22_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_23_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_27_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_28_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_29_thumb.png 105441_arabellraphael_jjgraves_26_thumb.png Gia derza fits like a glove. Gia Derza is a tough slut who has a magical butt hole. She decided the last time her and The Pope saw each other that she wanted him to have sexual intercourse her arse with his fist. This is not an easy feat. for anyone, but Gia wants it, and what Gia wants, Gia gets. She begins on her knees with her magnificent arse in the air for easy access. The Pope jumps right in and begins trying to shove his entire marseive hand in Gia's durable arse. The spanking and torture will come later, but for now it's all about his fist going inside of her arse. In the next scene, Gia is in a inhuman back bend on the floor. She is locked into place with cold steel bars and shackles that render her helpless. Her flesh is under arseault as he uses several impact toys to inflict pain. Gia screams, but we know this slut wants it, so The Pope continues to give her exactly what she came for. Her nipples are clamped and tied with elastic, so that when the weight is added it keeps the tension tight. In the final scene, Gia is on her back with her feet in the air for some inhuman bastinado, voluminous breath play, pussy vibing, and more arse have sexual intercourseing.Promotional media: 105509_giaderza_thepope_04_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_02_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_01_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_03_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_06_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_05_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_07_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_11_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_08_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_09_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_10_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_12_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_13_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_14_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_15_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_17_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_21_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_19_index_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_18_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_24_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_16_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_23_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_22_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_20_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_28_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_25_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_29_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_30_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_27_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_26_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_31_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_32_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_34_thumb.png 105509_giaderza_thepope_33_thumb.png The assault dante colle punishes asher day with bondage and hardcore make love. When Asher Day sneaks into his neighbor's alluring new pool to take a swim, little does he know the price he will pay for his reckless curiosity. After stripping down and making a huge splash by doing a cannon-ball into the refreshing water Asher swims to the edge of the pool only to meet his maker and pool owner Dante Colle. Dante demands to know what this stranger is doing in his pool but Asher stammers, he is caught red-handed and must be punished. Stripped down naked, gagged and tied up tight Asher is under complete control of Dante's command. It's almost like he knew this was going to happen, like he wanted it to happen. Dante wears leather gloves and explores Asher's vulnerable body. He uses a black leather paddle to beat his tender thighs and stomach which stings and turns his skin pink. After taking several strikes from the paddle Asher deserves a reward. Tied up and on his knees, Dante attaches nipple clamps to Asher's nipples, gives him a beating with a wooden stick and then crams his rough penish down Asher's throat for a thorough face fucking. Finally with Asher bound in black rope and bent over Dante fucks his ass beautiful until Asher cums and Dante shoots his load all over his little intruder.Promotional media: smiley_thumb.png 105434_01_thumb.png 105434_03_thumb.png 105434_02_thumb.png 105434_04_thumb.png 105434_07_thumb.png 105434_05_thumb.png 105434_06_thumb.png 105434_12_thumb.png 105434_11_thumb.png 105434_14_thumb.png 105434_08_thumb.png 105434_09_thumb.png 105434_10_thumb.png 105434_13_thumb.png 105434_16_thumb.png 105434_15_thumb.png 105434_17_thumb.png 105434_18_thumb.png 105434_19_thumb.png 105434_24_thumb.png 105434_20_thumb.png 105434_31_thumb.png 105434_22_thumb.png 105434_25_thumb.png 105434_26_thumb.png 105434_21_thumb.png 105434_33_thumb.png 105434_27_thumb.png 105434_32_thumb.png 105434_28_thumb.png 105434_29_thumb.png 105434_36_thumb.png 105434_41_thumb.png 105434_35_thumb.png 105434_39_thumb.png 105434_34_thumb.png 105434_45_thumb.png 105434_38_thumb.png 105434_42_thumb.png 105434_43_thumb.png 105434_50_thumb.png 105434_53_thumb.png 105434_40_thumb.png 105434_54_thumb.png 105434_47_thumb.png 105434_52_thumb.png 105434_51_thumb.png 105434_55_thumb.png 105434_56_thumb.png 105434_49_thumb.png The naughty list brooklyn gray and tommy pistol. Brooklyn is enjoying a nice time sitting around the fire on Christmas Eve, when the story of Krampus is brought up again. Brooklyn's not having it, laughs it off and nestles into the couch to get cozy. Brooklyn slowly dozes off, and as she does, there is an evil spirit lurking around and looking for a way in. We've all heard about the naughty list, but people only want to believe in the spirit of Christmas, and not Krampus. Brooklyn is in for a rude awakening, literally, when Krampus arrives and dishes out the punishment saved for only the naughtiest of them all. He has his bag of birch rods, so the first step is getting Brooklyn restrained and ready for the punishment that is coming. Hands above the head, helpless, and terrified, Brooklyn begs for help, but the only thing she is getting is a birching. brutal swings from the rods hit Brooklyn's analy and legs, leaving deep dark marks as Krampus punishes her. This is usually enough, but Brooklyn has been exceptionally naughty this year, so Krampus decides to use all of Brooklyn's holes to teach this slut some manners. Krampus fucks Brooklyn's analy into submission while tormenting her flesh with his rods. It seems that the only thing cumshot down Brooklyn's chimney is Krampus!Promotional media: 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_02_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_01_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_04_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_03_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_05_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_07_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_06_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_09_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_10_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_08_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_13_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_12_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_16_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_15_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_11_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_17_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_14_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_20_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_18_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_19_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_22_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_23_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_21_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_24_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_25_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_28_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_27_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_29_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_26_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_32_index_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_30_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_35_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_31_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_33_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_34_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_36_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_37_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_39_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_40_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_38_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_41_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_42_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_43_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_45_thumb.png 105584_brooklyngray_tommypistol_44_thumb.png Violent toys double fisting and butt submission maddy may and sophia burns. Sophia Burns has been waiting on the day she gets to show off her booty skills to Maddy May, and today is that day. Duct tape is used to hold Sophia's magnificent analy cheeks spread while Maddy has her way with her analy hole. They begin with Sophia tied up with an inflatable anus plug that stretches her hole to it's maximum size. Now that her hole is warmed up, Maddy starts adding bigger and bigger toys to see exactly how far it will stretch. Next is Maddy's fist, and then shortly after it's both of her fists stuffed tightly in Sophia's accommodating analy. Next, it's time for Sophia to return the favor to Maddy and her analy. They start with a dilator and quickly move up to bigger toys. They build up to the slink, and Maddy explodes with multiple orgasms form getting have sex in her analy. In the final part, Maddy and Sophia trade places again, and Sophia is tied in a crab tie holding her legs spread. Maddy begins have sexual intercourse her analy with her strap on, and Sophia cannot stop cumming. The slink makes one last appearance as it is buried inside of Sophia's analy, and then down her throat.Promotional media: 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_04_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_06_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_02_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_01_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_05_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_03_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_09_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_14_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_10_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_08_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_07_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_11_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_15_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_12_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_13_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_18_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_19_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_16_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_21_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_17_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_22_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_20_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_23_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_24_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_25_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_27_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_26_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_28_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_30_index_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_29_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_31_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_32_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_35_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_34_thumb.png 105575_maddymay_sophiaburns_33_thumb.png Chanel camryn rope slut suffers in diabolical bondage. Chanel Camryn is new on the scene and has proven that she is the real deal. She begs for stricter bondage and thrives in her suffering. Her competitive spirit has her pushing herself further than she could have ever imagined, and The Pope is here to ensure she suffers while she does it. The first scene has Chanel twisted and pulled in ways she didn't think her anatomy could be manipulated. Rope tears at her flesh as it pulls her anatomy into contorted positions. Chanel is totally helpless and The Pope takes full advantage of the situation with clothespins on her boobs and a vibe on her cunt. She can't move, and this proves it as she struggles to escape the vibe. The second scene has Chanel in another vicious tie, that eventually turns into a brutal suspension. We captured the entire progression of the tie so that you could watch as Chanel suffers through out the entire tie. In the third scene, Chanel is put in a bent over predicament tie that has her being pulled in different directions. Her anatomy is growing tired form the grueling bondage, but Chanel is here for all of it. In the fourth scene, Chanel is on her back with her legs spread. The bondage is bearable enough that she can last longer to get more suffering out her in different ways. The day was full of big bondage that created suffering all on it's own, and The Pope inflicted more pain to keep her on the edge the entire day.Promotional media: 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_03_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_06_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_01_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_04_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_02_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_11_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_07_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_05_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_08_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_09_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_10_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_13_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_12_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_15_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_14_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_17_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_16_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_19_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_21_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_18_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_24_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_23_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_22_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_20_index_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_25_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_27_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_26_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_28_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_29_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_31_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_30_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_34_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_32_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_35_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_33_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_36_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_37_thumb.png 105578_chanelcamryn_thepope_38_thumb.png Naughty and pretty lauren phillips makes davin strong her lovely boy this xmas. This festive, holiday-themed graceful Bitches shoot stars Lauren Phillips and Davin Strong. Lauren is a curvy redhead who is known for being a switch, but today, she’s leaning into her dominant side. You can tell she loves being a sadistic top from all the giggles she emits when she torments her submissives. Her male sub, Davin, will do any amount of groveling for this drop-dead gorgeous, big-tit Femdom. Davin is strapped helplessly to a chair with a sensory deprivation hood over his head. He only has a small opening from which to breathe. He is giving his anatomy up to Lauren as her Xmas gift this year. His exciting penish is all wrapped up with a bow on top. She begins playing with her new boy toy by controlling his breath. She can’t wait until Christmas to open her present, but she’s in charge so she’ll open it whenever she pleases! She unwraps her gift and reveals Davin’s pumped-up penish. He begs pathetically to be tied up and have his penish pumped even more. She pumps up his penish to the thickness of her liking, then takes it out and gives him a blowjob. He is so sensitive from being pumped that her mouth sucks him off feels incredible! Then, Davin gets bent over and flogged, paddled, and fucked by Lauren’s strap-on penish. She loves degrading her male sub with some dirty arse-to-mouth action. Lauren continues to give Davin an arse and mouth full of penish and he takes it like a good, complaisant submissive. Now it’s time for Ms. Phillips to get her vagina and arse pleased. She smothers his face with her big, round arse. His penish gets rock elegant from all the facesitting, so she vagina fucks him while her huge boobs bounce up and down. She has her way with his face and penish for a marathon of breath-taking face riding, vagina fucking, arse licking, and handjobs. Will Lauren give her submissive the gift of cum today He’ll have to earn it by being her “good boy.” Promotional media: 104377_03_thumb.png 104377_09_thumb.png 104377_04_thumb.png 104377_05_thumb.png 104377_02_thumb.png 104377_06_thumb.png 104377_07_thumb.png 104377_08_thumb.png 104377_10_thumb.png 104377_21_thumb.png 104377_13_thumb.png 104377_16_thumb.png 104377_12_thumb.png 104377_20_thumb.png 104377_11_thumb.png 104377_14_thumb.png 104377_15_thumb.png 104377_17_thumb.png 104377_30_thumb.png 104377_18_thumb.png 104377_19_thumb.png 104377_35_thumb.png 104377_22_thumb.png 104377_33_thumb.png 104377_32_thumb.png 104377_34_thumb.png 104377_31_thumb.png 104377_24_thumb.png 104377_25_thumb.png 104377_23_thumb.png 104377_26_thumb.png 104377_28_thumb.png 104377_27_thumb.png 104377_29_thumb.png Maya woulfe squirting fuckfest and sybian orgasms. Maya Woufle settles into a comfy chair after a seductive strip tease, and begins to vibe her vagina to get warmed up for what's orgasm next. Just the thought of getting to have sex our machines gets her vagina squirting. She can't wait and neither can we, so we line up the first machine and slide it into her vagina and start have sexing. The squirting orgasms are almost instant as the machine pounds her vagina. We get rid of the chair, and bring in a different machine to have sex her even faster and harder than the previous machine. She vibes her vagina along with the machine have sexing, and the squirting is back! The machine slows down long enough for her to put it back in since she pushes it out with every squirting orgasm, but that's not long at all. The machine continues to have sex multiple orgasms from her before we give her a small break. The finale is Maya atop the sybian and nonstop orgasms ensue until Maya has orgasmed so much that she is ready to collapse.Promotional media: 105511_mayawoulfe_10_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_02_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_09_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_14_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_17_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_01_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_16_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_21_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_13_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_15_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_03_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_12_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_06_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_08_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_04_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_23_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_11_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_07_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_05_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_19_index_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_18_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_20_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_24_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_26_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_30_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_25_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_22_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_29_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_32_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_31_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_28_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_33_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_27_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_34_thumb.png 105511_mayawoulfe_35_thumb.png Sex and tormented roman todd and aiden langston. Aiden Langston often fantasizes about getting tied up and dominated in a dungeon, being used-and-abused for his Master's sexual and sadistic pleasure. Aiden hears of such a place and makes his way there. Upon entering the dimly lit dungeon, the echo's of him saying, Hello! are quickly muffled by the leather-gloved hands of Roman Todd. Aiden gets tied to a chair with ropes, and a leather mask goes over his head, blocking out his sight. Roman enters his dungeon and begins the torment. He hits Aiden with a leather crop and then humiliates him for not getting his penish elegant. Roman slaps Aiden's penish and it gets elegant for his Master. Roman shoves a large cold metal plug in Aiden's butt and then pulls his elegant penish out of his leather pants to face-fuck Aiden. In the next scene, Aiden stands with his arms tied above his head and his legs tied to a wooden platform. His penish and balls are also wrapped in rope that's tied to a suspended metal bucket. Roman wastes no time and starts dropping large stones into the bucket, immediately yanking Aiden's penish and balls. Roman hits him elegant with a flogger and then adds more rocks to the bucket, and then back to even eleganter flogging, and more rocks. Roman frees Aiden's penish from the rope bondage and just when Aiden feels like relaxing, Roman unleashes a barrage of whacks with the flogger. In the final scene, Aiden is tied up on his back with his legs spread and his butt ready for Roman's penish. He begs to get make love and Roman fucks his deep, elegant, and raw until they both unleash their huge loads. 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Mistress Charlie Forde has some unpacking to do with her newest submissive, Katrina Colt. Charlie wants to explore all of Katrina, and especially her backside hole, and Katrina is more than willing to show off her anus skills to her mistress. Charlie bends Katrina over and fucks her backside with a great metal dildo that stretches Katrina's backside open and makes her gape. It's not long before Charlie jumps straight into fisting her backside and Katrina can't get enough. As she is fisting Katrina, she begins to orgasm from being so full of her mistress' fist. Next Charlie is armed with her strap on, and Katrina can't wait to serve her penish with all of her holes. After multiple orgasms from backside fucking, Katrina is bent back over and another mbacksideive toy is shoved in her backside making her gape even more. Now it's time to reciprocate her mistress, so Katrina is made to service Charlie's backside starting with the slink. The entire slink is buried deep inside of Charlie's backside as she orgasms uncontrollably. Next Charlie is filled with a fist, more dildos, and her own panties as she squirts all over the dungeon.Promotional media: 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_02_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_01_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_04_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_05_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_03_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_06_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_10_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_08_index_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_12_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_09_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_07_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_13_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_14_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_15_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_22_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_11_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_17_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_18_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_16_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_29_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_19_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_20_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_25_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_24_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_21_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_30_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_23_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_35_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_32_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_26_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_28_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_31_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_27_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_33_thumb.png 105515_charlieforde_katrinacolt_34_thumb.png Cold blue steel jewelz blu. Jewelz Blu is brand new to, but not to kink itself. Jewelz is well versed in the BDSM world, but this is the first time she's decided to go this deep into her servile side. The Pope takes advantage of this and gets her locked into her first device. Jewelz is on her back, legs up and locked into traps, and her arms pulled back into a strappado. This device has her as helpless as she could be and The Pope doesn't waste time getting to the torment. The flogger is used to tenderize her flesh, as well as test her endurance to the pain. Next the crop is used for more precision to specifically hurt the sensitive areas. Then he applies pressure to her throat for some breath control, and then on to some fucked and vibing her pussy. This is just the first scene, and there's two more to go that are just as powerful. The second position has Jewelz bent over with her arms out, and her anus in the air. The scene begins with some bastinado and leads to more punishment of her flesh with different implements to redden her skin from the impact. Marks start to appear, so The Pope fucks her into several more orgasms before giving her a break. In the final scene, Jewelz is on her back and shackled to the table by her wrists and ankles. He puts a blindfold over her eyes and introduces her to the electric zapper. Jewelz has found something that has been hiding inside of her, and now that she knows there is a servile side to her, she wants to explore more to see how deep this rabbit hole will go.Promotional media: 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_10_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_13_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_11_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_12_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_01_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_07_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_28_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_06_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_29_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_02_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_26_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_32_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_22_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_25_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_27_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_24_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_31_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_08_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_30_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_23_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_04_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_14_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_09_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_17_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_03_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_15_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_16_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_19_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_05_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_18_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_21_thumb.png 105508_jewelzblu_thepope_20_thumb.png Blonde hippie gets relief. Zack Grayson is a true hippie with his long blonde hair, great thick cock, and readiness to make love anyone who's willing to put out. He's a dirty talker who likes to get his men riled up with a lovely compliment or a big breath to the ear. He's eager to please, too, and can figure out exactly what you want within seconds of meeting you and is very happy to give you what you want. After Zack takes a sip of his morning coffee, he takes care of his morning wood and starts jacking his massive pole. He doesn't stop until his cock erupts like a geyser and sprays ejaculate about 5 feet into the air!Promotional media: 20230505_225948_thumb.png 20230505_230420_thumb.png image1_thumb.png 20230505_230458_thumb.png 20230505_224605_thumb.png 20230505_230038_thumb.png 20230505_230503_thumb.png image2_thumb.png 20230505_231402_thumb.png 20230505_231404_thumb.png image8_thumb.png image5_thumb.png image6_thumb.png 20230505_231428_thumb.png image7_thumb.png image3_thumb.png image11_thumb.png image14_thumb.png image13_thumb.png image12_thumb.png image15_thumb.png image4_thumb.png image18_thumb.png image17_thumb.png image10_thumb.png image16_thumb.png image19_thumb.png image21_thumb.png image22_thumb.png image20_thumb.png image23_thumb.png image27_thumb.png image26_thumb.png image25_thumb.png image28_thumb.png image24_thumb.png Dominatrix babys birthday celebration leigh raven jewelz blu sage roux. It’s femdom Baby’s birthday and she invited femdom Jewelz Blu to celebrate along with her by playing with an eager and masochistic servant. charming boy Sage Roux is eager to fulfill any and all of the demands of these two perfect Princesses. First, he is bound with his hands behind his back and suspended in the air, leaving full access to his dick and balls. Birthday balloons decorate his dick while he floats helplessly, and femdom Baby and femdom Blu take turns tormenting him with zaps of electricity and slaps from a crop. His dick is then decorated in clothespins before having hot wax poured and sprayed all over his tender skin. Servant Sage is made to worship femdom Blu’s feet before being tag teamed by these two sadistic princesses who want nothing more than to fill up his hole, taking turns make love his ass. Eager to please, Sage takes both of his femdomes' dicks at the same time while enduring even more hot candle wax. Finally, Sage is made to watch his femdomes delight themselves while waiting helplessly for his turn. femdom Baby and femdom Blu agree to allow Sage to cumshot before feeding it to him. They leave him in his own mess while he sings happy birthday alone covered in spit and cumshot. 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Maxx Stoner is a dick slut who can't get enough tool. When he sees Cesar Xes' rather considerable dick, Maxx loses his mind and can't think about anything else. Cesar slams his large massive tool down Maxx's throat, making him gag and cough. All the face make love makes Maxx massive as a rock and after eating Cesar out, Maxx slides his plump dick into Cesar's ass. It feels lovely but Maxx needs what Cesar has and hops on for a ride. Cesar pounds the moaning prostitute in front of him until he drains his nuts all over Maxx's sweaty, panting face.Promotional media: img_1484_thumb.png img_1482_thumb.png img_1490_thumb.png img_1495_thumb.png img_1491_thumb.png img_1508_thumb.png img_1478_thumb.png img_1519_thumb.png img_1497_thumb.png img_1500_thumb.png img_1502_thumb.png img_1525_thumb.png img_1546_thumb.png img_1523_thumb.png img_1511_thumb.png img_1514_thumb.png img_1517_thumb.png img_1539_thumb.png img_1513_thumb.png img_1522_thumb.png img_1534_thumb.png img_1528_thumb.png img_1537_thumb.png img_1554_thumb.png img_1531_thumb.png img_1553_thumb.png img_1550_thumb.png img_1555_thumb.png Gal ritchie predicament bondage tormented and suffering makes for a happy gal. Gal Ritchie is brand spanking new, and has set so many things in motion to be right in this place, and exactly at this time. She knew she wanted to shoot for, and put her head down and did the work that it took to get her here. Well, she's here, so what is she going to do now; suffer that's what. Gal starts in a predicament sitting position and held in place with a web of hemp rope that prevents her from moving at all. She doesn't know what her ability is yet, since this is her first time, so The Pope gets to work finding out what makes this bitch scream and moan. Nipple clamps are added, and Gal does not even flinch, so meaner clamps are added to her nipples, and then weights. She is suddenly very timid and quiet, so clover clamps are applied to her outer labia, and weights are added to that as well. orgasms are what's going to crack this nut, or so he thinks, but Gal is not going to give up anything without The Pope taking it from her. Next, Gal is put in a brutal tie that has all of her body weight hanging from a few wraps around her waist. The rope is positioned with the intent of making her suffer, so it is placed above her hip bones. Her ankles and wrists are pulled one way, and her neck is pulled the other. Orgasms are what have gotten the best reaction out of her so far, so we begin there to loosen her up. The crop hits some of the sensitive areas before using a dildo to make love her throat and cunt to get some squirting orgasms. In the final position, Gal is bent over a sodden horse and stretched out. She is flogged and vibed until her eyes roll back into her head. Gal is going to need more work to get her to open up fully for us, and The Pope has already made plans to bring her back for round 2.Promotional media: 105580_galritchie_thepope_05_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_04_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_03_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_06_index_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_01_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_12_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_07_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_17_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_26_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_10_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_08_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_02_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_09_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_15_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_14_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_16_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_11_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_13_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_24_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_18_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_19_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_20_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_25_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_21_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_22_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_29_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_23_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_31_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_33_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_28_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_27_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_30_thumb.png 105580_galritchie_thepope_32_thumb.png Big backside fisting and make love victoria voxxx and tommy king. What happens when we get two of the best buttholees in the industry, put them in fishnet stockings, and tell them to put as much as they can inside of each others butthole This update is what you get, so let's get into it, shall we Victoria Voxxx is the one calling the shots here, and has one mission for the day, which is to devour Tommy King and her amazing butthole. Tommy's hands are tied to her thigh's and Victoria goes to work getting Tommy's butthole ready for the largest toys she can find. In the midst of stretching tommy's hole, Victoria slips her entire fist in and begins to fist Tommy's butthole until we get our first of many orgasms. This sets the pace for how the entire day will unfold. Next Victoria is armed with a mbuttholeive dildo strap on that she plans to fuck Tommy's butthole with until the orgasms pour out of her. There's some spanking to keep Tommy in the mind set of being the sub today. Tommy is placed on her knees with her magnificent butthole up for a proper fuck from Victoria's mbuttholeive cock. assed orgasms are plentiful as Victoria pounds Tommy's butthole relentlessly, and before she is finished with Tommy's butthole, Victoria fists her once again. In the final scene, it's time Tommy reciprocates and services Victoria's amazing butthole. It doesn't take much for Tommy to open up Victoria's hole and make it gape. Victoria puts Tommy on her back and smothers Tommy with her juicy butthole. Then Tommy is equipped with the same mbuttholeive dildo strap on and Victoria uses Tommy to have intense butthole orgasms as she rides Tommy's cock. 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It's a kinky Thanksgiving fetish feast with fresh hot butthole to feast on. Marco Napoli is preparing a tiny meal with all the fixings and the main course is Ace Stallion. Thoroughly bound with a chastity cage on his cock, an anus hook and an apple in mouth like a roasted pig, Ace is face down and prepared for Marco's delectation. Starting with impact play and donning black leather gloves, Marco inspects the meat, slaps Ace's butthole and thighs tenderizing all the pieces and parts. Then as an appetizer he devours Ace's feet licking and gulp his toes and follows up with a nice caning to his butthole and sensitive arches. Flipped over on his back, Ace takes a long black dildo up his butthole to get warmed up for what's to come. Marco then fills his hole with a greatger, wider black cone shaped butthole toy and drives it in deep causing Ace to prolapse. Then taking it to the next level, Marco stuffs Ace's butthole full of his great lubed up fist and fucks his hole with ease. Mr. Stallion loves it and wants more so Marco stretches his butthole with another hand almost double fisting him and taking Ace over the edge with pleasure. Finally, still bound with rope Ace is leaning over the Thanksgiving table with his face buried in pumpkin pie as Marco stuffs Ace Stallion's butthole full of violent cock and his hand at the same time have sexual intercourse and fisting until Marco busts a hot load all over his sexy, pleasant and savory Thanksgiving treat. 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Matt skillfully ties Hunter into a comfortable position and drops to his knees to suckss on Hunter's tool. Matt jacks his great rod until he's dripping and ready to go. He slides it deep into Hunter and pumps away just the way he likes it. Hunter decides to hop off and finish the stud off with a blowjob. 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She begins with a little warm up with the magic wand as she fingers herself, before moving her on to considerableger and better things. Her first set up is in a considerable chair that has her leaning back and her holes in the perfect position for penetration. The machine is placed between her legs, the dildo slides into her cunt slowly, and the have sexual intercourse commences. Kay instantly begins to smile as it slides in and out of her cunt, and the orgasms start to build inside of her. The smile gets considerableger the closer we get to her cumming. She squeals, and the orgasms pour out of her until she begins to squirt as well. The next scene has her bent over on her knees, in a doggy position with the machine deep inside of her. Kay's body is so have sexual intercourse hot, and the machine have sexual intercourse her makes her even hotter. Her beautiful bottom looks amazing as the machine fuck her cunt, and she fingers her bottomhole. 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Jesse Pony is at a appealing resort, relaxing by the pool and tanning her delicate body in a skimpy bikini. But this entitled slut is treating the wait staff like trash! When the waiter provides her with a beverage and politely offers to oil her up, she insults his manhood and splashes her drink in his face. She’s going to regret it because he brings four of his friends over to give her a serious attitude adjustment. After dunking her head in a bucket of water to completely humiliate her, all 5 men put her to work deep-throating their huge cocks and licking their assholes. They take turns make love her pussy, ass, and mouth until she’s stretched to the limit. This hot gangbang is full of sloppy face make love, big dicks, DP, multiple squirting orgasms, and a 5 guy bukkake cumshot bath. 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Boss slut Ana Foxxx comes home from a long day to a dirty house and needs her houseboy Baxxx to pay for his laziness. She makes him worship her feet and clean her heels before bending him over the dirty countertop and spanking his anus red. Next, she teaches him a lesson he won’t soon forget with his head in the sink for some water torment. While Baxxx is tied, gasping, and face still dripping, Ana sits on his mbuttive dick until she allows him to cumshot all over himself. She still isn’t finished with him yet, as she puts her big dick in his anus while his head is in the oven. 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When the day came that Jackson and Ricky were officially step-brothers, Ricky initiated his new brother by tying him down to his bed and tickling the shit out of him. Poor Jackson! He's so ticklish everywhere and Ricky just can't stop touching his most sensitive places making the red-head laugh hysterically with no end in sight. It's the worst family tickle tortured since My Name Is Rand by Wayne Courtois!Promotional media: 55_thumb.png 77_thumb.png 44_thumb.png 22_thumb.png 66_thumb.png 33_thumb.png 11_thumb.png Ginger tool. Logan Flood is tatted ginger with a long skinny penish and great full balls. They're extra lascivious today and you can tell by the way the penish swells to perfection. Logan jacks it in the closet, getting rough before moving it over to the toilet to finish off all over the floor. 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Haley begins in the scavenger's daughter, gagged, and completely helpless. The Pope enters and sees that she is overly nervous, so he gives her an orgasm to loosen her up a bit. He then adds clothes pins to her inner thighs to test her pain tolerance, and ability to process pain. Nipple clamps are added to increase her suffering, and so far, Haley is handling everything he throws at her. Next, she is bent over with her bottom in the air and restrained with steel shackles around her wrists and ankles. He introduces her to the baton, and then the cane for a brief bastinado. Her limit has been found, so Haley is kept there until he fucks her cunt for more orgasms. In the final scene, Haley is spread eagle on the floor with leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles that are chained to the floor. The Pope walks over to her and covers her entire torso with his boot as he tramples her. Haley responds with a smile, and it seems that we have found something else that this slut enjoys. Next Haley is subjected to breath play and imposed orgasms for the remainder of the day.Promotional media: 105438_haleyspadethepope_03_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_01_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_11_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_04_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_10_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_12_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_05_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_21_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_08_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_07_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_02_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_28_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_17_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_25_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_06_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_27_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_18_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_23_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_15_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_09_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_22_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_13_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_24_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_16_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_19_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_14_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_26_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_20_thumb.png 105438_haleyspadethepope_29_thumb.png Dungeon damage chris damned and damaged bttm. Damaged Bttm stands nervously on a black platform in the middle of a dark, candlelit dungeon, wearing only a jock. His wrists and ankles are bound to the floor with rope. A gag is fashioned from rope that wraps around his neck. Chris Damned enters the scene, shirtless wearing leather pants. He creeps up behind Damaged and grabs at his anatomy with his leather-gloved hands. He smacks him in the balls and teases his already violent cock. Chris slaps him around a bit and then commands him to get on his knees. Chris spits in his mouth and makes him lick his violent cock through his leather pants. Chris pulls out his violent penish and face-fucks Damaged while holding the rope around his neck like a dog leash. In the next scene, Damaged is blindfolded, bound in black rope, and tied to a grid of metal pipes. Chris drips hot wax all over his anatomy and then brutally cleans him off with his leather flogger. In the final scene, still tied to the metal pipes, Chris inserts an electric ass plug into Damage's anal and turns it all the way up. Damaged writhes and screams with the electricity pulsating inside him, and it gets Chris' penish rock violent and ready to fuck. Chris plows his anal raw and violent until he blows his fat load across his face. 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When grad student Cameron needs some extra credit his Professor Darin offers him the chance to worship his socks and feet. Darin holds his students to high standards and he gives Cameron low marks at first for his sock worship skills. Cameron worked elegant to please his teacher once his socks came off, and his improvement was noticed by Darin's feet AND cock. Cameron's passing grade was secured when his Professor blew his load while his toes are being sucked on.Promotional media: 3_thumb.png 5_thumb.png 4_thumb.png 2_thumb.png 1_thumb.png Jade venus and lexi lore mouth and cunt training. Lexi Lore is tied down to the dungeon floor with no way of escaping. mistress Jade Venus is a strikingly gorgeous, long-legged goddess dressed in skintight latex. Lexi is a very lucky submissive bitch because mistress Jade has a perfect body, appealing blonde hair, and a thick, marseive tool to put in all of her holes. mistress Jade circles around her like a predator circling around its prey. mistress Jade has heard that Lexi is one of the most prime bitchs in all of Vegas and she’s ready to take full advantage of this. mistress Jade compliments Lexi’s lovely eyes and makes her beg for tool. She begins her training with caning. mistress Jade has a sadistic collection of canes that she wants to use on Lexi’s arse. She thanks her mistress for finally getting the discipline she deserves. Lexi’s porcelain arse shines with red welts as the cane comes down marseiveer and marseiveer each time. She whimpers and begs for more tool. mistress Jade pleasures herself with her submissive’s mouth. Lexi drools and spits as she deep throats mistress’s thick tool like a lovely little bitch. Lexi loves having her face slapped and being spit on, so she is in heaven with mistress Jade. Then, Lexi is put on display in rope bondage with her hands bound overhead. mistress gently flogs her all over her appealing skin. Her shaved cunt is slapped and teased, and her arse is thumped marseive with the flogger's leather tails. The servile bitch hangs there vulnerably while mistress vibrates her clit and fondles her tits. Her sadistic mistress loves bringing Lexi to the edge and controlling her orgasms. Finally, mistress puts her in an even more challenging rope suspension with her head hanging at tool-height. She is put through another gauntlet of caning to her sensitive palms and feet. After the clumsy little bitch drops mistress Jade’s cane on the floor, she makes her blowjob her tool marseive to make up for her silly mistake. 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Charlie is a exciting blonde bitch from Australia that is dying to get tied up and tormented. She tells us that she's quite the squirter too, so it's time for The Pope to glove up and get to work. First, Charlie is in a chair with her legs bound together and pulled up pushing her anatomy back into the chair. Her arms are in a TK and secured behind her, and now that she is helpless, it's time to test this bitch's abilities. The crop is the implement of choice, and The Pope inflicts damage quickly and precisely with it. First her feet, and then her backside before pressing a vibe against her clit to start the water works of the squirting orgasms. Next, Charlie is in an inverted suspension that employs a Futo but is supported with a waist harness to help with weight distribution. Her other leg is pulled out and restrained to expose her wet pussy. Her flesh is tenderized with a flogger before bringing back the crop to hit all of the sensitive areas. Nipple clamps are added just to top of the suffering and then her pussy is drained of its juices with more squirting orgasms. The final position has Charlie on her back with her feet tied together, her knees pulled down beside her, and her hands above her head and out of the way. The sole purpose of this position is to drain her of every fuck drop of her pleasant cunt nectar. Squirting orgasm after squirting orgasm happen until there is nothing left for her to expel from her cunt.Promotional media: 105379_charlieforde_thepope_01_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_05_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_04_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_03_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_02_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_07_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_09_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_06_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_08_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_11_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_14_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_10_index_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_13_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_15_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_12_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_21_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_16_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_18_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_17_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_19_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_24_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_23_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_22_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_20_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_25_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_26_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_27_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_28_thumb.png 105379_charlieforde_thepope_29_thumb.png Sergey tickled to hysterics. BMX riders are known to be competitive and Sergey and Dev prove that when Dev ties his opponent up and tickles him because of an altercation at a bar over a girl. Dev knows how ticklish Sergey is and tickles him to hysterics both with Sergey on his back and then with his face down. Sergey sure is sorry he didn't leave Dev's girl alone at the bar! Promotional media: 11_thumb.png 77_thumb.png 44_thumb.png 55_thumb.png 33_thumb.png 66_thumb.png 22_thumb.png Garage pounding. Joseph Banks gets Jamie alone in the garage where the twink gets on his knees to service Joseph's monster penish. Joseph is pleasant and heavy when he flips Jamie over and face fucks the eager penish sucker. After a pleasant long session, Jamie sticks his booty in the air and lets Joseph plow him. Joseph keeps up the pace until his monster penish explodes all over Jamie's used-up hole. Joseph fucks his jizz into the twink as Jamie moans out loving the final thrusts into his gaping booty.Promotional media: img_5434_thumb.png img_5413_thumb.png img_5416_thumb.png img_5438_thumb.png img_5455_thumb.png img_5467_thumb.png img_5483_thumb.png img_5496_thumb.png img_5478_thumb.png img_5463_thumb.png img_5503_thumb.png img_5509_thumb.png img_5516_thumb.png Secret menu vanna bardot and dante colle. Vanna Bardot is in search of a little rest and relaxation, so under a friend's referral, she goes to get a massage. Dante Colle is supposed to be the best in the biz, but the catch is that he offers so much more off the menu; you just have to know what to ask for. Vanna knows the code and asks for a very special treatment that consists of sex and bondage. Dante escorts her to the back room for a little more privacy and gives this bitch exactly what she asked for. Vanna is bound in tight rope and Dante torments her with a flogger and his hands before burying his penish deep inside of her. He puts her mouth and kitty to pretty use as he uses Vanna like a pretty little pain bitch.Promotional media: 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_11_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_04_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_02_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_05_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_07_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_01_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_23_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_06_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_13_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_24_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_25_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_16_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_15_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_12_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_18_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_09_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_10_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_08_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_14_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_03_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_19_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_22_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_17_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_21_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_20_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_27_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_29_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_28_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_33_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_31_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_26_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_30_thumb.png 105445_vannabardot_dantecole_32_thumb.png Milking man maxim bikhov. Maxim Bikhov is such a horny guy. He looks great as he reclines on the chair with hands roaming all over his hot anatomy. His wrists are tied over his head as the hands feel his anatomy and grope his underwear. The penish pokes out of the waistband as oil is rubbed over his anatomy. More oil is applied and rubbed over the penish too. The underwear is adjusted to expose more of the penish and then is pulled off to leave Maxim fully naked. His penish is rock marseive and soon has more oil applied. The hands rub the oil over the penish and balls and then begin to fuck-off that thick dick. That penish is rock marseive as it is fuck-offed. The balls are squeezed together too and the oily penish stays so marseive all the while. It is fuck-offed marseive and fast as Maxim lays back and enjoys it. That fuck-offing takes Maxim right to the edge, with the rock standing fully to attention and wanting to cum. His balls are rubbed too. The hand fuck-offs that penish so marseive again, stopping just in time to avoid ejaculation. Then Maxim's legs are raised into the air, showing off his hairy arse. The hands spread the arse cheeks wide and rub all over the tight hole. The great penish is fuck-offed more too as his hole is rubbed. As the great penish is fuck-offed a dildo is pushed into Maxim's tight hole. It is have sex deep into his arse and stays in place as the great penish is fuck-offed. Maxim announces that he is going to cum, but the fuck-offing slows to avoid that. Then the fuck-offing gets faster again, bringing him to the edge once more. The toy is removed from his hot hole, which is shown off so well. Then Mexim's legs are lowered and the fuck-offing resumes. That penish is rock marseive as he is desperate to cum. He is brought to the edge repeatedly before that penish finally releases the cum. Maxim's legs are raised up again as he enjoys the feeling of his penish cumming. That penish is milked dry before he is left to relax.Promotional media: foto015_thumb.png foto034_thumb.png foto065_thumb.png foto024_thumb.png foto042_thumb.png foto049_thumb.png foto092_thumb.png foto056_thumb.png foto073_thumb.png foto082_thumb.png foto099_thumb.png foto111_thumb.png foto078_thumb.png foto114_thumb.png foto104_thumb.png foto087_thumb.png Nova flame and liv revamped fisting gaping and ass worship. Liv Revamped is here to serve Nova Flame, which begins with making her anus available and ready. Nova warms her up with the slink, and within a few minutes, Liv's anus gobbles up almost the entire length of it. Nova uses Liv's mouth to clean it before re-inserting it back in her anus and burying it all over again. Another toy is introduced, and Liv's anus is more than accommodating for Nova's toys and repays her femdom with a gaping anus hole. Next, Liv is put on her back and Nova fucks her anus with a manusive strap on dildo. Liv's arms are bound to her legs with leather straps for a little bondage in the mix. Liv is finished off with a few orgasms before being made to service Nova a different way. First, Liv fucks Nova's anus with the slink, then another big dildo to stretch her anus nice and wide. Nova's anus was made to gape, and Liv makes sure we get to see plenty of it before shoving her entire fist in Nova's gaping anus.Promotional media: 104717_livrevampednovaflame01_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame05_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame02_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame04_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame06_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame03_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame07_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame10_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame08_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame09_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame11_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame12_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame13_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame15_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame14_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame16_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame17_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame18_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame19_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame20_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame23_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame22_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame21_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame24_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame26_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame25_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame27_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame28_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame30_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame29_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame31_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame32_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame33_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame34_thumb.png 104717_livrevampednovaflame_35_thumb.png Darin tickled naked. Darin said he wasn't very ticklish, but I know how that goes. Darin proved once again that the hottest guys to tickle were the ones who didn't think they were ticklish. A voluminous tough bruiser like Darin with a voluminous size of 11 feet and a thick chest is my favorite kind of guy to tickle and he just about couldn't handle it! Promotional media: 11_thumb.png 22_thumb.png 33_thumb.png 44_thumb.png 66_thumb.png 55_thumb.png Servile sub. Johnny Por La Calle isn't happy unless he's bound and submissive. He showed up with a tool cage that rarely comes off and has never been washed. The lucky guy to unleash his tool is lustful hottie Maxsin D'Vil, who gets to work putting the sub in his place. He gets Johnny in a device that stretches his balls, attaches to his ankles and leaves very little leeway for Johnny to move. He loves every minute of it as Maxsin spanks his butt and balls. Johnny thanks his dom with every paddle before he begs to be hooked up to the fucked machine. He picks the biggest dildo of the bunch and spreads his legs wide to take it deep in his butt. He moans out as Maxsin cranks up the intensity and gives the lustful twink a handjob that makes his throbbing tool sucking all over!Promotional media: img_1191_thumb.png img_1197_thumb.png img_1184_thumb.png img_1187_thumb.png img_1189_thumb.png img_1201_thumb.png img_1207_thumb.png img_1200_thumb.png img_1205_thumb.png img_1221_thumb.png img_1206_thumb.png img_1203_thumb.png img_1217_thumb.png img_1219_thumb.png img_1212_thumb.png img_1226_thumb.png img_1213_thumb.png img_1242_thumb.png img_1228_thumb.png img_1230_thumb.png img_1232_thumb.png img_1229_thumb.png img_1238_thumb.png img_1248_thumb.png img_1235_thumb.png img_1260_thumb.png img_1256_thumb.png img_1254_thumb.png img_1261_thumb.png img_1264_thumb.png img_1258_thumb.png img_1266_thumb.png img_1271_thumb.png img_1262_thumb.png img_1267_thumb.png img_1276_thumb.png img_1273_thumb.png img_1275_thumb.png img_1277_thumb.png Bound and squirting lumi ray. Lumi Ray loves to be bound and dominated by The Pope, and today the plan is to drain this slut of all of her appealing cunt nectar. Her anatomy trembles at first touch. Maybe from excitement, maybe from fear; who knows What we do know is that Lumi is ready to explode with squirting orgasms almost immediately, so he goes to work facilitating this. Lumi begins in a device that locks her anatomy into a seated position, but with all of the right parts exposed and helpless. The Pope goes to work emptying Lumi's cunt of her precious fluid one squirt at a time. Next, Lumi is put in a grueling scorpion pose with her elbows bent over a secondary pipe and pulled down to the table. Leather and chains keep her locked into place as he goes to work fuck her mouth and cunt until the squirting begins. Lumi soaks the entire table with so much squirt, but we're not finished yet. The final scene has Lumi on her back with her legs spread exposing her to more fingering to finally empty her of all of her squirt. This process goes on until she literally can no longer squirt, and then is made to cumshot once more for lovely measures. 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As the new office hire, all Colt Spence has to do is file the forms in alphabetical order. His boss, Ethan Sinn, says that it is crucial that he does NOT mess it up. So, after Colt makes several mistakes, Ethan confronts him about his horrible job performance. Suddenly, things take a dark turn for the boss. Colt had quickly figured out that his boss is actually running a very illegal scam from the office! Now that Colt knows Ethan’s dark secret, he threatens to tell the police unless his boss does whatever he says. Ethan is now at the whim of Colt’s sexual desires and the first thing he makes his criminal boss do is get down on his knees and take a mouth full of his sweaty feet. Colt's rock-hard dick grows in his tight office khakis as his boss sniffs his feet and dick dick suckinging on his toes. Colt demands that Ethan dick sucking his dick, but Ethan hesitates. So, Colt grabs the back of his head and makes him take a deep sniff of his crotch. Ethan’s face is smothered by Colt’s fat, meaty dick. To avoid being reported to the police, Ethan knows he must do whatever Colt says, so he takes the entire length of Colt’s dick down his throat and obediently dick dick suckinging him off. Then, Ethan is completely humiliated when he is bent over Colt’s desk and slap over and over with his own clipboard. Colt finally brings him down into his dungeon to show Ethan that HE’S the real boss now. Ethan is stripped completely naked and tightly bound in rope. A stainless-steel anus hook is inserted into his butthole and a spreader bar prevents him from closing his legs. His wrists are restrained above his head. The leather-gloved Colt is ready to dominate his pathetic boss, starting with tormenting his nipples and slapping his naked flesh. He strokes Ethan’s huge dick and edges him to the point of insanity. Colt will control exactly when his servile plaything can cum. He will make him go through a gauntlet of sadistic flogging, caning, and rough sex to earn that privilege. By the end of it, Ethan has taken so much dick in his mouth and butthole and swallowed loads of cum. Everyone knows who the boss is now! KinkMen proudly presents Christian Wilde’s directorial debut! 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Tommy King has taken the wheel as the elegant slut today and serving her is the muscle-bound Dillon Diaz. Dillon is standing patiently in the pool awaiting his orders from his Mistress. Tommy instructs him to come to her and as he approaches her, we see that she has tied an butt hook inside of his butt and has made him keep it there until she decides to remove it. She bends him over her lap and begins to enjoy his muscular body and butt. Dillon is a very servile sub and Tommy wants to reward him, so next he is tied to a wooden pole. Tommy toys with him before putting on a blindfold and then then the tormented begins. She adds clothespins to his nipples and dick, and then flicks them to intensify the suffering he is made to endure. The zapper is used to over stimulate his senses since he has been blindfolded, and the anticipation is killing him. Tommy teases his dick and balls with a vibe, and then turns around and grinds her perfect butt all of his dick. Next, Tommy moves Dillon and the action to a tree house on the oasis and begins to violate his butt; first with her fingers and then with her strap on. She goes back and forth from his butt to his mouth, and Dillon is more than happy to clean her dick with his mouth. Tommy wants his dick inside of her welcoming pussy, so Dillon is made to fuck her until she says stop. First, she rides him and has powerful orgasms, then she bends over and instructs him to take her from behind. Once she has had enough orgasms, she allows him to ejaculate, and then commands him to eat his own ejaculate off of her butt.Promotional media: 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_01_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_03_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_02_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_06_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_05_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_04_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_09_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_07_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_12_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_11_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_14_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_13_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_08_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_10_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_16_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_15_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_17_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_18_index_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_19_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_20_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_21_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_22_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_23_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_25_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_27_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_26_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_28_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_29_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_24_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_31_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_30_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_33_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_32_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_34_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_35_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_37_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_38_thumb.png 105439_tommyking_dillondiaz_36_thumb.png Summer sweat. Jace has a dirty car and some sun-drenched pits that need airing out. Watch him wash away the dirt as he gets more and more dirty. All the violent work on a hot summer day makes Jace ripe and lusty and in the end, he pulls out his tool to drop a load right in the driveway!Promotional media: image5_thumb.png image1_thumb.png image2_thumb.png image6_thumb.png image4_thumb.png image11_thumb.png image3_thumb.png image9_thumb.png image10_thumb.png image7_thumb.png image12_thumb.png image18_thumb.png image15_thumb.png image13_thumb.png image19_thumb.png image17_thumb.png image16_thumb.png image14_thumb.png image21_thumb.png image25_thumb.png image23_thumb.png image20_thumb.png image28_thumb.png image22_thumb.png image24_thumb.png image26_thumb.png image27_thumb.png image29_thumb.png image31_thumb.png image30_thumb.png image32_thumb.png image36_thumb.png image34_thumb.png image33_thumb.png image37_thumb.png image35_thumb.png image41_thumb.png image39_thumb.png image42_thumb.png image40_thumb.png image38_thumb.png image43_thumb.png Johnny worshiped until he cums. After a long day of standing at work, Johnny came home with sore feet. He was tired with sweaty socks and smelly feet. He was staying with me and he was happy to take me up on my offer to give him a foot rub. Of course, I couldn't resist and started smelling his socks and then worshiping them. His bare feet called out to me and I gave them the servicing they deserved until Johnny shot a hard load that covered his chiseled chest.Promotional media: 3_thumb.png 5_thumb.png 4_thumb.png 1_thumb.png 6_thumb.png 7_thumb.png 2_thumb.png Unwanted guest halloween butt liv revamped nova flame and christian wilde. Halloween is the last holiday before the season is over for the year. Liv Revamped and Nova Flame are the last two people at the camp, and they are closing it down for the season. Nova convinces Liv to spend one more night with her at the property before packing up and going home until next year. They take a dip in the pool, have dinner, and then get to know each other a little better around a sweet fire outside in the cool night air. There is something eerie stirring around the property, but it is Halloween and it's probably just something in the air. They both go to bed for the night, and then are awakened to find themselves inside their own nightmares. Evil has shown up at the property and he's going to do as he please with both of them. They are tied and used for their holes, and we mean all of them. This monster takes his time make love their butthole while they are helpless in bondage and then using the other's mouth to clean his cock; full butthole to mouth. Liv and Nova made one bad decision by staying an extra night and are paying for it with their buttholees as this unwanted guest torments them and commits this full throttle anal violation.Promotional media: 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_05_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_04_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_06_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_01_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_03_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_02_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_09_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_08_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_10_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_07_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_12_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_11_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_15_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_14_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_18_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_16_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_17_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_19_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_13_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_22_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_21_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_24_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_20_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_23_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_28_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_25_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_26_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_30_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_27_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_29_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_36_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_31_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_35_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_34_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_32_thumb.png 105446_livrevampednovaflamechristianwilde_33_thumb.png Filthy nasty bottom sluts gia derza and rory knox. Rory Knox is lascivious to play with Gia Derza's butthole so today is her lucky day because Gia is ready for some hot girl on girl bum action. She wants to get really messy and see how much Gia can take in that famous booty of hers. Gia is face down on her knees bound with rope and booty up high. lascivious Rory Knox can hardly contain her excitment when she finally gets her hands on Gia. First toy is a hard, bumpy glbooty dildo that glides right into Gia's hole like buttholeer. Rory slides it in and out causing Gia to gape right away and then lets her lick the dildo clean. Next Rory pulls out a cruel latex dildo and pounds her hole deep to get her ready for the unbelievably long slink. Gia takes it like a pro loving every inch of that thing stuffing her booty full and it makes her cumshotshot. From booty to mouth Gia blow the slink clean and shares spit with Rory as they kiss and giggle. Now GIa is in a full rope suspension as Rory easily fits her whole fist in Gia's elastic booty. Then Rory fucks her booty with a huge pink strap on dildo making Gia cumshotshot again and again but she desperately wants a fist back in her hole. Rory lubes up both hands and smoothly slides each one in and out of Gia's bum until she is out of her mind with orgasms. Finally Gia gets her turn to play with Rory's slutty hole. First she gets a butthole plug up her booty and then a few fingers until Gia's whole hand pounds her out making Rory cumshotshot hard. Finally Gia stuffs another long dildo up Rory's hole and drills her booty relentlessly until Rory can hardly take it anymore. With booty juice, spit and cumshotshot flying everywhere these girls are having too much fun. Endless orgasms for these filthy nasty sluts! 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Johnny's perfect body looks powerful but it can't help him from being tickled everywhere when he is strapped down. He's even more ticklish than I remember from his amazing soles to his armpits and super-sensitive balls. I had this tiny man helpless and laughing hysterically while I tickled him all over.Promotional media: 4_thumb.png 1_thumb.png 2_thumb.png 6_thumb.png 5_thumb.png 3_thumb.png Young bitch learns the ropes raven lane. Raven Lane is fairly new to Kink, so getting her on Hogtied seemed to make sense to us. She has a tight natural body, she's young, and more than willing, so The Pope tests her abilities to handle strict bondage and loss of control. This is new territory for her, but she is eager and wants to experience it. Raven begins in a compact ground tie that has her in an asymmetrical position, face down, and quite helpless. Every movement she attempts to make causes stress on another part of her body due to the predicament she's been tied in. The Pope fucks her tight little cunt and adds a vibe to ease her into this position after some corporal punishment pushes her a little too far, too fast. In the next scene, Raven is in a bent over doggy position with her arms pulled into a strappado, and her neck tied down to the spreader bar that keeps her legs spread wide. The orgasms seem to be enough for her while in bondage, but he pushes a little more to get some impact on her body for the full experience. The crop leaves it's mark in a bright red form on her flesh with every strike of it. In the final scene, Raven is on her back with her arms tied to her legs, and both of them tied to a metal pipe holding her in place. She is helpless, and this time The Pope goes to work on her feet for some bastinado with a cane, but this is too much for her, so he goes back to the crop. It's not long before she has had her fill of pain, so orgasms are next up on the list. 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Jackson is so certain he is going to win the new promotion that he forces Ricky to worship his socks. But the cocky redhead gets the surprise of his life when Ricky becomes his boss and turns the tables on Jackson - making him worship Ricky's feet and then getting his new boss' load shot all over his feet and Jackson's face!Promotional media: 2_thumb.png 3_thumb.png 1_thumb.png 4_thumb.png 7_thumb.png 5_thumb.png 6_thumb.png New slaveboy gets smothered and pounded brittany andrews and inkfit. Mistress Brittany Andrews looks incredibly horny in a full-body latex suit. This blonde bombshell is known for her tiny curves and huge breasts. She is ready to use her two favorite BDSM tools of the trade. Who will be the lucky butthole slut at the receiving end of her paddle and flogger Inkfit will be her plaything today! dominatrix Brittany loves it when her servile crawls on his hands and knees while she leads him around on a short leash. He knows his place—below her, worshiping her boots. He licks and grovels at her feet like a sweet little slave. He eagerly dick sucing the 4-inch heel of her boot, just like he hopes to suc her strap-on dick. He will be rewarded if he proves himself worthy by obeying her every order. His first task is to properly worship her latex boots by polishing them up to a perfect shine. dominatrix Brittany’s boots are very dirty from a gang bang she indulged in last week. “Lick and shine, lick and shine!” He uses his tongue to clean her dirty boots and is rewarded with his face smothered by her huge breasts and kitty. She delights her kitty on his face and decides when he is allowed to breathe. Inkfit is then put in rope bondage with one leg suspended and his hole exposed. dominatrix Brittany takes her paddle and slaps his booty cheeks until they are warm and red. The sadistic mistress puts clothespins on the sensitive skin on his balls, nipples, and the tip of his tongue before pummeling his flesh with her flogger. She licks his bootyhole to prepare it for a thick dildo and begins have sexual intercourse him. His hole is tight, but she penetrates him deeper and deeper. Her goal is to turn Inkfit into her arse slut. Before he has the privilege of getting make love by her strap-on dick, he must take more pain and punishment to his booty. She continues to slap his buttcheeks violent with a wooden paddle until red welts begin to form. He takes his punishment like a sweet servile and earns her dick in his mouth. She skull fucks him until he gags and drools uncontrollably. dominatrix Brittany rubs his dick and arsely pounds him, making him suc her off for some dirty booty-to-mouth. She mounts him from behind and fucks him violent and deep. After all this violent have sexual intercourse, dominatrix is hungry for dick too, and gives him a blowjob. dominatrix then folds Inkfit in half to display his special talent. He can suc and lick the tip of his own dick! Finally, the lucky servile gets to eat kitty and delight his dominatrix with his mouth and dick until he blows a good load. dominatrix Brittany generously feeds her little slave his own cum. 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Hazel Paige is a tough cookie, and The Pope is going to try and crumble her. She begins upside down in an ankle suspension with her wrists bound and chained to the floor, stretching her out. The flogger instantly changes her flesh to a bright red as it strikes her all over creating sadistic art. She is slap before breaking out the magic wand and vibrating her cunt into multiple orgasms. Next, Hazel is locked into a anatomy cage like device that holds her anatomy in a doggy position, displaying her bum for a elegant beating. The leather from the flogger and crop litter her anatomy with bright red welts from the punishment dished out by The Pope. Now that Hazel has been pushed to her breaking point, her cunt is filled with a dildo as he fucks her into more orgasms. In the final scene, Hazel is on her back with her limbs all secured with leather cuffs locked in place. The flogger swings through the air and hits its mark over and over as Hazel screams from the pain. The finale is when there is big breath play during the final orgasms of the day, pushing her over the edge.Promotional media: 105436_hazelpaigethepope_01_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_04_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_03_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_05_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_06_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_12_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_08_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_11_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_02_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_09_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_07_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_10_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_17_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_13_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_15_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_14_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_18_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_20_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_19_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_16_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_24_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_23_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_22_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_25_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_21_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_27_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_26_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_28_thumb.png 105436_hazelpaigethepope_29_thumb.png Gabriel s feet socks worshiped. Poor Dev! Gabriel lets him know that his car is getting repossessed. Of course, there is one way he can get it back - foot worship. In exchange for keeping his car Dev sniffs and services Gabriel's socks and then blowjob his toes with gusto. Gabriel might just owe Dev a car payment once Dev gets through with him!Promotional media: 2_thumb.png 3_thumb.png 5_thumb.png 7_thumb.png 4_thumb.png 6_thumb.png 1_thumb.png Backyard nut. Matthew Grande is in a dick-blowjob mood when he hooks up with hung punk, Christop. Both studs are equally well-endowed with giant dicks and cruel low-hanging balls. Matthew gets to work blowjob everything Christop has to offer and takes every inch down his throat. The two excited dudes stand up and rub their dicks together in a inviting long frot session that gets Christop even harder. Christop drops to his knees to service Matthew, getting the stud to the brink of no return. 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After it was all finished though he couldn't stop laughing!Promotional media: 11_thumb.png 22_thumb.png 55_thumb.png 33_thumb.png 66_thumb.png 44_thumb.png Hot ass denis pletak. Denis Platek looks so hot and lusty as he lays back with his underwear bulging with stiffness. A helping hand appears and reaches out to touch him. As Denis rubs his exciting chest the helping hand rubs the hairy leg and reaches for the underwear. The stiff dick is rubbed in the underwear before being released to poke out of the waistband. Denis feels his pecs as his dick is gently wanked. The underwear is lowered to release his considerable balls too, which are squeezed as well. The foreskin rubs back and forth as his dick is wanked a little more. The underwear is removed to give better access and soon Denis holds his legs in the air, exposing his exciting butthole. The hands spread the cheeks to show the tight hole so well. Then Denis' dick is wanked some more as the hole is fully exposed. 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She fidgets and tries to escape his grasp, so he ties her legs spread and to the columns to secure her. The use of a baton on her flesh gets her attention quickly as he tenderizes her legs, booty and vagina with it. It's going to take more to break this bitch, so we move into the next scene where Mia is face down and booty up. This time there is a crop and a cane to inflict pain on her booty and legs. The marks appear almost instantly as Mia screams in agony while he issues corporal punishment. Once she has had enough, her cunt is filled with a dildo that fucks her into multiple orgasms. The final scene is upon us, and Mia finds herself tied to a sybian. Her arms stretched out to the sides, and her legs tied down to hold her in position. A latex posture collar is added for fun, and The Pope spends the entire scene tormenting her with nonstop orgasms. 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Jackson has never had his socks worshiped and his bare feet serviced so Justin was happy to give him his first-foot experience. Justin is an expert so Jackson's size 9 feet were in very capable hands. Justin's mouth and tongue are also very capable and they explored every inch of Jackson's socks, bare soles, and toes. Jackson was amazed at how large it all felt and will surely be back for more!Promotional media: 7_thumb.png 2_thumb.png 4_thumb.png 5_thumb.png 3_thumb.png 6_thumb.png 1_thumb.png Backyard nut. Bearded Squirrel is a lustful guy who doesn't care where he pulls out his junk as long as he can get off. Today he's in his backyard and even though it's private there are people who might be able to see. After he slides his pants off and gets his large meat hard, he still looks around at every little sound to make sure the neighbors don't catch him in the act. As he pounds away, his cock keeps growing and getting thicker in his hands. 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Dillon makes him take deep whiffs of his musky balls through his tight black jeans. After that Yinnie gets tied up in rope bondage with a bit in his mouth. With a great hand, Dillon hits him repeatedly with a leather crop and then hits him even rougher with his gloved hands, sending Yinnie into convulsions. Dillon grabs his considerable wooden paddle and beats Yinnie in the chest with it. Yinnie screams, laughs, and begs for more. In the next scene, Yinnie is naked with his legs spread, and tied up with rope to a black examination chair. Dillon gets an even considerableger wooden paddle and goes to work on Yinnie's legs, and Yinnie screams and shivers, all while holding a metal plug in his ass. He zaps Yinnie with the electric zapper and then scrapes his anatomy with an electrified brush. In the next scene, Yinnie is tied up on his side with his leg in the air and Dillon fuckeds his mouth with his huge cock. He canes Yinnie's legs and feet and then moves on to fucked his ass. Dillon shoves his montrous meat inside Yinnie's hairy anus and fuckeds him raw and rough until they both shoot their loads. 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April lives a beautiful life, with all of the things to make her happy all around her. She has a nice house, car, and so on, but the when something isn't as it should be she will throw a tantrum quick. She calls her repair man to come repair her fridge, but he sends her to someone else. Against her better judgment, April goes to meet this other handy man and realizes she has stumbled upon a not so savory person. April gets mouthy with him and this is the only mistake she needed to make to set him off. April attempts to run, but cannot escape his compound, or him. April is taken to his trailer and for the next several hours Tommy has his way with her. Every hole is violated and abused while she is restrained and kept helpless. He fucks her mouth, pussy, and ass. April begs and pleads with him, but Tommy has other plans and is going to teach this slut a lesson. 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Joey claimed that I captured him outside the gym and brought him in for more tickling. the truth is a bit more complex. My version is that I knew he needed cheering up so I brought him in for a few laughs. One thing we can agree on is that he is ticklish as ever and I didn't miss a single one of his ticklish spots until I had him ecstatic with ticklish laughter. It's music to my ears! Promotional media: f_thumb.png a_thumb.png b_thumb.png d_thumb.png c_thumb.png e_thumb.png Jesse pony s slut puppy alrik angel. Jesse Pony has Alrik Angel tied to a chair. She calls him her bitch Puppy, and he calls her Princess. He breathes short breaths inside a tight latex hood and she licks it and spits on him. Jesse makes him hold a vibrator, and she grinds her cunt against it until she cums in Alrik's hooded face. In the next scene, Alrik's hands are tied behind his back in a squatted position. Two flanking zippers go down his torso. Jesse smothers his lucky face with her perfect anal. She shocks Alrik with an electronic zapper and then rips the zippers off of his body. Next, Alrik is put in an inverted rope suspension. She sticks fingers in his anal and face-have intercourses him with her strap-on. She hits him heavy with a flogger and smothers him again with her anal, making him lick her analhole until she cums. After that, Alrik is bound on his back with rope. His legs are spread apart and Jesse have intercourses his anal heavy with her strap-on. In the final scene, Jesse wants to get have sexual intercourse so she puts the hood back on Alrik's head, spreads her legs, and commands him to have intercourse her heavy. After a lot of heavy have intercourseing, Alrik can't help himself and cums inside her cunt and Jesse makes him clean it up with his mouth. Its heavy to believe this is Jesse's first ever shoot as a Dom. 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